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Disney Mickey Mouse”All Star” Travel/Folding Potty Disney – Mickey Mouse All Star

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PORTABILITY: Perfect for On-the-Go Training Stores flat & compact for easy travel
STABILITY: Each seat folds flat & stays locked for stability with scratch-free bottom
COMPACT: Includes zip lock storage bag for discrete carrying in a diaper bag or purse
HYGENIC: Provides hygienic solution in public restroom use
HASSLE FREE CLEANING: Simply wash with mild soap and water and air/pat dry.


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Color:Disney – Mickey Mouse All Star On-the-Go Moms & Dads, rejoice. This Mickey Mouse travel potty seat provides a portable yet fun solution for your child’s potty needs when nature calls on the road. Each seat folds flat for easy use & stays locked for stability. This travel potty seat features small pads along the bottom, which increases security and prevents scratching of toilet seats. Perfectly compact for discrete carrying in a diaper bag or large purse. Includes zip lock bag for easy storage. Provides hygienic alternative to public toilet seats. Hassle-Free cleaning – simply wash with mild soap & water, air/pat dry.

Specification: Disney Mickey Mouse”All Star” Travel/Folding Potty Disney – Mickey Mouse All Star

Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 0.25 × 14 in

13 reviews for Disney Mickey Mouse”All Star” Travel/Folding Potty Disney – Mickey Mouse All Star

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Kylee Wetzel

    I actually had the Minnie Mouse version for my daughter a couple years ago. I had the same issues with that one then but this one just doesn’t seem to work now. I think it was the Minnie Mouse factor that motivated my daughter enough to still like it. But my son dislikes it so much. He always feels like he’s going to fall in (only 28 pounds!) and it pinched his little legs! The most annoying part, is that every time he comes off of the potty, it slips off as well and falls dramatically on the floor- and a few times pretty close to in the giant toilet… so now my son has this anxiety every time he gets off the potty of the loud noise it will make as it smashes the tile. Unfortunately, the last time it fell on the floor it actually broke one of the hinges- making it even more unstable. I will throw away and buy something different.Read more

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  2. Cathy

    I really like this product. I took off a star because it does tend to slide a bit too much. I do like that my daughter can sit on a public toilet without having to touch the nastiness of a potentially unclean toilet seat. It makes me (as a mildly neurotic mother;)) feel better having her sit on this seat. like that it can fit in my purse…in the bag it came in, of course;)Read more

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  3. KAM

    So far we haven’t had any issues with the foldable potty seat. It slides around just a little, but I just try to be careful when putting my daughter on the seat and taking her off. We’ve used this on a few different public toilets and it fits nicely as long as you place it to the front of the toilet and not the middle and the rear. I always wipe the public toilet down with a clorox wipe before placing the folding seat down and I have found that it helps the foam cushions located underneath the folding seat to have better grip. It’s very easy to clean and I use a gallon sized ziploc bag to store it rather than the plastic case that it came with. The plastic case that it came with has a snap closure, but still has a large enough opening that makes me think the inside of the diaper bag isn’t protected well enough from germs. I didn’t care much for the case for this reason. My plastic case had a tear at the seam when my package arrived anyway so, it wasn’t any good and the gallon sized ziploc bag works just fine because there are no openings. I just change it everytime we’re finished using the seat for the day and after I’ve disinfected it. It folds up really nicely. It’s small and compact which is what we were looking for when on the go. It folds up to be about the size of a tablet. I have an Ellipsis 7 and it’s about the same size. It bends just a tad when I place my daughter on the seat, but not enough to make me worry that she’ll fall in, and I guard her on the toilet always. My daughter is 21 months old and 26 pounds if that helps anyone. We also haven’t had any issues with pinching, and hopefully we won’t, but as I’ve stated earlier, I’m very careful when placing her on and taking her off of the potty seat. I’m also very sure to make sure that when I unfold the seat it’s “snaps” into place. Once again, really good product and no issues so far after several uses on different public toilets and our toilet at home.Read more

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  4. elle.

    Wanted to really love this product, especially for traveling because it folds up nicely and beats having to hold up my 3 yr old. so that he doesn’t accidentally fall in. We got him acquainted with it at home and it was okay though not very stable (we have an oblong toilet). However, it didn’t work really well at the hotel we stayed; it wasn’t stable and he moved around–his weight ended pushing some thigh under the gap causing a pinch as his weight readjusted on it. We took it aboard a cruise on the same trip and it just slid every where on that toilet. Overall, nice concept but not as practical given the amount of care needed to actually make it stay and not pinch.Read more

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  5. Matthew Curry

    It looks cute and the concept is great, but that’s where the good review ends. It slides, my kid almost fell in which terrified her. She weighs 30 lbs and it sinks when she sits on it so theres zero sturdiness. There is no grip to hold it in place and the plastic is cheap. So unless your toddler weighs 10 lbs it isn’t ideal. We are returning. I hope to find another portable one that’s better, but if I have to carry the bigger one around so be it. I don’t need my kid having a potty training regression over a plastic seat that doesn’t do its job.Read more

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  6. Shy

    My daughter loves this. She was so excited that it had Dora on it. Its not easy finding Dora stuff and this potty seat has been a game changer for our Potty training journey. I love how small it folds up, fits perfect in her mini backpack. If I had to complain about anything its that it doesn’t come with a storage bag, which I knew that when I ordered it. Planned to use the packaging it came in but the snaps were so stuck together and it ripped the packaging open pretty bad.Read more

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  7. Lauren Lovoy

    A germaphobe parent’s dream! I cringe at the thought of my child sitting on a public toilet seat. I usually put down two regular toilet seat covers and then this down on top for peace of mind. It works great, folds easily, stores easily and is cleaned easily. I recommend this if you are looking for some peace of mind when taking your child to the potty in public.Read more

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  8. Alison

    Like this seat for going at grandparents houses or out at a restaurant keeps little hands away from toliet seat. Travel bag is a joke its just the packaging it came in i used a gallon sized ziploc for it though. Folds up nicely. Holds my 21 month old daughter who is 36in tall 28 lbs 6oz perfectly fine, only slightly bows but not enough to be afraid it breaking. 🙂 would buy again if needed.Read more

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  9. Misssy Mom 420

    Turned out Walmart was cheaper but this was the best priced on amazon. Works well and very sturdy. Awesome to take on the go so the little one doesn’t fall in the toilet also works well to keep little ones bottom clean from other public users Okay so here is an update on this item: I find it doesn’t fit public toilets as well as home toilets. It’s meant more for a round base so when I was at the doctors the other day while trying to get a sample from my 3 year old she nearly fell in! The seat isn’t very sturdy like it is on round toilet seat bases. This doesn’t do me much good because at home we don’t need this type. So after a chance to use this a few times I’m going to say no I wouldn’t recommend it. My daughter rather hold her bodily functions as long as possible to not have to use this

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  10. KS14

    The seat pinches my daughter’s thighs and butt if she shifts even a tiny bit while using it. Would not purchase again and would rather just hold her over than use this.Read more

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  11. ALE H.

    Para quienes tenemos niñas pequeñas es ideal, ya que no podemos evitar sus ganas de ir al baño en salidas, y no siempre se consigue llegar a uno completamente limpio. Esto nos ha ayudado bastante, ya que ella no necesita tener contacto con la taza; solo lo desinfecto al llegar a casa y listo para usarse de nuevo. Además, ayuda para que papa se sienta mas seguro al salir con una niña solo, ya que deben entrar al baño de hombres y eso lo ponía muy nervioso tambien.Read more

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    I found that for the average size toilet seat, it doesn’t fit properly. It doesn’t come with instructions so I just assumed it would sit on the toilet seat. It is extremely awkward for my daughter to sit on (she is 5 with a big booty). It does hold her though and she is 50+ pounds so that’s positive.Read more

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  13. Matt Kennedy

    I thought it would be a good option for public washrooms but its fairly large to carry around even when folded up and there’s absolutely nothing that prevents this from sliding around all over or in a toilet. The “bag” it comes with is just the plastic bag it comes in. Luckily my kid liked opening and closing it 500 times the day we got it because that’s the only use we got out of it.Read more

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