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EMAY Portable EKG Monitoring Device (for iPhone & Android, Mac & Windows) | Personal EKG Heart Monitor to Track Heart Rate & Rhythm for Heart Performance

(9 customer reviews)

Compact size that you can carry around in the pocket. Track your heart health anytime anywhere.
Record 30 seconds’ rhythm and heart rate between two hands without cables.
iOS/Android App to transfer, review, store, print and share the professional reports on smart phones.
PC software as alternative to manage your data on computer
No hidden cost or subscription. 12-month warranty.


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Battery Life: 12 months. Item Weight: 0.1 Kilograms. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.94 x 1.77 x 0.59 inches. Compatible Devices: Smartphones : smartphones|smart phones|android phones. Color: White. Material: PC. Brand: EMAY. Date First Available: September 19, 2020. Best Sellers Rank: #18,007 in Sports & Outdoors. Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,334 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B07DXHJYBX. Size: ‎1 Count. Part Number: ‎EMG-20. Material: ‎PC. Color: ‎White. Brand Name: ‎EMAY. Item Weight: ‎0.1 Kilograms. Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎3.94 x 1.77 x 0.59 inches. Package Weight: ‎0.23 Kilograms. Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎5.63 x 5.43 x 1.42 inches.

Specification: EMAY Portable EKG Monitoring Device (for iPhone & Android, Mac & Windows) | Personal EKG Heart Monitor to Track Heart Rate & Rhythm for Heart Performance

Weight 0.1 lbs

9 reviews for EMAY Portable EKG Monitoring Device (for iPhone & Android, Mac & Windows) | Personal EKG Heart Monitor to Track Heart Rate & Rhythm for Heart Performance

4.6 out of 5
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  1. B. C. Goode

    I bought two different portable cardiac monitors and decided this was the better one. Here is the review I wrote, describing exactly what I did and found: Being uncertain about which portable cardiac monitor might be best to buy, I did some research. I found a video ratings site which put this device somewhat below others. The top-rated was by EMAY; however, I saw that KardiaMobile had some kind of FDA approval (for detecting Atrial Fibrillation) and the others I looked at did not. Since I have suffered from AFib for 20+ years, I figured that KardiaMobile might be sufficient for my needs, because it seems to be expressly designed to detect AFib (but not much else). I decided to buy both KardiaMobile AND the EMAY ECG Monitor. I planned to keep both devices, perhaps giving one to my sons. I found that the KardiaMobile I purchased is just a strip containing two electrodes that can work in conjunction with a cell phone application. It worked fine, but it had no capability to show, to store, or to interpret the data it took of your heartbeats. My iPhone App was required to receive the data and interpret it. On the other hand, the EMAY device could take the data, show it, and store it, independent of any cell phone. Then, when the cell phone was placed near the EMAY cardiac monitor, it automatically downloaded the stored data to show, store, and interpret, using my cell phone app. The app then also had the algorithms to detect several possible heart abnormalities. I believe that the heart tracing provided by the EMAY device was also superior to the KardiaMobile tracing. So, I returned the KardiaMobile and kept the EMAY portable cardiac monitor. I may just buy the EMAY for my sons as well.Read more

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  2. JakeOP

    All this does is give you a lead I of an ECG. And it doesn’t do that very well. I am a physician who has been reading ECG’s for close to 50 years. Now retired and not having immediate access to a real ECG, I had some irregular heart beats. So I thought I would see what this device would show. It shows QRS complexes well enough. But being only being lead I, it is not ideal for a rhythm strip which is usually lead II. In my case it did not show any P waves which suggests possibly a junctional rhythm. I did get a real ECG the next day and it did show P waves indicating a sinus rhythm. It may or may not be helpful in determining what cardiac rhythm is present. This device will NOT give an indication of heart health..Read more

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  3. PG in NC

    Having had issues with PVC’s and less than perfect response to ablation, it was becoming difficult to determine how much legitimate versus perceived arrhythmia was present. After reviewing the retail options available, and the favorable Amazon reviews for this latest generation EMAY recorder, I went ahead (with uncertain initial confidence) and went ahead with the purchase. The device is small, lightweight, with an easily viewable small window monitor. It is very easy to generate and view a real time EKG rhythm, with lead I being the most convenient (hold the monitor in horizontal orientation between two index fingers, arms resting on table to avoid artifact). It was also an easy task to tie in the monitor to both my Galaxy S10 and Lenovo Yoga notebook via bluebooth. There is a free app in the Google Play store, and the device comes with a thumb drive with both MAC as well as PC software, easy to install. The PC software also can be downloaded online. This then allows for creation of hard copy printout of recordings if desired. Obviously this would not be a substitute for an expensive EKG machine allowing for 12 lead recordings, but if the area of interest is identification of any cardiac rhythm disturbance (palpitation, APC’s/PVC’s/atrial fibrillation), then this device would seem to be a great option at an affordable price. Have only been using it a few days, hope it will prove to be durable!Read more

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  4. Josh

    I’ve been a critical care/ ICU nurse for many years and have had extensive training in EKG cardiac rhythms. That being said, I bought this monitor Bc I’ve been having palpitations a lot lately and don’t want to go to a cardiologist and get a holter monitor placed for harmless palpitations. So I got this knowing that if there was anything bad (vtach) going on, I can then go to a doctor. My palpitations don’t last very long, maybe five seconds, which isn’t enough time to turn on the monitor and get my rhythm. However that’s not the monitors fault. I also like the ease of uploading the EKG to my phone it’s quick and easy. I find the monitor to be most accurate when using the palms of my hands and not on the wrist or chest as it suggests. The rhythm is pretty detailed, and I know what I’m looking at. If I didn’t know what I was looking at it may scare me… if you move , the artifact mimics fatal rhythms that may scare people that don’t know any better. I hope to be able to one day catch my palpitations on this monitor so I can know if it’s harmless little PACs, or if I’m in Vtach or SVT.Read more

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  5. Tweek

    The product itself is fine if overpriced, it pairs easlily with an iPhone and its APP. I was going to buy a case but at four times the price of something similar I decided not to order at the same time, I was going to make sure the monitor did what it was supposed to do first. It arrived and seemed to work fine and there was a half price ticket in the box for a case and all I was supposed to do was send an email quoting the Amazon order number. I emailed them and 48 hours past with no reply. Then I finally got a reply after I emailed them again asking what did I want, another monitor or case? I sent another email saying I wanted a case, another 24 hours and I got a reply saying to ‘let them know when you are ready to place the order’ to which I replied that I was ready now to place the order. Another 48 hours went by and then I received a code. I then went on to order it but Amazon rejected the code instantly as invalid. I wrote yet one more time telling them that it was rejected and have heard NOTHING since, over a week ago. I have given up dealing with them and if the monitor does ever go faulty during the warranty period I will just bin it and buy an equivalent one at half the price, call it a ‘lesson learned’. The firm is rubbish to deal with, the product is OK but grossly overpriced in my opinion.Read more

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  6. Bell2004

    I bought this ECG monitor as I have irregular heartbeats, I have had two 24 hour monitors fitted from the hospital on two different occasions but unfortunately the irregular heart beats did not happen. So my GP suggested I bought this monitor so we can catch the episode when it happens and i can email the results to my GP for diagnosis. It’s so easy to set up with your phone just download the app, I’m using an android phone it works really well. I feel at ease now I have this as at least I will be able to get a diagnosis. Great little piece of kit.Read more

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  7. DOS

    I already have the standard EMAY ECG monitor and was going to buy one for my father who has recently had a minor stroke due to irregular heart beat. I then came across the Bluetooth version and thought I’d give it a go instead. The items came really well packaged. On opening it’s packed like a high quality phone. It can be used straight away by simply turning it on and holding it as instructed (between your palms or fingers). The old version by default gave a very short reading, you had to connect it to a computer to change it. This new one by default takes a 30 second reading which is far better. The phone app isn’t required as the device gives instant analysis after the 30 seconds, but it could be useful for sharing readings with a doctor. The App can be downloading from Google Play, the one complaint I have is the permissions required by the phone app. It shouldn’t need access to my contacts, location, media etc… Once installed the App is very easy to use, connecting the device to my phone via Bluetooth was straight forward, simply open the app and turn on the device and they connect, once connected the reading are transferred to the phones app automatically. Readings can then be exported to pdf’s on the phone app and shared via email. Overall I’m very happy with the device, and I would recommend it over the non-Bluetooth version for it’s default settings and for the ability to share reports with ease. The following is the review I wrote for the original non-Bluetooth version, all of the below applies to this one aswell. Anyone who’s previously suffered with Arrhythmia should have one of these. Every muscle strain or minor chest pain makes you paranoid that it’s back, you don’t want to be repeatedly going to the doctor for ECGs when it’s nothing but at the same time you are really paranoid that it is something. This device is so good at putting your mind at ease, it’s simple to use and is really easy to operate. It gives a clear reading and can also be connected to a computer to view and print the actual trace if there is something detected. For me it always detects Bradycardia as my heart rate is always around 45bpm (I run marathons). I was a then a bit worried that because it detected Bradycardia each time that it would only display that and wouldn’t display anything else. I email the company and got a very quick response to inform me it will display up to 3 issues. This is a must have for home health monitoring along with a Blood Pressure MonitorRead more

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  8. Laurence

    I bought this to teach an introduction to ECG. It’s very easy to use and was perfect for quick demonstrations. I have a 5 lead ECG, but because it’s more fiddly to set up, thought I’d give this a go. Easy to hand around the class, and for the overview that I wanted was perfect. Obviously it provides less information than a 12 lead, but for my purposes, it’s been ideal. Very simple to upload traces for discussion, and I was able to show differences between LA/RA and Chest/RA ECG side by side so we could discuss those. The only thing I missed from the traditional ECG is that I couldn’t show a live trace on a large display as it appeared, but the ease of use outweighed that disadvantage, and I don’t suppose many would .want to do that Although I wasn’t using for monitoring my heart, if I did need to, I think it would be ideal. Very easy to upload traces using bluetooth or USB and app allows you to print or email pdf in a couple of clicks. Rechargeable battery built in and charging over usb is useful.Read more

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  9. C Woolford

    Bravo – This little device is superb. As a nurse for 30 years obviously I am able to read clinical monitoring to some degree anyway. Now I don’t say you should contact you doctor but instead use these because even the most ingenious technology can fail. But even your doctor is asking patients to do their own Blood Pressure and phone in the results. I know this little device is accurate because I tried it on family and friends I know to have cardiac abnormalities. My daughter is a medical registrar with an ectopic heat beat. It’s an extra Beal completely harmless. Device picked it up straight away. I have tachycardia and it picks it up everytime. The use of it is very easy. So long as you hold it comfortably at certain points in the palms it gives a good reading after a few seconds. I have an app to up load the results. Obviously don’t ignore any chest problems including pain just because a device says no abnormalities, doesn’t mean you are not pre myocardial infarction. Still it gives you an indication of how your heR is working from an electrical perspective. I recommendRead more

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    EMAY Portable EKG Monitoring Device (for iPhone & Android, Mac & Windows) | Personal EKG Heart Monitor to Track Heart Rate & Rhythm for Heart Performance
    EMAY Portable EKG Monitoring Device (for iPhone & Android, Mac & Windows) | Personal EKG Heart Monitor to Track Heart Rate & Rhythm for Heart Performance


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