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EverBrite 5-Pack LED Headlamp Flashlight for Running, Camping, Reading, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, Jogging, Durable Light Weight Head Lights Batteries Included

(13 customer reviews)

Extremely Bright Powerful Headlights. Our headlamp flashlights are built with longevity in mind. Each light is powered by 8 LEDs which have a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. Best of all, our headband lights come with a beam distance of up to 20 meters so you can see everything in sight
4 Lighting Modes. Your brand new LED headlamps allow you to choose between 4 different levels of light. Conveniently pick 2 bulb, 4 bulb or 8 bulb brightness levels while out hiking, exercising or walking your dog. Also comes with a strobe light mode that can protect you against unwanted attackers to disorientate them while you get away
Light, Comfortable & Adjustable . Our LED head lamps are so lightweight you won’t even know you’re wearing them. Super comfortable design that adjusts to your head shape and fits both adults and children. The light itself can swivel and rotate up to 90 degrees which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use
Simple Button Design, Batteries Included. Easily feel your way to the top of the lamp to press the button on or off when needed. Lights come with 15 x AAA carbon batteries included. Our camping headlamps are light and portable perfect for camping, hiking, walking, running, fishing, exploring and auto repair.
Long-Lasting Lights. Our flashlights are extremely durable and last up to 5 hours while in continuous use


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Brand: EverBrite. Battery Description: AAA. Light Source Type: LED. Color: 5-pack Basic. Power Source: Battery Powered. Date First Available: March 11, 2016. Best Sellers Rank: #2,083 in Tools & Home Improvement. Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 5,489 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B01CTX7BX4. Description Pile: ‎AAA. Battery Cell Type: ‎Zinc Carbon. Batteries Required?: ‎Yes. Batteries Included?: ‎Yes. Luminous Flux: ‎30 Lumen. Type of Bulb: ‎LED. Item Package Quantity: ‎1. Power Source: ‎Battery Powered. Pattern: ‎5-pack basic. Material: ‎Plastic. Style: ‎5-Pack Headlamp. Color: ‎5-pack Basic. Size: ‎Small. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No. Batteries: ‎15 AAA batteries required. Item model number: ‎E001001A. Package Dimensions: ‎10.35 x 3.78 x 3.62 inches. Item Weight: ‎1.17 pounds. Part Number: ‎E001001A. Manufacturer: ‎HANGZHOU GREAT STAR INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.

Specification: EverBrite 5-Pack LED Headlamp Flashlight for Running, Camping, Reading, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, Jogging, Durable Light Weight Head Lights Batteries Included

Weight 1.17 lbs

13 reviews for EverBrite 5-Pack LED Headlamp Flashlight for Running, Camping, Reading, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, Jogging, Durable Light Weight Head Lights Batteries Included

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Tom Sivils

    First off I only ordered 1 set and some how it turned it to 2 sets when order was placed. These lights are so dim. they are a joke, bought them for grandkids to use camping not bright enough for 10 feet of visibility. The ads show good lighting at night, they are not and THE SELLER IS GOING TO CHARGE ME $8.02 TO RETURN THEM.Read more

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  2. sec682

    I bought these for car camping with 5 kids and they were perfect. First off, they were able to adjust to comfortably fit a 2 year old, as well as adults. They are super bright so we did constantly have to remind the kids not to shine it in people’s eyes. The kids loved that you could also adjust the angle of the beam. The on/off button was easy to use so the kids could do it themselves. We were camping in the middle of the woods with no bathroom facilities, so these were very helpful for the bedtime bathroom run in the woods – made it easier to not have to be holding a flashlight. I also like that they run on AAs instead of button cell batteries – it just simplifies things. While these may not be top of the line, they fit my needs perfectly and the price was right. We only camped for 4 days so I can’t say how they will hold up over time, but for the price you can’t really go wrong.Read more

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  3. Mike Whitfield

    My seller was Great Star Tools. All my headlamps work, and I received the correct number of batteries (note that these are cheap, no-name Chinese-made carbon zinc batteries; they are only included so that people don’t return them for lack of batteries.) The headlamps themselves are very lightly built, but seem to be of decent quality. They are reasonably comfortable and reasonably bright. There are three light settings plus the ubiquitous and annoying flashing mode, although I could tell no difference in light level between any of the three modes. Their light weight, AAA batteries, and over-head strap make them comfortable even with the batteries in the light itself. I bought these for work because I’m tired of having to run to Ace Hardware when I unexpectedly need a headlamp – last one I bought (an Energizer) cost almost as much of this pack of five, has no over-head strap, and isn’t any brighter. These are admittedly lightly built, but are not difficult to adjust, use or replace batteries, and nothing feels in danger of breaking or poorly designed. Everything considered, this was a great investment which should save my coworkers and myself several times the purchase price over the long hall. For four bucks each, as long as one doesn’t store them with batteries installed these are a phenomenal value for the price. I may buy another pack for myself just to leave them around the house, in vehicles, etc.Read more

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  4. Fred

    The media could not be loaded. For $6/light, i got these as a test run for my workers. Its not as bright as the $20 ones. It’s not as solid as a $20 light. And i feel as if it wouldn’t take as much abuse as a $20 light. That said, they are also 1/3ish the price. Given the design, they certainly don’t seem to be water resistant, but i didnt see any claims that they are. If you want a simple headlamp for around the house, they do the trick. Buying these for workers? Certainly appropriate for workers who don’t take good care of their equipment. The problem is…. They aren’t lasting. The switches on them are failing. See the video? This a brand new one. Never worn. Sat on my shelf for a two weeks. About to assign it to a worker… And its not working.Read more

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  5. Sean

    A 5 pack for 30 dollars cant be beat. They have 4 different modes. They arent crazy bright but they work very well for seeing in the dark. Easy to adjust to kids heads and fit my head right out of the box. The lights are adjustable which is a big advantage. They all come with batteries as well. If you want something super bright dont get these but you will be paying much more. Overall I highly recommend especially for the price.Read more

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  6. mariestreet

    We had a power outage due to Tornado striking in Ottawa’s surroundings recently. I had candles everywhere and found it cumbersome. A resident in our same building gave me these headlamps and I didn’t look back! Blew out all the candles and after we got our power, ordered from Amazon. They look good and strong. The batteries seem to be OK. These lights are perfect for walking around in your apartment with the headlamps on your head like ‘miner’. Good for hands free tasks!Read more

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  7. Red Baron

    Great little gadgets nice and bright enough for my needs which are mainly for reading and movement during a power failure. At my age I don’t go camping but the lamp would certainly be handy for that purpose too. I like the feature that lets you angle the lamp downward so that the light hits the page you are reading without having to tilt your head. Loading the 3 AAA batteries included with each lamp is done as follows: Only one cap on the side of the lamp unscrews. Take cap off and tilt battery cage into your hand. Load 3 AAA batteries into cage and put cage back into lamp with the 2-prong end going in first. Replace the end cap and you are set to go. The power switch is on top of the lamp giving you 3 brightness options and 1 strobe light. I have yet to find out if this device eats batteries. If so, I will deduct star(s).Read more

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  8. Jenniferrrr

    I got this as a joke/flashlight for camping. My boyfriend does tractor pulling and in between classes he has to check out the engine and such which means having to take the sides off, at this point it’s starting to get dark out and everyone pulls out their flashlights and phones to use as light; therefore many hands in the way and not the best lighting. As a joke I said that they should get some of the mining type flashlights so they can still have their hands free and not waste cell phone battery using the flashlights. I just tested them out and they seem to work well and are super bright. They have three settings and a strobe light like setting, which I am assuming is am emergency type feature. I can’t wait to show them these and see their reactions. I will give him a couple and keep a couple for myself for when we go camping so at night we can have hands free when looking for stuff in the tent or in our bags.Read more

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Got them today. Loaded all the batteries. Headlamps: All tested perfect. Brightness? Great. Just on the two LEDs is plenty enough for most things. I’m putting two in my truck (in case I have a passenger in an emergency). Two in the house, and the other as a spare. FYI, the batteries are loaded on the right side of the lamp, facing you. Gently twist of (notice how the battery cradle comes out, because when you load the batteries in the cradle, the silver strip must lineup with the grove to reinsert into the lamp) Just take your time. You’ll figure it out and be pleased with the results. Dang, they should pay me for these instructions … :)Read more

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  10. Jaxin H.

    Such a good deal for the price. Took my 3 year old daughter on her first camping trip and these were awesome. Easily fit my large head and was even able to size down to fit on my little girl’s head with no trouble at all! Granted I’ve only had them a week, but we’ve had no issues so far!Read more

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  11. Laurie McNeely

    Wanted something the grandkids would enjoy because we like to play outside at the farm after dark. I called them my little lightning bugs because they ran all over, not afraid of the dark, and exploring. Great for when we camp out in a tent, too. The first three I ordered several years ago would work, but the battery end covers have been lost. For a toy, these were an exceptional value and were used quite often. The lights have 4 settings, dim, meduim and super bright and even flashing. That’s what I like to use on those bike rides at dusk. If we see a raccoon or possum, the flashing light scares them off! Very adjusable for little tots clear up to adult and the top strap keeps it from slipping down. The angle of the light is adjustable, too!Read more

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  12. Tashi

    Works great AFTER removing a paper disc at the bottom of the battery canister that says “remove quite.” The lights came with advertising, but no directions. Three batteries are included. Might need a pointed tool to nudge the paper disk off. Once activated , works great!Read more

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  13. Flipinsacto

    Likes: 1) adjustable head straps; from my 8 yr old grandson’s head to my adult head including a baseball cap. 2) Ease of operation (easy push button for different settings. 3) Tilts to three different angles. 4) Uses AAA batteries 5) Great price! Dislikes: 1) battery tray is cheaply made; be very careful & gentle when installing and removing batteries. The springs on the negative end is barely connected. They can easily snap off rendering the light useless. I haven’t used them in the rain yet so i don’t know if they’re waterproof, water resistant but for now, all five work just fine.Read more

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    EverBrite 5-Pack LED Headlamp Flashlight for Running, Camping, Reading, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, Jogging, Durable Light Weight Head Lights Batteries Included
    EverBrite 5-Pack LED Headlamp Flashlight for Running, Camping, Reading, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, Jogging, Durable Light Weight Head Lights Batteries Included


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