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DOKER. 2 Pack Washable and Reuseable Microfiber Steam Mop Head Pads Replacement for Steam Mop Cleaner VS518 Blue and White

(8 customer reviews)

【Reuseable & Machine Washable】 Machine washable, tumble dry and hand washable. Doker steam mop pads provide a longer life span than traditional steam mop pads. Portable size steam mop pads are clean easily and store-friendly.
【Compatible with Any Floor】Suitable for all kinds of floors as multi-function steam mops, such as hardwood floors, tile, laminate, grout, marble. Also, the portable size steam mop pad clean easily and store-friendly.
【Three-layer Microfiber Design】 Magic tape layer, microfiber permeation layer, and absorption layer design provide a more efficient steam penetration. And the pads will leave less water on floors, which can provide you a time-saving cleaning without long waiting for drying.
【Tightly Attach Strips Design】Especially 2 strips design for the steam mop pad to hang tight with the steam mop cleaner. No more worries about the pads falling off. No more messy mops and heavy buckets in your house cleaning. Steam mop cleaner using high-temperature steam microfiber pads for stubborn stains.
【Skin-friendly Safe】 Clean with water or hot steam from the steam mop. Pretty skin-friendly and will not damage the floors. Useful pads ultimate safe for children, pets or Yoga lovers. -NOTICE- The microfiber pads should be replaced every three months in order to provide a good cleaning performance.


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Power Source: Ac/dc. Surface Recommendation: Tile. Color: Blue and White. Brand: DOKER. Date First Available: June 21, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #70,199 in Home & Kitchen. Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars 318 ratings 4.1 out of 5 stars. Item model number: VS518 Mop pads. ASIN: B08ZSSN7WV. Manufacturer: Cuori Electrical Appliances. Item Weight: 3.8 ounces. Product Dimensions: 6.29 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches.

Specification: DOKER. 2 Pack Washable and Reuseable Microfiber Steam Mop Head Pads Replacement for Steam Mop Cleaner VS518 Blue and White

Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 6.29 × 2.75 × 2.75 in

8 reviews for DOKER. 2 Pack Washable and Reuseable Microfiber Steam Mop Head Pads Replacement for Steam Mop Cleaner VS518 Blue and White

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Eric

    This is the best mop I have ever used. It can not only clean the floor like a normal mop, but also clean hard-to-clean places such as carpets, sofas, windows, and walls. It makes me very amazing.Very modern and technology.More importantly, it has a lot of accessories, which are easy to install for me. The head and joints are also very flexible when cleaning. I put water into the water tank and start using the steam mop, the heat up time is also very fast.It is very worthwhile to buy such a mop at this price. And the user manual is very useful, I have any problems with the installation, just go through it and understand soon. A perfect shopping experience!Read more

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  2. Lauren Hall

    I like the price of this little mop. It feels a little creaky and not sturdy, but don’t let that fool you. It has a ton of attachments and works well. We have faucet with ultra filtered water so I use that rather than jugs of distilled water. I love how quickly it years up and the reservoir hold enough to steam my fairly large kitchen in one go. The cord is a bit short at times, but I can work around it. I have used it for our toilets (my son rarely hits the bowl) and for bathrooms and floors mostly. I recently used it for my microwave. PROS: small, compact, and decent sized reservoir. Many attachments to use. Great for mopping, comes with two mop pads so you can have a backup as one is washed. The attachments are fairly easy to use. The grout brush works well, but does wear down quickly. The small director nozzle is what I use most outside of the floor pads. Easy enough for my kids to mop with. CONS: The mop feels a bit rickety. The upper hook for the cord snapped off, but that’s from my kids dropping the mop. The grout brush wears down kinda quickly, the handle and attachments make the entire unit long in handheld mode and it can be awkward to hold in various positions. The mirror attachment isn’t great in my opinion. Also, you do have to hold down the button for steam and that does cause cramping, especially in the handheld mode. OVERALL: A great mop/steamer especially for the price. It’s awesome for smaller jobs/areas. It heats quickly (~25 seconds) and does do a great job. It feels kind of cheap at times and there is no cord storage without the mop handle attached. Still a great machine for the price and a great deal for home use. **UPDATE** I still love this little mop and use it often in more ways than just mopping but here 2 months in, a piece inside the water reservoir has come loose and there is no way to access it to reattach and fix. I can still use it and it does work the same still. I believe that the piece is the heating coil within the reservoir that is now rattling around inside. Luckily it is usable and still functions the same, but I am worried about that piece rattling around in there. Still worth the money a smy kids love mopping with it also (because it’s easy to use) and honestly that alone is worth the money to get the kids to freaking help around the house without a fight. So, if something rattles around the interior reservoir, still try the mop (cautiously, I worried about plugging in something full of water to an outlet and then touching it so I just used thick rubber gloves in case and had my husband spot me in case I blew fuses or was electrocuted…juuuust in case

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  3. SZ Davies

    I was excited about the handheld option to clean my tiled shower. But it doesn’t work well. It cannot be tipped to the side or up. It has to stay facing down, which is a pain for short people cleaning tall tiled walls. Plus you have to hold the button down the whole time. The grout attachment only tilts one direction, making it suitable for right handed people and almost worthless for left handed people. It took me almost an hour to clean a 3 ft square shower. Steaming windows to squeegee is hardly any better. The handheld has to remain down to function, making it a pain in the backside for all of my floor to ceiling windows. I havent tried it on my tiled floors yet. I’m almost afraid to after the poor handheld performance.Read more

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  4. marilena

    I was hesitant to buy this because only a few people have purchased before me or at least I saw only a few reviews. It’s perfect, lightweight and very strong steam wise. You can steam floors, carpets, and everything else. I love the design too.Read more

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  5. carol sawka

    This product is excellent. It heats up within 2 minutes, with copious amounts of steam. I’m very happy with this purchase. But, the customer service is second to none. When I received the mop, the locking button on the handle did not fully extend, so it was not locking into the body of the mop. I emailed the company and requested a replacement handle that would lock. Instead, the company responded within 24 hours, and sent me a whole new mop- no return was requested. I definitely recommend buying this product. The ONLY thing they could do to improve the product is in the length of the cord. It really could be a bit longer.Read more

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  6. Hannah’s Homes

    Lots of accessories! Great customer service. Heats up super fastRead more

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  7. redhead

    This gives you 15 minutes of continuous HOT steam. Of course you can use trigger to stop & start cleaning. If more cleaning time needed simply refill with recommended distilled water, give it a moment for light to tell you it’s ready, then continue on. Machine is simple to use, light. & streamline. LOVE you can convert it to handheld. Either short or use with handle to give you extended reaching power, just easily detach pad head. So simple to use, assemble or disassemble. Generous cord length. Many various tools to steam ANYTHING, NOT JUST FLOORS! You can even steam out wrinkles in clothes

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  8. Chet

    Why did I order a new stream mop that showed up today used? Cleary the repackaging looks terrible. The cardboard is torn, random items not in plastic, the user manual is bent up and wrinkled, the mop itself wasn’t even wiped, there are fingerprints all over it.Read more

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    DOKER. 2 Pack Washable and Reuseable Microfiber Steam Mop Head Pads Replacement for Steam Mop Cleaner VS518 Blue and White
    DOKER. 2 Pack Washable and Reuseable Microfiber Steam Mop Head Pads Replacement for Steam Mop Cleaner VS518 Blue and White


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