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Embark Breed Identification Kit | Most Accurate Dog DNA Test | Test 350+ Dog Breeds | Breed ID Kit with Ancestry & Family Tree

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BREED ID THAT’S TWICE AS PRECISE: Embark tests over 220,000 genetic markers, twice as many as the next competitor. We also screen for 350+ dog breeds, more than any other dog DNA test. This means Embark’s test is the most accurate and scientifically advanced on the market.
HIGHEST RATED & MOST TRUSTED: Embark is the highest rated dog DNA brand on with over 16,000 5-star reviews. Only Embark uses research-grade data and is partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. In a blind study, dog owners rated Embark as the most trusted dog DNA test.
DISCOVER YOUR PUP’S RELATIVES: Find and connect with your pup’s family through the world’s only canine relative finder. Over 90% of dogs tested by Embark have a close relative, like a cousin, and 12% discover a direct family member.
EXCELLENT SERVICE & FAST RESULTS: Have a question about your results? Just talk to one of our dedicated vets or geneticists — they’re ready with the answer. Embark generally delivers results in 2-4 weeks and keep you updated every step of the way.
UPGRADE ANYTIME: Take the next step to smarter care. Upgrade your Embark account at any time to get your dog’s genetic health report with hundreds of actionable insights on over 210 genetic health risks — no additional swabs or kits needed. Upgrade equivalent to buying the Embark Breed + Health kit.


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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. ASIN: B07HHF1VLH. Manufacturer: Embark Veterinary. Date First Available: September 19, 2018. Item model number: DNB301. Package Dimensions: 9.37 x 5.63 x 1.46 inches; 4.66 Ounces. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.

13 reviews for Embark Breed Identification Kit | Most Accurate Dog DNA Test | Test 350+ Dog Breeds | Breed ID Kit with Ancestry & Family Tree

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  1. Charles S.

    The picture is of my not quite 6 month old mix-breed. She is very large for her age (almost 50 pds) and has long legs. I originally bought a cheaper option (about $80) which neither me nor my vet agreed was accurate. So I decided to go ahead and spend even more and bought this test. The old one indicated 37.5% pit, 12.5% basset hound, 12.5% English Springer Spaniel, and 12.5% Lhasa Apaso. We could believe the pit and English Springer, but defs not basset hound or Lhasa Apaso. The Embark test was much more reliable and went back to great grand parents, the cheaper one only went to grand parents. This one indicated 24.8% pit, 16.4% chow, 13.8% English Springer Spaniel, 11.2% husky, 8.8% boxer, 7.8% golden and 6.1% Lab. Definite differences and definitely no Lhasa Apaso or Basset hound! Save yourself $80 and buy the Embark one first.Read more

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  2. Ydain

    I love knowing all the breeds that went into the creation of my dog. She was a rescue so there was no telling what all was mixed in. She was simply “australian cattle dog” But come to find out she has a german shepherd way back in her history. Sure explains the size of her ears!Read more

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  3. K

    From the day Embark received the DNA swab, it took 11 days to see the results. I adopted a puppy from a local shelter. They said she was a retriever mix, but she had pit bull wrinkles between her eyes and not a regular pit bull face. I asked others and they thought she had corgi and chihuahua in her. After researching, I went with this doggie DNA test and I truly think it’s the most accurate out there. I learned my “Labrador retriever mix” is actually a pit bull, German Shepard, boxer, dachshund, chow chow, and Australian cattle dog mix. You get to see a family tree of your pup leading back to the great-grandparents in terms of breeds, they also show relatives who have used this test, also show different dogs who have used this test which have the same breed combination as your pup, and you can pay for a different test to see health traits you should be concerned about. I’ve already recommended this test to others and I can’t stress how accurate it seems.Read more

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  4. Jason K

    The results came back and said my dog was half pit bull, half boxer. My sister has a half pit bull, half boxer and has zero resemblance to my dog. I did research on the internet and I’m nearly 100% certain my dog is a “bordenese” (border collie, Burnese mountain dog mix). Look it up for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I do not trust the science of these tests based on my results.Read more

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  5. JKing

    Worth every penny! Everyone thought my rescue puppy was a Rottweiler or a Doberman mix, or even a hound, but they were all wrong! And trainers were addressing my puppy’s training as if she would have the temperament of a Rottweiler. Well she is 60% Border Collie, 20% Australian Shepherd and 20% Labrador Retriever and she fits this mix and it all makes sense including her character and behaviors! I’m so glad I made this purchase! Training has been adapted to deal with her intelligent breed mix; and her flea and heartworm prevention was changed to take into consideration meds not recommended for collies.Read more

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  6. KL Morris

    I would have given zero stars if that was possible! The results are way out of line!…. I have a Labradoodle. I personally know the parents, as well as the grandparents…. the grand mother is a AKC registered black Lab….. grand father as well as mother are AKC registered standard poodles….Dad is the offspring of the lab and poodle…..So my dog is an F1B Labradoodle…… My dog’s DNA came back showing poodle, pit bull, parinese, …………absolutely zero Labrador Retriever haha not possible!Read more

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  7. Njjee

    I’m not sure the results were what I expected. My little guy is obviously half “wiener dog” but that didn’t even come up as a breed. The rescue had his mom I n their care when she had her puppies. Maybe just a bad swab. Not sure.Read more

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  8. Jesso77

    I have a very unique looking dog I rescued from Puerto Rico and thought it would be wonderful to find out a few of his breeds, considering he’s definitely a mutt. Well needless to say the embark was super easy to use & its results are adorable BUT ITS COMPLETELY INACCURATE. My dog was 23%chihuahua & 21% American Eskimo 13% pomeranian. Ok great except MY DOG IS HAIRLESS, with brown skin & pink spots. Nice try embark but even my dog disagrees.Read more

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  9. Dale Edwards

    At first I was abit dubious but after the results I’m very pleased and satisfied with the result, it makes so much sence, we didn’t give any help to the company and the result I believe is spot onRead more

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  10. tom

    EMBARK claimed that our rescue from Egypt was a purebred Posavac hound from Croatia. There is not one similarity in looks or character traits that this would make even the slightest bit of sense. As you can see from the photos there is no way that our dog (laying on the bed) resembles a Posavac hound, let alone being a purebred. I am astonished at how bad this test is and I am convinced the must have got the lab samples mixed up. I have reached out to embark to rectify this issue…we will see what happens. I would not recommend buying this.Read more

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  11. Morningstar C.

    It told me my 25 pound mutt was a purebred Chihuahua “likely under 10 pounds” ???? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he had some chihuahua in him but I can’t find anything saying a purebred Chihuahua can be up to 25 pounds. He is also a double merle and has many genetic health conditions and those did not appear in his health data (which I paid extra for!)Read more

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  12. Janet Nichol

    I had great experience with Embark. 1. Instructions how to use it are simple and clear. 2. Shipping information for DNA sample also clear and simple, postage pre-paid, even in Canada, 3. Tracking information and progress communicated in a timely fashion.4. Fast and accurate result. 5. Genealogy goes back 3 generations, very informativeRead more

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  13. Client d’Amazon

    J’ai reçu le test que j’ai commandé rapidement. Très satisfaite! C’est super bien indiqué. Super facile à faire! Ils ont même déjà apposé des timbres sur l’enveloppe de retour MAIS, le montant est insuffisant. Il manquait pour 2.30$ de timbres. Une chance que je me suis déplacée au bureau de poste pour m’assurer qu’il y avait suffisamment de timbres parce que l’enveloppe me serait revenue. C’est le seul bémol. Sinon tout est parfait! Maintenant, j’attends les résultats!! 🙂 *** 28 février 2022, j’ai reçu mes résultats aujourd’hui! J’ai été agréablement surprises! On m’avait dit que mon chien était mix Husky et American Bulldog. Ne connaissant pas les parents, je voulais en avoir le coeur net. 41% Husky, 22% American Bullbog… 16% American Pit Bull Terrier (on avait un petit doute)… 8% Boxer (what!!??)… 4% Berger Allemand… 9% de on ne sait pas trop 😛 Maintenant, je sais ce qu’elle est et les résultats sont sensés!Read more

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    Embark Breed Identification Kit | Most Accurate Dog DNA Test | Test 350+ Dog Breeds | Breed ID Kit with Ancestry & Family Tree
    Embark Breed Identification Kit | Most Accurate Dog DNA Test | Test 350+ Dog Breeds | Breed ID Kit with Ancestry & Family Tree


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