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Donner Electric Guitar Strings, Nickel Electric Guitar Strings Wound High Carbon Hex Steel Light 9-42 5 Sets of 6 Strings DES-20L 5 pack light 9-42

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Excellent Sound and Stay in Tone: Donner electric guitar strings features a balanced great sound and perfect intonation constructed with nickel-plated wire wound around high-carbon hexagonal steel
Played for Bright and Stable Tone: Nickel plated ball end can prevent the strings from slipping and ensure that the strings can continuously vibrate and sound
Great Feel and Last longer: Oxidation-resistant nickel Alloy coating prevents strings from corrosion and rusting and give you great feel on strings. Break-resistant steel is reliable for well bend and extends Donner electric guitar strings life span
Strings Keeps Fresh When Delivered: Sealed in the most corrosion proof packaging keeps guitar strings fresh and last for long. 5 sets individually enclosed in a single, flow-wrap package
Strings Gauges – Plain steel: .009, .011, .016, Nickel wound: .024, .032, .042.

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Donner Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings
Donner provides high-quality musical instruments to more than 60W music lovers every year. It has been exported to Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan and other developed countries for many years. With the quality control and high stability of the products, it is appreciated by the musical instrument industry insiders and loved by music lovers.

Donner DES-20 series electric guitar strings are a very cost-effective product. Great for guitarists who are just getting started learning electric guitars. The favorable price has perfect performance.
In terms of sound: Hexagonal carbon steel provides more contact points and provides the basis for stable sound.
In terms of feeling: The precise winding technology of nickel alloy brings you a smooth playing experience.
In terms of longevity: Anti-corrosion coating technology is used to increase the ability of the string to resist acid and alkali, which effectively increases strings service life.

The Donner DES-20 series has two specifications. One is the DES-20L series, whose string size is 09-42; the other is the DES-20M series, whose string size is 10-46. You can choose strings of different specifications according to your performance.

Material: Nickel + High-carbon Hexagon steel
String specification: Plain steel: .009, .011, .016, Nickel wound: .024, .032, .042.

Package include
5 packs Donner DES-20L electric guitar strings

Specification: Donner Electric Guitar Strings, Nickel Electric Guitar Strings Wound High Carbon Hex Steel Light 9-42 5 Sets of 6 Strings DES-20L 5 pack light 9-42

Weight 4.5 lbs

8 reviews for Donner Electric Guitar Strings, Nickel Electric Guitar Strings Wound High Carbon Hex Steel Light 9-42 5 Sets of 6 Strings DES-20L 5 pack light 9-42

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Hugh Jorgen

    I’ve been playing guitar for the better part of 40 years now and I play just about every day. I have quite a few guitars and go through dozens of string sets annually. I’ve tried many brands over the years and FWIW my hands-down favorites are the D’addario NYXLs – I put them on all my “good” guitars. But the price is painful! I recently had a Strat I was looking at selling and didn’t want to go to any unnecessary expense prepping it, so I found the cheapest strings I could on Amazon: the Donner 5-pack for $12.50. A few days later they arrived. I quickly threw a set on the Strat… and was pretty much floored by the tone and playability of these strings. Even my teenage son – a player himself – commented on the quality tone and feel. We were both dumbfounded: How could a $2.50 set of strings be this good? These strings have something special about them. They’re not particularly bright, but nowhere near dull or flabby. To my ear they sound like a properly broken-in set of strings, and that was true pretty much from the get-go. They’re great for clean playing (think Sweet Home Alabama or Sultans of Swing) but also great for overdriven sounds with hard riffing and bendy soloing. I do a lot of bending and these strings just feel like they’re made for that kind of play. They feel great on the fingers – almost velvety – and so far have held up well to sweat, finger oils and general crud in the air. As of writing this I have about 12 hours of play on the Strat (decided to keep it largely because of these strings) and the Donners still feel and sound fantastic, and hold tune like a champ. Haven’t tried them on a guitar with humbuckers yet, but I suspect they’ll be great there as well. As much as I’d like to keep these strings my own little secret, I can’t help but put it out there how impressed I am with the Donners. I highly recommend giving them a go. On price alone there’s really no good reason not to try them. Who knows? You might just be as pleasantly surprised as I am. And I just might go throw a set on one of my “good” guitars.Read more

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  2. Nexus One

    I play bass in a band and electric guitar in another, and while I have a regular day job, I gig regularly and consider myself an amateur working musician, not a bedroom player or a collector. As such I value no-nonsense performance rather than the name on the box or the headstock. I have been quite happy with a number of Donner products. For example the Donner Yellow Fall pedal is a great analog delay despite its modest price. So when I learned they made guitar strings I decided to give them a try. The strings are hex core, which means the steel inner core is hexagonal, surrounded by a nickel alloy wound around it for the lower strings. Hex core strings are a newer technology that tends to make the sound less bassy and less muddy. The highs are very distinct without being piercing. That is great for playing in a band as the guitar will “cut through the mix”, meaning it will not get muddled with other instruments but will clearly ring out and stand out distinctly without taking over. The strings are still great for playing on your own of course. Hex Core strings also tend to stay in tune better. I tried the 10-46 gauge strings, often commonly refered to as “10s”. String gauge is a matter of personal preference, the higher the number the stiffer the string, but going too low can make it harder to play in tune unless you have a very light touch. I also think that 10s tend to sound a little more “full”. Common wisdom is that 10-46 gauge is great for guitars that have a 24.75″ scale length (neck length) such as most Gibson style guitars, whereas lighter strings (9s) work better on 25.5″ necks like most Fender guitars. I believe Donner sells both sizes, so pick the one that suits you best. I installed the strings on two of my guitars, an Epiphone Dot and a Les Paul copy and they sound great. They have good definition, no muddiness, but still sound sweet and “round”. As usual you need to stretch them at first, but they reached tuning stability very quickly. I will be using them in an upcoming gig without any worries. The Donner strings are clearly labelled with numbers for 1-6, making it easier for beginners to figure out which string goes where. Just start on one end and put them in in order (not sure why but I always start with the thickest string, or #6) The G string (or 3rd) is a “plain” string like #1 and #2 rather than a wound string like #4-6. Whether a plain or wound G is better is hotly debated amongst guitarists and is mostly a matter of personal preference. I tend to prefer plain strings because I play a lot of “bend” notes, and those are easier on a plain string, especially on 10s, so I’m happy with Donner’s choice. One cool think is that Donner ships the strings in a sealed plastic bag inside the cardboard sleeve. So the strings are not exposed to air until you open them. That means they don’t oxidize prematurely, which is great when you buy strings in large packs or don’t change strings very often. Something some of the “big names” that ship strings in just paper could learn from. The nickel alloy is a little dull/gray looking and not super shiny. I think it’s just because of the type of nickel alloy they use, and strings lose their shine quickly anyway. Did I mention I care more about sound and performance than look? OK, I’m rambling a little, but I’m passionate about my music and passionate about using your ears and talent, rather than worrying about the name on the box or the pricetag, or what country it was buil in. Those strings deliver! No need to spend money on more expensive brands, especially when you own multiple guitars and play so much you change strings often like I do. I will be buying sets of 9-42 strings for my Stratocaster, and I really hope Donner starts making bass strings soon! I tried to record some playing to post before and after changing strings but it’s too hard to hear the differences when not in person so I decided not to post it. You’ll just have to trust my experience that they sound great. I am attaching a few pictures showing the packaging and labelling and a candy shot of one of my guitars with the new strings onRead more

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  3. Jason L. Reynolds

    I can’t recommend this product (Donner 5-pack 10’s). I know the strings are cheap, but something like this usually functions. After I got a new stratocaster; I put a set of these on and had to redo the intonation (same gauge strings). My low e saddle could not go far back enough to intonate (still VERY sharp). I got a 5 pack of these strings so I tried multiple .46 low e strings. All gave the same results. Another site was having a sale on musicians gear strings (got 10 packs for 18.79) so I decided to try those. As soon as I swapped the low E string I was able to intonate properly and had to move my saddles forward again to compensate for whatever the heck was going on with the Donner strings. I am in no way affiliated with this other brand of strings and they are literally the 3rd cheapest strings on the market. But unlike these Donner strings; they DO work and intonate properly. Don’t get these; there are other, FUNCTIONAL, cheap options for guitar strings.Read more

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  4. Mark Mackenzie

    Changing my rating to 2. Good price, but not good sound. Three sets in and every guitar sounds like there is a problem with the nut. That twangy, buzzing sound. Doesn’t happen with other makes. They’re probably okay with a £100 guitar.Read more

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  5. johnw

    These stings are great value and give a good all round sound. They seem very stable after the initial tuning and stretching. Will definitely buy again.Read more

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  6. Gordon

    Brilliant bargainRead more

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  7. Tilly’s Dad

    For the price brilliant, bright, stay in tune, ain’t had them long enough to judge longevity. If the price remains the same I’ll reorder.Read more

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  8. Virginia S

    These are excellent, they have a tough coating on them and I’ve had them for awhile and haven’t popped even one with a lot of tuning, experiments and playing. I haven’t been able to post pics lately but I tried to post them, because they look like good strings. They have a good sound to them, versatile and a lot of fun range to play with. They’re a good value and maybe people expect them to have crappy because of it, sometimes a good deal is just a good deal. These strings are great for rocking out to!Read more

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    Donner Electric Guitar Strings, Nickel Electric Guitar Strings Wound High Carbon Hex Steel Light 9-42 5 Sets of 6 Strings DES-20L 5 pack light 9-42
    Donner Electric Guitar Strings, Nickel Electric Guitar Strings Wound High Carbon Hex Steel Light 9-42 5 Sets of 6 Strings DES-20L 5 pack light 9-42

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