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Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog Dish

(11 customer reviews)

Perfect for Pet Food and Water Treat: Stoneware pet bowl measures 9.5″ Diameter x 2.75” H , suitable for medium cats and dogs
Heavy Weight for No Movement: Heavy base to prevent tipping over and movement ensure happy and comfortable eating
Easy to Clean: Smooth surface of stoneware products is always easy to keep clean for your lovely pet
Popular Design: Stylish and simple design fit any home decor
Product Materials: 100% Stoneware dog bowl, dishwasher and microwave safe


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Heavyweight design on this stoneware dog crock eliminates movement and spillage. Sturdy and great for outdoor feeding and watering. The Ethical Pet Stoneware Crock Pet Dish is made of a heavyweight ceramic for a sturdy design. This pet dish is great for preventing movement and spillage during meal time.

Specification: Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog Dish

Weight 3.08 lbs
Dimensions 9.49 × 9.49 × 2.753 in

11 reviews for Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog Dish

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Lo F.

    Attractive and big bowl—at a great price. I think some buyers were confused because they didn’t select the SIZE of the bowl they wanted. There are 4 different sizes. Other than that, I can’t imagine what someone wouldn’t like about this bowl. My dog has been drinking more water as she ages. A few times, when I go to refresh her water—and find that the bowl is completely empty, I feel awful that I hadn’t noticed it sooner and refilled it. Hate to think of her going to the bowl and finding it dry! (They depend on is for everything!) This bowl is nice and big and there’s always plenty left now when I go to refresh the water for her at eating times. The bowl is sturdy, pretty color blue inside… Happy customer.Read more

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  2. Lindsay O.

    So my lab mix doesn’t drink enough water- she is regularly somewhat dehydrated. After trying everything (plastic dishes, metal dishes, ceramic, etc.) I bought this dish for her with hope but not much expectation that it would actually help. She loves it! She refuses to drink from anything else, but regularly takes long drinks from this dish. It makes such a difference in her water intake, I am blown away. PS- she is a 70 lb dog, and the dish is plenty big enough for her.Read more

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  3. Kitty

    I will admit that the 9 1/2″ dish was a bit big for my purpose but I love it. The dish is quite heavy. While I need both hands to lift it (I’m a weakling) it works perfect for my kitties as they cannot push it around. Even our big Ragdoll doesn’t move it, which is a Good Thing. At the same time, the sides are low enough to not be problematic for the smaller kitties. That was a big problem with most metal dishes in the sizes I was looking for as normal cat bowls are just too tiny for my needs. My cats actually prefer drinking out of this over our metal bowls so I ordered another one (a smaller version) to replace the other metal water dish. However, it is still not good enough to keep them from drinking out of the sink, but cats are very picky about those sort of things. As someone commented on packaging, I will say my dish came solidly wrapped in bubble wrap both inside the box and the outside as well. As our UPS people are not kind to boxes in general, this one survived the gauntlet of UPS hell and thus was received with no damage whatsoever. I was fearful it would come cracked or damaged in some other way but it wasn’t. Thank you whoever did the packaging!Read more

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  4. InspireNewJoy

    Over the past year I purchased a few stainless steel bowls to use for my German Shepherd’s water, but they all had little rust spots appear. Tired of replacing supposedly “stainless steel, rust-proof” bowls, and not liking bowls that can be easily tipped over, I looked for a better solution and found this 9.5″ ceramic bowl. It’s much wider/larger than I thought it would be, and although it is shallower than what was portrayed in the photo, it works great as a water bowl for my dog, and it’s very easy to clean and refill with water. It’s also heavy enough that it’s not easily moved around my kitchen tile floor unless I pick it up to move it. This bowl can hold 6 cups of water with about a 1/2 to 3/4″ gap left before the top of the bowl. Overall, I really like this bowl, and I’m thinking of buying another one to be used as a food bowl.Read more

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  5. Breann

    I was not impressed with this bowl. First of all the photo shows a diameter of 10″, and the listing description says 9.5″ but the actual diameter is 9.375″. Not a huge difference but regardless it is mis-advertised. I actually might have kept it if not for it only being 2.25″ deep. It’s great if you like water all over your floor though!Read more

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  6. Monomer

    We have two large Goldens who will slide ordinary stainless steel bowls all over the kitchen during meal times trying to get every last bit of food from out of the corners. So I was looking for a sturdy, heavy-weighted bowl that was large enough to hold a reasonable amount of raw food for a large dog. The standard large SS bowls typically hold 2-1/2 qts by volume (that would be filled to the rim, which nobody actually does for obvious reasons). The info I was looking for was weight and inside dimensions for comparisons as well as volume. This info is not clear for this bowl so I’d like to give a straight forward answer to anybody who needs this info… the largest size measures 9″ inside diameter (the advertised outside diameter is 9.5″ but really no one cares about outside dimensions, am I right? After all you’re surely not going to purchase this stoneware bowl to fit inside of a raised feeder, there’s no lip on the thing), and the inside height measurement is 2″. How does this compare to a typical large SS bowl? Most usually measure 8″ inside diameter and 2-1/2″ inside height. Now for what’s really important it holds a standard volume of 2-1/2 qts filled to the rim. Exactly equivalent to a large SS bowl. The optical illusion is that it doesn’t hold as much is because it is wider and lower than the SS bowl plus the bottom is slightly raised and concave. Fear not however as I’ve used a measuring cup to exactly determine the volume so if a SS bowl has enough volume for you, so will this large bowl. As for the weight… as you would expect it is heavy… like 3-lbs 5 ounces as compare to a cheap large SS bowl which usually weighs around 5 ounces with a better thicker heavy gauge steel one maybe reaching twice that weight. Our dogs no longer move the bowls at meal times regardless of how tasty the stuff in the corners are. And speaking of corners these bowls have very high steep angles with a small radius, oh I would have preferred a swallow radius however you can’t always get everything you want. Still the dogs do not have a problem getting their tongues into those corners and in fact it is made much easier for them since the bowl does not slide away. Durable and easy to clean. Now for the down sides… very HEAVY, will shatter if dropped (one bowl arrived broken in the box and so had to be replaced) and remember its stoneware so the edge on the bottom will likely scratch countertops and flooring if slid around without a mat of some sort below. Bottom line is, for us, these were what we were looking for… big, wide and heavy.Read more

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  7. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for bowls for my two dogs (large bread dogs) – I make their food and traditional bowls were too easy for them to push around the kitchen when they were eating. These bowls are absolutely amazing! They are easy to clean, wide enough for them to eat freely and heavy enough where they don’t push them around. I highly recommend them!Read more

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  8. Cameron

    Got this for my cat as he always would push his dish around and spill water everywhere ! The dish is huge and takes alot of water for just 2 cats but it does what I bought it for and he can not move it !! I do have pretty strong cats also they are both over 10 lbsRead more

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  9. Nrabbit

    Couldn’t keep the small water bowls full for my dogs. This one is large enough to ensure there is always lots of water for both dogs. Easy to clean, heavy enough that the dogs can’t move it. Perfect!Read more

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  10. Terry Lewis

    We got this because every other one we tried our Dutchie would spill or break. This one is great but he will still put things in the water so we just have to monitor it when we get home. Great price for the value as it is nice and heavy.Read more

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  11. Abdul Rahim

    Got this for my dog, she eats raw meat and the metal bowls that are sold in pet shops are too light and get moved too easily and the food eventually spills. This thing is good quality, been using for years and just purchased another one to keep at my parents house. Easy to wash and nice big size for big dogs.Read more

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    Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog Dish
    Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog Dish


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