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Doggie Dailies Probiotics for Dogs, 225 Soft Chews, Advanced Dog Probiotics with Prebiotics, Promotes Digestive Health, Supports Immune System and Overall Health (Pumpkin)

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Effective Blend of Probiotics with Prebiotics for Dogs, Made with Real Pumpkin – This powerful combination of carefully selected probiotic and prebiotic strains helps support the digestive tract and can be helpful after using antibiotics. Using it daily can help your pup stay in peak condition and help maintain a healthy GI tract as well as their immune system
Maintaining the Good Bacteria in Your Dog’s Gut is Vital To Their Overall Health – Our Soft Chews Make That Easy: Bacteria within the intestinal tract can significantly influence your dog’s physical and psychological health. Our chewable pumpkin probiotics for dogs help promote a healthy balance of good bacteria which can keep the immune system strong and support digestive function
A Healthy & Delicious Treat Your Dog Will Love – Dogs of all sizes love our canine probiotics and owners are seeing results! Our delicious pumpkin flavored soft chews are grain free, made with real duck, and contain five powerful strains of probiotics known to be most effective for dogs and puppies (L. Acidophilus, L. Plantarum, L. Brevis, L. Fermentum, L. Lactis, – 1 Billion CFUs per soft chew)
Safe for Dogs of All Ages, Sizes & Breeds – Our dog probiotics are great for puppies, senior dogs, or any pup in between. Our formula includes a powerful prebiotic, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), which nourishes and works in harmony with the probiotics help support your dog’s gut and encourage good bacteria to flourish. We use cold-press extrusion to make our chews which helps preserve the integrity of the ingredients to ensure maximum potency
Our Dog Probiotic Supplements are Made Using Strict Quality & Safety Standards – Our U.S. facility is GMP compliant and Level 3 SQF certified; Every batch of Doggie Dailies is tested by an independent lab


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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. Product Benefits: Immune Support, Digestive Health. Flavor: Pumpkin. Brand: Doggie Dailies. Country of Origin: USA. ASIN: B07Y5GHJSX. Manufacturer: Doggie Dailies. Date First Available: September 20, 2019. Package Dimensions: 10.08 x 6.3 x 3.7 inches; 1.12 Pounds. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.

13 reviews for Doggie Dailies Probiotics for Dogs, 225 Soft Chews, Advanced Dog Probiotics with Prebiotics, Promotes Digestive Health, Supports Immune System and Overall Health (Pumpkin)

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  1. R. Hall

    In addition to eliminating rice from the dogs diets, Doggie Dailies helped clear up the yeast infections that continually plagued our dogs ears. They no longer continually shake their heads. Prior to using this product, we were constantly visiting the vet for ear wash and medication. No longer do I have to chase the four dogs down to squirt cleaner and medication in their ears. The dogs love the taste of the probiotics – I give them to them as treats! The only downside is that large dogs require a daily dose of 6 soft chews. This can make the probiotics a bit expensive. I highly recommend this product.Read more

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  2. Lisa

    I was really hoping this would do the trick! I had been using another probiotic for my dog Maggie for about a year. Although it worked well, the cost was quite high. After reading the reviews here I thought I would try this product to see if I could help with her diarrhea and gas. Unfortunately it actually made her diarrhea and gas a lot worse . After a few weeks I had to put her back on the old product. I’m sure this works well for many dogs but just want others to know it may not work on yours. Also keep an eye on your return date. I didn’t realize when it was and I can no longer return this product because I missed my window by a week.Read more

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  3. OnceATexan

    My Yorkie was throwing up every 2-3 days. Not copious, but still not pleasant. It wasn’t food, and she still had her appetite. I took her to the vet. He gave her a shot to settle her stomach, then gave me some pills to give her which I did. As soon as she finished the pills, the cycle started again. The vet suggested I put her on an antacid for humans. “How on earth would I dose a 6 lb Yorkie,” I wondered. I did some research, and ordered these. I give one per day RELIGIOUSLY crushed up in a couple of tablespoons of canned dog food (she won’t eat them as a treat). That was several months ago, and NO MORE THROW UP! Yippee!Read more

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  4. Sierra

    I have a 90 lbs chocolate lab/pitbull. He is 7 yrs old. He was having really bad gas and problems going to the potty. He was constipated and then when he did go it wasn’t good.. I started researching what could help before I took him to the vet. I chose these probiotics and what a world of difference!! He no longer has gas and he is going to the bathroom with no problems. I give him 6-7 in the morning. I break them up and mix with his dry food (very easy). This product is fantastic!! Highly recommend! It immediately started working within the next day. I will be giving him this supplement for the rest of his life. He feels so much better.Read more

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  5. jbruce

    I gave it to my 14 month old Border Collie because he had been throwing up 4 out of 7 days a week. He would go out in the yard and try to find some kind if plant to eat and then throw up so hard he had to sit to do it. He had been on antibiotics 4 months ago for Kennel Cough and soon after he started this throwing up. At first I thought it was Bully sticks, took them away along with his white knuckle bone, he still did it until I thought of the antibiotics killing the good bacteria and that’s when I decided to give him probiotics and found your Product Doggie Dailies !! It worked

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  6. joe e

    I have to feed my dog 6 chews each and I have 2 so that is 12 chews a day–they are over 80 lbs each. The product DOES work very well. However, you may get a better value if you buy RX like Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Probiotic Dog Supplement By Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets if you have big dogs. I do trust this product to work fast but with 160lbs of dog I have to go through a jar in 18.3 days. With pro – plan it is 1 packet a day and you get 30 packets per box. If cost is a major concern. Shop around. If have a small dog you shouldn’t need to worry about cost. I think I am going to 1 packet of pro plan every other day…Read more

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  7. Linda

    Ziggy eats anything/everything and that means also outdoor vegetation of most any sort anywhere he can get ahold of it. This habit must be a hold over from days running w/ a pack. I’m happy to see him w/ a regular digestive system and little to no upset tummy. I think this probiotic helps him digest his non-normal (unpreventable) grazing. (Otherwise he is fed a very good diet of meat and veggies and kibble.) Thank you for a helpful healthy product.Read more

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  8. Samantha L

    I have an English Bulldog that has always had a sensitive stomach. He is now older and has developed congestive heart failure which means he is on a lot of meds. I tried a couple of the powder probiotics sold on here and I honestly do not know if they helped him or not because I never noticed a real difference. I gave these a try and I notice a huge difference. It has really firmed up his stools and he does seem less gassy. Being a bulldog he will always have gas but this has helped. I also have two frenchy/pug mixes that I put on this product. The only downside is my dogs will eat anything, and I mean anything, but if this is left in their bowl once they finish their food they will not eat it, I have no idea why. I throw it on top of their food and they usually eat so fast they don’t notice it’s there so most of the time it’s really not an issue. All in all I recommend this to anyone that has a dog with digestive issues.Read more

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  9. Jennifer Coccagna

    Please add Safety Information to your product label, specifically wrt splitting up dosage throughout the day for the first week of use. Unfortunately I saw this only after I had started my dog on these chews; I came back here to see if I had missed something, as she has been quite sick. On Saturday I started my 18lb Boston/Frenchie mix on 1 chew (daily dosage: 1 chew/0-15lbs;2 chews/15-30lbs — no information on label about gradual increase or splitting dosage throughout day). On Sunday morning she had another chew, and within a couple of hours she started vomiting, and has continued to do so every 2-3 hours since… it’s now Monday and she is still sick. This would not have happened if Safety Information had been included on the product.Read more

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  10. Crazy Buyer

    I figured that I would give this a try as it is a best seller on Amazon. My pup is 80 lbs so, as per the instructions, I should give him 6 of the chews. Thanks goodness I decided to ease him into it. His stool after the first seems to be more moist than normal, so I assumed he was just adjusting to it. I gave him a second chew the following day and that resulted in extreme diarrhea. 6 would surely have killed him. Perhaps it is because he is eating raw, I dont know but this certainly was not a good buy for me.Read more

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  11. Shyanna

    My dog LOVES these and they have definitely helped her tummy issues. No more runny poops! Edit: as per the container, I should be giving my dog 5 chews/day. I started her at one chew and found that it helped plenty. She only takes one chew/day, two if she’s really having some trouble or has eaten a lot of new/people food. We are almost through the container and she still loves them! She often gets tired of treats, etc but she still gets excited every time I grab them. Many of the one star reviews are due to people not introducing these properly. As with anything new for your dog (even new food), it should be introduced slowly. Those one star reviews are not a fair evaluation of the product in my mind, as it should be a given that new things need to be introduced slowly (and it mentions to introduce them slowly right on the instructions & amazon page).Read more

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  12. Nancy J Macmillan

    It appears that our 12 year old Chocolate Labrador bitch is one of those unfortunate dogs who had issues with a well-known name brand dog food that was recalled recently, prescribed by our vet. Actually, we thought we were going to have to put her down at Christmas time, but switching to real food helped her rally. She lost a lot of weight, vomited, drooled profusely and had one urgent diarrhea issue after the next – till we stopped feeding the kibble. Since then, we have been trying to get her back to where she was before all this started. Of the several things we have been doing for her, Doggie Dailies Probiotics for Dogs has made the biggest improvement. Her energy level is improving and we no longer have to take turns staying up all night to make sure she gets out when she needs to, since she is now sleeping right through the night. We will definitely be regular customers! Thank you!Read more

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  13. AR

    Our dog seems to have a very sensitive stomach… our vet had suggested some probiotics to use and once that’s finished we decided to try the Doggie Dallies Probiotics… so far our dog Max loves it… bowels seems to be good, no vomiting or gas, he continues not to itch so much as well and his fur continues to shine, even his white furs shines we can actually see it glistening in the daylight.. we’ve gotten lots of compliments about his fur specially… even though we bought this especially for his bowels..will definitely recommend this product.Read more

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    Doggie Dailies Probiotics for Dogs, 225 Soft Chews, Advanced Dog Probiotics with Prebiotics, Promotes Digestive Health, Supports Immune System and Overall Health (Pumpkin)
    Doggie Dailies Probiotics for Dogs, 225 Soft Chews, Advanced Dog Probiotics with Prebiotics, Promotes Digestive Health, Supports Immune System and Overall Health (Pumpkin)


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