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Elgato Wave Mic Arm – Premium Broadcasting Boom Arm with Cable Management Channels, Desk Clamp, 1/4″ Thread Adapters, Fully Adjustable, perfect for Podcasts, Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Recording Kits High Rise

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Premium design with internal springs and hidden cable channels
Fully adjustable arm with swivel base
Maintains mic position when adjusting height
750 mm / 29.5 in vertical reach to overcome most monitors
Extension riser adds another 150 mm / 5.9 in of height
Custom counterweight adapts arm tension to mic weight
60 mm / 2.4 padded desk clamp fits popular desk designs
Supports mics weighing 250 – 1,000 g / 0.55 – 2.2 lbs
Ball head with 1/4” screw and 3/8”-5/8” adapters
Perfect for broadcasting, streaming, podcasting, working from home


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A studio-grade boom arm for your premium microphone, Wave Mic Arm offers extreme vertical reach to overcome large monitors and full adjustability for precise microphone positioning. Internals springs and integrated cable channels with removable covers keep your setup tidy and accessible, while thread adapters ensure compatibility with standard mic mounts.

Specification: Elgato Wave Mic Arm – Premium Broadcasting Boom Arm with Cable Management Channels, Desk Clamp, 1/4″ Thread Adapters, Fully Adjustable, perfect for Podcasts, Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Recording Kits High Rise

Weight 4.91 lbs
Dimensions 9.06 × 2.36 × 19.29 in

11 reviews for Elgato Wave Mic Arm – Premium Broadcasting Boom Arm with Cable Management Channels, Desk Clamp, 1/4″ Thread Adapters, Fully Adjustable, perfect for Podcasts, Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Recording Kits High Rise

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  1. Merrysoda

    TL;DR Elgato took me on 2 bad dates, ghosted me, and took some money I had in my wallet Received my original wave arm mic and noticed the riser to base connection was a little loose but decided to ignore it since the rest of the arm worked, BIG MISTAKE. Around two weeks the connection worsened and the arm started to wobble every time I would move it. Tightening the connection with the allen wrench made no difference. For a product marked at $100 I expect it to work for more than a few weeks and decided to go through RMA. Replacement from amazon was not an option due to stock. Next part details by adventures with Elgato customer service. Week 1: Elgato responded and the original arm was shipped out for review Week 2: Replacement was approved but wasn’t shipped out. Week 3: Informed that a mistake was made and Elgato needed to book another replacement at a different warehouse. Week 4: Replacement was shipped out Week 5: Received replacement but arm was incredibly stiff making it practically unusable. It was even worse than my original one. Reported defective replacement immediately since return window was closing. Week 6: No response from Elgato and made a call to customer service for update. Elgato said it was “under review” and they would increases the priority. So basically nothing was changed. Arm continued to be stiff despite use and troubleshooting. Amazon return window closed around the end of week 6, so I had to make a choice on a refund or continue to be ghosted by Elgato while expecting another round of RMA. Was reluctant to do a refund because I made the mistake of spending a nonrefundable $30 coupon on this defective product. Decided to do the refund, so Elgato wasted my time and deprived me of $30 I could have spent elsewhere.Read more

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  2. Nate W

    I’ve never purchased a product of this type that was so well designed, and set up so quickly, that I wanted to write a review immediately. I opened the box, clamped it securely to my desk, mounted a Blue Baby Bottle mic with shock mount, ran the cable through the beautifully concealed cable channels, and had it up and running in less than five minutes. Quiet, stable, beautiful to look at, strong, very flexible as far as positioning goes (especially with the included counterweight and riser), and works perfectly. I move the mic, and it stays exactly where I put it, with no adjustment needed, whatsoever. In the few days that it’s been on my desk, my only thoughts about it’s competitors were…none.Read more

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  3. Shawn Comis

    When I bought my first mic arm, I wasn’t sure what I wanted, or if I wanted to spend this much on a mic arm, when there were so many cheaper, good-looking alternatives on Amazon, with great reviews. THAT was a mistake. I have bought two, “cheaper” alternatives. Mistakes were made. I use my boom arm frequently and have to constantly adjust them. Those alternatives do not grip the desk well and often fall off, taking gouges out of my carbon fiber desk wrap, and costly equipment attached hits the ground, each time, for further cringe. THIS arm is freaking amazing. Not only has it NOT fallen off my desk (has not even budged), but it remains solid, feels the same a month later than it did the day it was delivered…and I use it a TON. It looks clean, has a plethora of options, peripherals attach easy and it FEELS so solid and well-made. It’s literally like comparing a well-built, brand new luxury car, with a 1990’s entry-level Kia…night and day. You will NOT regret this boom-arm…Amazeballs.Read more

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  4. Marc

    I absolutely love this boom arm; if I had the option to buy this from the get-go instead of my Rode PSA-1, it would have been this 100x over. These two boom-arms are the same price, but the Elgato Wave Arm is the clear winner. I have to say that Elgato nailed their design philosophy; everything you need without going overboard— and all at a great price. Why it took so long for a manufacturer to put an articulating ball mount at the end is beyond me, it’s ingenious! It allows you to orient your microphone in whichever direction you like! The slide-on counterweight is awesome as well, no need to worry if you microphone is heavy enough to support the counter-balance function, if not, just pop the weight on. Elgato even went out of their way to include a cable-management divot in the arm, just the cherry on top. The only complaint I can see is the arms are a little thick and may obstruct your view of your monitor a bit depending on your setup/orientation. Buy this arm you (probably) won’t regret it.Read more

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  5. hobbeszero

    I own a lot of Corsair and Elgato equipment that I absolutely love. I’ve been looking for a mic arm that would better fit my setup after using a Rode for years that had grown creaky. I have a Shure SM7B that I mounted to the Wave Mic Arm LP and after adjusting the friction, got it to work, but over time it slowly sagged and now it will not hold the mic’s weight at all. I think the arm needs some kind of hydraulics or something to better adjust the tension and offset the weight of the equipment rather than relying purely on friction. It’s a great-looking mic arm – especially if you have multi mounts and a generally black setup like I do. The metal components feel solid, I took one star off because I think the plastic and some other things could be just a little better. It’s easy to install. Unfortunately, I think the design just doesn’t hold up in practice for many types of mics. Hoping for a second version that’s better.Read more

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  6. Josh D

    Be me: Find Blue Yeti X at Goodwill for $40. It works flawlessly! Wanting to stay cheap order three different no name mic arms between $20-$50. They were all too stiff, flimsy and not something I would want to deal with on a daily basis. Enter Elgato. This arm is easy to clamp to desk, is very sturdy and easily moves when needed. The cable channel is what sold me on this arm. It is fantastic. So, in my case the mic arm costs more than the mic. Worth every penny.Read more

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  7. hastmeinwort

    Ergänzungen vom 12.11.2021: Nachdem ich mir zuerst die High Rise Variante bestellt hatte und auf Grund gravierender Mängel retournierte, habe ich nun auch die LP Version seit 3 Tagen im Einsatz und leider hält auch diese Version nicht so ganz, was Elgato vollmundig verspricht. Aber der Reihe nach… Modell High Rise: Die 5 Sternerezensionen für die High Rise Variante sind mir echt ein Rätsel und für mich in keiner Weise nachvollziehbar. Bisher war ich auch immer zufrieden mit den Produkten von Elgato, etwas teuer, aber immer qualitativ hochwertig. Das ist hier diesmal völlig anders. Der Mikrofonarm knarzt und quietscht was das Zeug hält sobald man ihn auch nur ein wenig bewegt und ist für eine ernsthafte Anwendung nicht zu gebrauchen. Das liegt meines Erachtens nach in erster Linie am oberen Gelenk an dem auch das Mikrofon befestigt wird, denn dieses Gelenk ist genietet statt verschraubt und hat schon bei der Auslieferung relativ viel Spiel, was sich je nach Gewicht des Mikrofons mit der Zeit noch deutlich verschärfen wird. Mit meinem Shure SM7B ist das Gelenk jedenfalls hart an der Grenze zur Überforderung. An dieser Stelle hab ich dann auch aufgehört mich über das Produkt zu ärgern und habe es wieder in seine Verpackung verbracht und die Rücknahme beantragt. Modell Low Profile: Hier sieht das Ganze schon besser aus. Die Verarbeitung bzw. Stabilität des Arms ist deutlich hochwertiger als die High Rise Variante, nichts quietscht und knarzt und die Gelenke laufen weich wie Butter. Aber auch bei dieser Version hat Elgato meiner Meinung nach die Sache leider nicht zu Ende gedacht. Laut technischen Daten soll der Arm Mikrofone (nebst Zubehör) bis 2 Kg tragen können. Der Arm macht das sicher auch problemlos mit, aber die Tischklemme ist hier schnell überfordert. Wenn man also, wie auf den Hochglanzfotos der Werbung gezeigt, den Arm so montiert, daß er am Ende voll ausgestreckt ist, mag das vielleicht noch mit den hauseigenen 300 Gramm Mikrofonen von Elgato funktionieren, ein Shure SM7B mit seinen 800 Gramm bringt aber eine solche enorme Hebelkraft auf den ausgestreckten Arm, welche die Tischklemme auf Dauer einfach nicht halten kann. Ausser vielleicht man hat ein 6 cm dicke Massivholzplatte ohne jegliche Eckenabrundungen, denn sobald die Platte eine abgerundete Kante hat, zieht die Hebelwirkung die unter Befestigungsplatte langsam nach aussen, so dass nach ein paar Tagen der Arm zum ersten Mal auf der Tischplatte liegt. Auch ansonsten ist die Einstellung der übrigen Gelenke mit einem schweren Mikrofon keine Freude, es ist eine ständige Gratwanderung zwischen Flexibilität und der nötigen Stabilität, das Mikro vor dem absinken zu bewahren. Ich jammere hier sicher auf hohem Niveau, aber leider passt der Arm nun mal nicht zu meinem favorisierten Mikrofon, so dass ich ihn ebenfalls, diesmal aber mit zumindest einem weinenden Auge, zurücksenden werde. Fazit: Ich persönlich bin enttäuscht von beiden Varianten. Die High Rise Version gemessen am Preis qualtitativ einfach nur ne Frechheit und im Prinzip nur eine plastikverkleidete und richtig schlechtgemachte Billigversion des Rode PSA1 Mikrofonarms. Selbst für 50 Euro würde ich ihn zurücksenden, auch wenn er schick aussieht. Allerdings nützt mir die schöne Optik nichts, wenn er bei der kleinsten Bewegung am Mikrofon ätzende Störgeräusche in die Aufnahme oder den Stream sendet. Die LP Version ist mechanisch und verarbeitungstechnisch gesehen schon deutlich besser gelungen und ich hätte den Arm auch behalten, wenn das Herstellerversprechen, Mikrofone bis 2 Kg tragen zu können, auch nur zur Hälfte gehalten würde. Leider ist das nicht der Fall, ein SM7B mit seinen knapp 800 Gramm zeigt schon deutlich die Grenzen des Haltbaren auf. Aufgrund seiner restlichen Qualitäten würde ich den Arm aber trotzdem empfehlen, solange keine schweren Mikrofone zum Einsatz kommen sollen und solange die Bauart des Arms zum eigenen Setup passt. Was die Bauart betrifft ist der Arm meines Wissens nach eh konkurrenzlos und stellt schon eine gewisse Innovatin dar, welche ich auch tatsächlich zu würdigen weiß. Ich vergebe 3 Sterne, obwohl der LP sicher einen Stern mehr verdient hätte, aber der HR reißt die Bewertung wieder stark herunter, mehr wie einen Stern hat diese Variante aus meiner Sicht nicht verdient.Read more

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  8. Jo Hughes

    My only complaint is that they have designed it so that you need a specific Allen key to tighten it. It does need tightening quite often if you move the arm around often. They could have designed it so that there was some sort of handle attached to tighten it and done away with the need for the Allen key. I’m a minimalist so don’t like the idea of having to store lots of little bits for various things I have around the house. I also tend to lose things and a tiny Allen key is extremely easy to lose.Read more

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  9. Amrit Gurung

    The media could not be loaded. This is the best i have seen. I have seen the other boom arms which arereally good and expensive. This is very much as good as them or i will say even better with more functionality like the ratchet style vlamp, cable management, additional weight for the lighter equipment etc and etc. I compared the psa1 , 1plus, elgato wave arm LOW PROFILE and thishigh rise. Psa 1 and the 1 plus was expensive almost £40 in amazon. So looking at the features and the pictures i bought the elgato low profile and this high rise. I loved the low profile as well but for me being an amatuer hobbiest and i dont have a proper work station, the LP was not good for my table. And this HIGHrise was the best suited. So here we r i have the high rise. I have used it, dropped it, left the arm stretched all night and this one doesnt buzz until i make it to. This all metal vonsttuction is a sturdy, elegant is a very high quality boom arm. If this is what in mind, then the road ends up here. ELGATO WAVE ARM. If i need another one ihen i will buy this again without looking at any options available in the market.Read more

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  10. Dom

    TLDR. Owed 4 mic arms in total, 3 were PSA R0DE – this ones is mikes better in quality an features compared to R0DE with the same price point. Tangent below. I’ve gone through a few mic arms now. Using an AT2035, I first had a £20 one, unbranded, it was loud and clanky but it did the job, until the point which connected to the table mount ended bending and cracking. Replaced it with the R0DE PSA – 3 of them. Rode had lots of issues, first was grinding and grinded the paint off where the metal peices met, returned, that one also did the same thing after 2 days of use. Sent it back, bought one off Scan UK, lasted a few months before doing the same thing as the others, and eventually would not stay down. Stuck with my mic up above me and it stayed that way for a year. Then, this mic arm appeared on my youtube feed, instant purchase, and it by far the best mic arm I have ever owned. And with it I treated myself to a new microphone. Now reliability is to be seen, but having a wire compartment, the uniqute ball and swivel mechanic where the mic sits, the raiser, the counterweight for lighter microphones should you need it, this all makes for one unique mic arm, which at this current time I cannot complain about.Read more

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  11. Thomas. Y

    Alors la qualité Elgato toujours au top. Après avoir eu le micro Elgato wave 3 je voulais un pieds discret pour complet le setup voila que Elgato annonce leur nouveau produit . Celui-ci est tout en métal même la rotule les seules partie en plastique sous les têtes de serrage au niveau de la rotule et pour le levier de la visse qui viens pincer le bureau . La longueur totale est de 74cm et les bras de 30cm chacun La hauteur entre le bureau et le bras partie bas est de 7cm Les points positif : la qualité de fabrication Le passe câble intégré dans les bras avec un capot magnétique Le kit d’adapteur pour les différent pas de visse fourni avec et une clé allen Charge max 2kilo ( y a de quoi faire ) Les points négatif : L’unique possibilité de le monté avec la pince une fonction style perçage du bureau avec un kit de visse et plaque serais la bienvenue . Le prix mais sa c’est l’avis de chacun , je le trouve cher mais la qualité est là et sa durera dans le temps un investissement à faire une fois pour être tranquille . J’espère que mon avis vous sera utileRead more

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    Elgato Wave Mic Arm – Premium Broadcasting Boom Arm with Cable Management Channels, Desk Clamp, 1/4″ Thread Adapters, Fully Adjustable, perfect for Podcasts, Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Recording Kits High Rise
    Elgato Wave Mic Arm – Premium Broadcasting Boom Arm with Cable Management Channels, Desk Clamp, 1/4″ Thread Adapters, Fully Adjustable, perfect for Podcasts, Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Recording Kits High Rise


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