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ERP Dryer Door Catch Strike Kit 279570 279570M

(8 customer reviews)

This dryer door latch kit comes with one plastic door catch and one metal door strike
Aftermarket Dryer Door Catch Strike Latch Kit for Kenmore
Compatible with many other models and brands


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Dryer door latch kit keeps dryer door closed during normal operation. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

Specification: ERP Dryer Door Catch Strike Kit 279570 279570M

Weight 0.81 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

8 reviews for ERP Dryer Door Catch Strike Kit 279570 279570M

3.1 out of 5
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  1. B. J. Turnbull

    I got this unit fast mostly because I am a Prime member and after installing it and closing the dryer door, this unit broke just like the one before it. This was all plastic and not as the picture at all. I already had a plastic one and ordered this because the part that had broke was metal on this one. No it wasn’t, it was all plastic. There should be a recall on these and Amazon should start selling what is pictured and not just trying to get rid of inventory.Read more

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  2. Lorenzo Sanders

    I purchased the above-referenced item and installed it and it worked for one closure and then it failed. I attempted to close the dryer door and I heard a piece of metal fall and it was the part falling apart in the dryer wall. I am really disappointed with this purchase. Be aware there is no return for this item.Read more

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  3. Adragontattoo

    Despite the picture, it is a plastic mount and latch. I ordered it because it showed as metal in the picture but alas it was not as pictured. I had to run a cotter pin through the rear of the latch to keep it from pulling out and had to use aluminum tape on the latch to make it thick enough to be held in and keep the door closed. Not worth it and unfortunately not worth it to return it either.Read more

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  4. Aya

    My rental has a 110 Lady Kenmore dryer that’s older than I am – maybe older. I want a new one. I want a new one so bad I’ve offered to pay for it, but my landlord refuses. After living in my apartment for a few years, this part broke. I didn’t know what it was called. I didnt’ know where to look for a replacement. We asked around and no one carried it. I decided to try and order it online. It showed up quickly. It popped right it and now I can finally stop using velcro strips to hold my dryer closed! Woohoo!Read more

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  5. M. A. Keller

    Got tired of wedging the broom against the door of my Kenmore 90 Series dryer. Saw that the latch was worn so replaced it with this. Quick and easy repair and worked as stated. One thing to check before purchasing – While in the process of removing the dryer door, discovered that one of the hinge springs had popped off. Not sure if that was what was causing the door to pop open mid-cycle, but may have been part of the issue. I would have fixed that before purchasing the new latch had I discovered it first.Read more

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  6. Elizabeth Ogea

    I am so happy to report that this latch replacement kit worked beautifully on our older Maytag dryer (Model: MDE6800AYW). We used to have to pull up on our dryer door when we closed it in order to get it to latch, until the plastic female piece finally broke altogether. I went on Maytag’s website to find the part. It was $10 plus $7 shipping, and it was going to take about 2 weeks for it to arrive. Since we were using painter’s tape to keep our dryer closed (we have 4 kids and do a LOT of laundry), I opted to take a chance on the less expensive Amazon alternative. Bottom line, very easy to install (female part pops in…had to remove one screw to get the male part in, but it was simple). And now it closes without having to pull on the door, and it stays closed! No more tape! Hope this helps anyone considering their options. Thank you!Read more

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  7. J.R.

    Amazon’s ‘does it fit’ system is good with newer appliances but is so-so with older ones like I have. My very old Kenmore Estate dryer is a champ, built to last, so I was pretty surprised when the the door started popping open and I couldn’t get it to latch closed. I took a closer look and then found the issue, the plastic part of the female side of the catch had folded over itself and gotten smashed into the catch. I was able to take a few screws off the front door and remove the catch, based on pictures this one looked like it was an almost exact match. Others were listed for it but they were a mix and match system or needed the male side of it to be replaced as well, I didn’t want a bunch of parts floating around the laundry room or to have to do more repair work than was needed. For older appliances I’ve found that less is more when it comes to repair as often new parts aren’t as good as what came on it originally. In this case this replacement part seems to be of equal quality and equal fit as what I took off, if anything the plastic seems to be a better quality and more robust. The dryer door snaps closed nicely and has no problem staying closed. I was able to get the part sent to me next day and my dryer was up and running quickly.Read more

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  8. James Wegmann

    The metal clip is very flimsy because of this my dryer door continued to pop open. After having to duct tape the dryer door shut for a week, I decided to buy the factory replacement door latch kit and I must say there is absolutely no comparison. The metal on the factory item is much stiffer and holds it’s shape. This product may work in a pinch but do yourself a favor and spend a few extra dollars and buy the factory replacement.Read more

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    ERP Dryer Door Catch Strike Kit 279570 279570M
    ERP Dryer Door Catch Strike Kit 279570 279570M


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