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Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof 104 Inch Patio Sofa Cover 104″W x 40″D x 35″H

(7 customer reviews)

PATIO COVERS: Fits patio sofas 104″W x 40″D x 35″H
Two-year limited warranty
Waterproof fabric is ideal for high moisture climates
Seam sealer tape applied during manufacturing process prevents water penetrating the cover at the seams
Please refer to your furniture’s care instructions as some finishes, sealants or coatings could react to PVC backed covers. To reduce this possibility, the use of a support pole (sold separately) is recommended to elevate the cover. Our covers are not intended for furniture made of concrete.


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Ideal for use in harsh weather and high wind conditions, Ultimate covers are designed to protect patio furniture from dust, dirt, sun, rain, and heavy snow. Manufactured using a combination of a high-strength polyester top panel and innovative, multi-layer side panels to help reduce condensation. The breathable side panels eliminate the need for vents and provide additional cover height, unlike shorter competitive covers which offer less protection. We added thoughtful details, like a polyester base for added durability and a mocha cappuccino color that complements any space, plus a two-year limited warranty has you covered. Migrate to Duck Covers today!

Specification: Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof 104 Inch Patio Sofa Cover 104″W x 40″D x 35″H

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 104 × 35 in

7 reviews for Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof 104 Inch Patio Sofa Cover 104″W x 40″D x 35″H

1.9 out of 5
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  1. Joel T. Bell

    I’m a bit torn about this rating…pun intended. I purchased two of these 87″ long Ultimate covers in September 2016 to protect some deck furniture so we wouldn’t need to bring the cushions in every time it rains. They claim “100% waterproof and fade-resistant” so I was hoping opting for the “ultimate” version would serve my needs. It turns out they are absolutely waterproof but definitely not fade resistant. After a full winter and spring I pulled the covers hoping that everything would be in good condition and sure enough there was no sign of water or dirt from over 6 months of weather. The mocha color had faded badly though. Honestly, I don’t really care about the fading but if you are going to advertise “fade-resistant” then you should back that up. The reason for the 3-star rating though is that the material apparently became dry rotted and prone to ripping easily. At one point this summer when putting the cover back on the corner ripped a 10-12″ tear even though I was being careful not to yank on it. I’m contacting their customer service and requesting replacements and will report back with the result. They have a 2-yr warranty so I expect this should be covered without hassle. So bottom line, the covers work great (5 stars), fade more than I would have expected (4 stars), and potentially become prone to ripping over time (3 starts). I’ll remember to be particularly careful in the future but IMO I shouldn’t have to treat weatherproof outdoor furniture covers like they are made out of parchment paper to avoid ripping. UPDATE – another year and another faded and torn cover. This time I even spent an hour treating it with Star Brite waterproofing spray and UV protectant. That shouldn’t even be necessary considering these covers are intended to take care of that. Still it looks like these should be considered essentially disposable after about a year.Read more

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  2. Sarasota2k4

    I purchased these Duck Covers ‘Ultimate’ Covers to protect my new Better Homes and Garden Patio furniture (Hawthorne Park 4pc Sofa Conversation Set). The covers fit the furniture extremely well, and should protect the chairs and sofa from our strong Florida sun, rainy summers and the nasty pollen we get in the early spring. The covers are very easy to put on and remove. The sofa bench is perfect for storing the covers while we use the furniture. For reference, here are the dimensions for my furniture in the event you have similar sized furniture. 3-Person Sofa: 35.21in.D x 80in.W x 32in.H Chair: 5.21in.D x 32in.W x 32in.H I hope you found the review helpful in making your purchase decision.Read more

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  3. Dorothy Gale

    Thankfully they are under warranty. It will be two years in August. After a year they faded significantly, you can see the color difference in the photos. After this past winter we took them off to clean the sofa and put the cushions back on…when we lifted the covers off they tore. You can see in the picture, that a big chunk just came off. The second cover tore as well, but it was a straight slit-tear, and not at the seam either. I have submitted a warranty claim for both covers, and I will update my review depending on the response from the company. I will also note, we live in a moderate climate. We do not get snow, ice, or freezing temps. We barely get rain and while we do have sun, we have considerable fog…I’d be worried what these covers would do with extreme weather conditions. UPDATE: They did honor their warranty and sent us 2 new covers. I will say that one of those replaced through the warranty has already torn in the same manner. I haven’t found anything better, so we will just keep replacing them.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    The covers were faulty – there was some sort of coating on the inside that bled onto our furniture and stained the cushions and the frames pink. Duck Covers will not cover any damage to your furniture – buyer beware. We will need to replace the furniture and are out over $2,000. We will never buy Duck Covers again.Read more

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  5. OK

    It unfortunately took me a year to figure out that this “used – very good” condition cover was NOT the original Duck cover. The other ones I have are great, they have the rubber duck cover logo sewed on the front and the backing inside is a grey color which is very durable. This other one though it came with supposedly duck cover warranty has a black interior which in the sun/heat/cold sticks to the furniture and left marks all over my faux wood benches. Then I realized the logo was not the original “official” one. Seems someone pulled a fast one on Amazon and quality control did not pick it up. very disappointed in two things myself for not picking up on it sooner and ordering a used item and two with Amazon’s inability to properly control what goes out.Read more

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  6. Argentox

    This is the second time we purchase this product. The first time, it lasted two years. I do not think that two-year durability is good value but ‘maybe’ being in the sun for about six hours per day under the Florida heat was too much for me to ask. So we purchased the same product a second time because the product claims are promising and ‘maybe’ the materials improved over the last two years. However, the ‘DUCK COVERS’ are now worst than before. They develop mold within a couple of months, it discolors within three months, and the fabric ripped within six months. The quality of ‘DUCK COVERS’ has deteriorated and they product is simply NOT fit for outdoor use.Read more

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  7. dtitan

    I am contacting the company for this as a warranty issue. I bought 4 covers of different sizes and within 4 months they failed. They faded and lost all sense of being water proof. They were off and on during this time from May-August. This is the second set of these I have purchased. The first ones lasted almost 2 years which is why I bought them again. I will update this review after warranty resolution if any.Read more

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    Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof 104 Inch Patio Sofa Cover 104″W x 40″D x 35″H
    Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof 104 Inch Patio Sofa Cover 104″W x 40″D x 35″H


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