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Earth Rated Easy-Tie Dog Poop Bag – Doggie Waste Bags – Extra Strong Doggy Poo Bags with Leak-Proof Security 120-Count Lavender-Scented

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Keeping your hands safe: Our awesome 7”x13.5” handle bags have a 100 percent leak-proof guarantee
Easy-tie: 120 dog bags for poop with handles to make tying the knot easier on everyone
Poop doesn’t smell like roses: Our odor blocking lavender scent locks in that stank for good
Earth Rated: We use recycled materials in our packaging and roll cores because details matter
Stay stress-free: Our handle bags dispense one dog poop bag at a time and open extra wide


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SKU: B006V3OB64

Unit Count: 120 Count. Recommended Uses For Product: Dog Bags. Material Feature: Waste bags. Item Weight: 10.58 Ounces. Item Form: Bag. Brand: Earth Rated. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.99 x 2.01 x 5 inches. Scent: Lavender. Color: Lavender-Scented. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. ASIN: B006V3OB64. Manufacturer: Earth Rated / Eco Group. Date First Available: January 10, 2012. Department: Men. Item model number: 870856100069. Product Dimensions: 7.99 x 2.01 x 5 inches; 10.58 Ounces. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.

Specification: Earth Rated Easy-Tie Dog Poop Bag – Doggie Waste Bags – Extra Strong Doggy Poo Bags with Leak-Proof Security 120-Count Lavender-Scented

Weight 10.58 lbs
Dimensions 7.99 × 2.01 × 510.58 in

10 reviews for Earth Rated Easy-Tie Dog Poop Bag – Doggie Waste Bags – Extra Strong Doggy Poo Bags with Leak-Proof Security 120-Count Lavender-Scented

3.3 out of 5
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  1. Karlsruhe Frau

    I don’t have a dog! But I love these dog poop bags! Why, you may ask?!? Well, I do have a cat! With a very stinky litter box! That has to be scooped out constantly! I was sick of constantly inspecting my grocery store bags, trying to find one or two (out of DOZENS!) with no holes in them. So I decided to try these Earth-Rated dog poop bags, with handles, lavender scented. I specifically chose the ones that have handles, so that after I scoop out the litter box, I could easily tie off the bag. And, yes, I am able to tie the bags off perfectly! I also specifically chose the bags that were lavender scented because… Well, I really needed to mask the smell of what goes in those bags! And, success! After I tie off those bags, I can’t smell what’s in there! Yay! So, I’m very satisfied with these bags and I will continue to use them. I recommend them to anyone who is trying to clean up after their smelly cat!Read more

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  2. Amanda Burton

    When I bought these it was to please my friend who was caring for my kitty while I was away. I had always just used leftover bread bags, vegetable bags, newspaper bags, etc. But I’ve discovered that having a bag that is the right size, easy to empty the litter scoop into, easy to tie up in a neat little package, and (this is slightly embarrassing) that smells a lot nicer than kitty poop, is actually rocking my morning chores. So, if you’re hesitating, I’d say go for it. Plus, they’re biodegradable so your kitty’s deposits won’t still be around in a hundred years, neatly wrapped in impermeable plastic.Read more

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  3. Amazon Prime since 2009

    I had looked for poop bags off and on for years but had given up each time because they were just not what I wanted. Anything I found was just too small! A lot of them aren’t even a bag either just a square of plastic I’m supposed to fold up neatly with a pile of poop in the middle? No thank you! Then I ran across these and decided to give them a try. They are GREAT!!! I have the lavender version and like them a lot. I keep the box in the garage as it is quite strong smelling as a whole box, but keep a few on the counter in the house to use when needed. I have a nearly 70 lb chocolate lab that can poop quite the large pile and these work fine! one pile per bag. Trying to get two dumps into one bag would be too much. So each time she poops I just grab one of these, turn it inside out and pick up the poop and then turn it right side out and tie it closed lickety-split! I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! Five star all the way! No more trying to save bags from walmart as most of them arrive home with holes in them. I’d say these are actually slightly thicker than your current walmart grocery bag anyways. Stop reading this and buy these! Definitely absolutely recommend. Hope this helps.Read more

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  4. kg1

    Ug!! The box says unscented and these DEFINITELY HAVE A SCENT!!! What do they smell like? They smell like scented (think bad man perfume) poop bags only not as strong as scented. I hate scented.. the planet is being polluted enough.. do we really need fake perfume to disguise a poop bag? Who thought of that? Stinky chemicals get on your hands.. scents your pockets.. and when you pick up poop you pretty much take it right to the trash. Oye. These are made in China and guess what they smell. Going back to Zippy Paws bc they are truly unscented and for people who have scent allergies – they won’t give you a headache and smell your stuff up. I hate it when what seems like an earth conscious product claims all the eco stuff – when it’s only marketing to sell stuff. Yes there is irony in this that I bought unscented poop bags on amazon and it was delivered to my house. Instead of sending these back and creating more pollution I will donate them to the dog park. If you are sensitive to smells for sure don’t buy these.. unscented my [email protected]#!!Read more

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  5. LittlePicklesReviews!

    I walk my dogs about three times a day, so I have had a lot of practice the last two months using Earth Rated bags. I used to use the roll type bags (like the grocery store vegetable bags) but I started using Earth Rated, and they are so much better. The bags have a nice fragrance added to them which helps counter the smell of the puppies “business” and just makes them pleasant to use. The shape of the bags are a lot better and easier to handle then normal bags. With the roll bags, I would always have a hassle that took 10 or 15 seconds trying to open the bag, but with ER bags, they open very easily and it’s easy to know which side opens. We have all been in that situation with grocery type bags where we are fumbling with it to open them. When I pick up the “puppies business”, the shape of the bag makes it so I never accidentally get any mess on the top of the bag when closing it, which has happened with the roll bags due to the shape. And tying the bag up after using is easy which matters when two pups are on the move and I’m holding two leashes. I ordered the 720 count so that I will never need to be searching for bags or run out, and the box that holds them makes pulling the bags out every morning easy and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Just a very well designed product that I am very happy with and I find worth any extra cost over cheaper roll bags.Read more

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  6. C

    I was surprised upon upon opening the box that the quality of the bag was so thick. I looked at the box all over, not one mention of it being biodegradable. Why does it say biodegradable on amazon then? Apparently it is oxo-biodegradable which means the plastic dissolve fast but it still dissolve into plastic elements that stay in the environment. Therefore not really biodegradable. The information on the amazon listing is misleading. Please not that it does not say biodegradable on the Earth rated website either. I’m very disappointed with this purchase and rather angry for the misleading labelling of the product.Read more

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  7. Terence Martin

    DO NOT BUY THESE IF YOU WANT BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAGS. Though it says “biodegradable” in the product description online, nowhere on the packaging or bag does it say it is biodegradable. In the UK if it was actually biodegradable, by any standard definition, by law it would say on the actual product. So I looked them up online and this “EPI additive”: EPI is a company name, this additive is just proprietary hogwash made up as a loophole to exploit the green market. To quote, “it is added in small quantities (typically 2-3%) to the CONVENTIONAL PLASTIC during the manufacturing process.” it is meant to help the plastic degrade when exposed to sufficient light or heat or “mechanical stress”. Well, I can burn or tear up a plastic bag, and yes, technically it would have thereby biodegraded a little. THAT IS NOT BIODEGRADABLE in the sense the average layman takes the word to mean. Everything is biodegradable eventually but when I buy biodegradable I expect the product to have disappeared before the heat death of the universe. Now I am stuck with yet more bags that will still be around after I shuffle off this mortal coil (of poop). Plus, as these bags are much bigger than my usual bags, I am actually contributing more plastic to the environment, not less. Not great.Read more

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  8. Caz

    I hate these. Absolutely despise them. They didn’t come on a roll, like my other ones, and I didn’t realise the handles would make it really inconvenient. The handles are long; my small boys do small poops but despite the small size of the item and their little poops I have nearly covered myself in their muck. Why? Well, I turn the bag inside out on my hand, pick up the poo, turn it back right again therefore avoiding any um sticky substance. Unfortunately, the handles are flimsy so they flap about and hide vision of the sticky substance. Also they gape – and I have had it just blow right off my hand. It’s like holding a cobweb it’s so light. Then if you DO manage to pick up after the dogs, you have this ‘fun’ game of trying to not get poo on the handles as you turn it back around, and then pinch the bag at the sides in case the poo falls out again or got on the handles by accident. It’s like a micro carrier bag. Feels flimsy, handles get in the way, and with the risk of getting poo everywhere it’s definitely not safe to hold. Anyway. Get the non-handle ones on little rolls instead, they are excellent and a million times better than this flimsy plastic nonsense.Read more

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  9. Bim

    These are great for their purpose but I was disappointed to find that they are not biodegradeable. They are made from recycled plastic but that still means we are putting that back into the environment where it will take years to break down. The ‘Earth Rated’ tag is extremely misleading, and I am sure that Mother Nature would not rate these strewn around the Earth in their thousands. This is a type of product which could easily be made to break down in a compost heap, so why don’t they?!!Read more

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  10. katie

    These bags are a brilliant size and strength, I’m a bed ridden at times disabled lady and i use these as little rubbish bags that hang on my bedside table and are brilliant for me to put tissues, tablet boxes and anything else that i need to dispose of whilst being bed ridden in chronic pain. I also use them for the dog poo when my family walk our frenchie, they are excellent in every way and I thought that buying the lavender scented ones, they would help me sleep too, however, I personally really dislike the smell as they don’t smell anything like Lavender !! So will buy the indented next time. Overall a really great sized bag and I’m very pleased.Read more

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    Earth Rated Easy-Tie Dog Poop Bag – Doggie Waste Bags – Extra Strong Doggy Poo Bags with Leak-Proof Security 120-Count Lavender-Scented
    Earth Rated Easy-Tie Dog Poop Bag – Doggie Waste Bags – Extra Strong Doggy Poo Bags with Leak-Proof Security 120-Count Lavender-Scented


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