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Evercare Pet, Lint Roller 100 Sheets Lint Roller

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EXTREME STICK LINT ROLLER: Features a refillable lint roller with 100 super sticky adhesive sheets
INCREDIBLY STICKY: 50% more pickup per sheet to effortlessly remove pet hair, lint, debris, and other small particles from clothes, curtains, lampshades, couches, and more
GREAT FOR HOME AND ON-THE-GO USE: Versatile design can be used at home, in the office, or on-the-go, and it is also great for cleaning and detailing fabric car seats
EASY-TEAR SHEETS: Easy-peel design allows you to quickly reveal a fresh sheet, while the precision cut edges ensure a clean tear every time
ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Durable, easy to grip handle with contoured shape makes our lint rollers more comfortable for both quick touch-ups and larger cleaning projects


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Size:100 Sheets| Style:Lint Roller Keep your household fabrics clean and lint-free with the Evercare Pet Extreme Stick Lint Roller. This extra sticky pet tape offers 50% more pickup per sheet for a quick and effective way to pick up pet hair, lint and debris. Perfect for use on clothing, upholstery and more, the efficient lint roller is great for quick touch-ups and larger cleaning projects! The 100 easy tear sheets pull off effortlessly and smoothly so you’re not wasting any as you go! The ergonomic handle is designed to fit securely in your hand and most importantly, to feel comfortable during use! Great for use at home, work or in the car, this extra large refillable lint roller measures 9″” x 2.5″” x 2.5″” for convenient storage in drawers, cabinets, and cleaning caddies when not in use. At Evercare, we believe that products do more than perform a function, they must look great. Detailed in the design, we combine right materials, better function with sleek styling quality materials. The results are solutions that make your life easier and create a better you. Our goal is creating products that utilize the best technologies to make your life better.

Specification: Evercare Pet, Lint Roller 100 Sheets Lint Roller

Dimensions 2.69 × 2.69 × 9.256 in

10 reviews for Evercare Pet, Lint Roller 100 Sheets Lint Roller

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Maria P. Mason

    I love all the Evercare products and personally believe this brand to be the best lint roller of its kind on the market. I only buy this brand and found out the hard way that Evercare makes the absolute best adhesive lint roller out there. I really love these extreme stick plus sheets – they really do pick up a ton of yuck and I never have any problem when tearing the old one off to find half of what I just picked up is now back on the floor or the couch etc. Once it is stuck on the sheet it stays on the sheet. These are on my list of staples for my home and not only save you time but also save your back from dragging the beast of a vacuum out when you do not necessarily need to. Great for pet hair of all kinds and work amazingly well on scatter rugs when you do not need to really vacuum. My greyhound sleeps on my bed, (of course) and she does not shed very much but, having said that, she sheds enough for me to “roll” her special blanket (good grief) and my own comforter daily. These also do wonders for pillows – whether toss or sleeping. I wrote another review for the larger roll Evercare now has and you may want to read that one. I do have one major gripe with Ever care and that is I wish they would label their handles or make it MUCH easier to match which adhesive roll you want to buy with the handle that should go with it. Word of advise: Keep ALL handles – Not all rolls match all handles. Most actually have a specific handle for each roll. It would be nice if EVERCARE listed which rolls match the variety of handles that go with their collections. I recommend this product.Read more

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  2. Shopaholic in SSF

    No wonder this is Amazon’s Choice! This is THEE lint roller to have. It’s excellent!! I had been using a good lint roller for some time. I needed another. I wanted the same one, but didn’t know what brand it was. There was no brand name on the handle; and I hadn’t yet finished the roll (I didn’t know the brand name was on the barrel). So I purchased 2 brands at Amazon: Evercare (this one) and Scotch-Brite. OMG, the Scotch-Brite one unravels at will — terrible product. You can watch both of my videos to compare the products. The Evercare video is here. The Scotch-Brite video is on that product’s page. I used the same sweater on both videos. Going back to the good lint roller I had been using for some time… when the sheets finished recently, I removed the carton barrel and discovered that it was an Evercare lint roller. I now know to ALWAYS buy Evercare.Read more

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  3. Laurel

    I like the Evercare version, rather than the Scotch version. With Evercare, they seem to wind the sticky tape around the spool, and then put a cut in it. It means that as the roll gets smaller, the pieces you tear off get a little smaller. This doesn’t bother me at all. Scotch, on the other hand, perforates the tape first, into equal sized pieces, and then rolls the tape around the spool. This means that as you take off the pieces, they don’t always fit the spool, leaving sections of (in my case) dog hair on the roller. Also, because the Evercare version has one deep cut, it’s easy to find the edge of the tape where you want to pull it off, whereas hunting for the perforation on a Scotch version can be frustrating.Read more

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  4. AK

    I have two cats so you can imagine the hair on everything and everyone! We’ve used other rollers before and they were either not sticky enough or the paper would have to be ripped carefully. With this, it’s really sticky (I even use it on furniture) while not damaging clothes or furniture (not the ones I have at least). Each section is easily tearable so you don’t have to slowly tear it. This makes everything much quicker and more “enjoyable”. It comes with a good amount of the roller tape and great for pet hair. The only thing is that depending on vigorous you’re rolling, the whole roll might slip off the top lol if that happens just pop it back down and you’re good to go!Read more

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  5. Tippicanoe

    I bought this roller since it highlighted being used for pet fur and it had a picture of a cat on it. I did not think there would be a difference in quality from others I have bought in the past but there is. I was amazed at the amount of fur that came up and how quickly it worked. It’s very sticky and each roll sheet holds lots of fur. It’s very well made and I am very happy with it.Read more

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    This roller is so frustrating to use. The roller won’t stay on the plastic roller, keeps rolling up till it falls off. What I’ve noticed about the larger sheet lint rollers is the area that attracts lint is only a small area of the sheet. And that area didn’t pick up well at all. The funny thing is the cover stuck too well. It was a struggle getting it off, so you sure don’t want to put that back on it.Read more

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  7. Jett

    Love the super sticky, despise the tape sliding off the handle when rolling.Read more

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  8. MrScrappyDoo

    Picks up cat hair really good. I use this on her bed & my bed. The sheets get smaller as you go along. after about 70 sheets I think there about 2-3″ long. It’s hard to fit 100 full size sheets on a roll I’m guessing but it’s all goodRead more

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  9. Rachel

    It effectively lifts off pet hair & most types of lint (not the sweater pills kind, they’re too firmly attached). Unfortunately convenience comes at a price and even a single ‘mega’ roll is quite pricy. But if you’re as busy as I am, then the price has to be paid. RachelRead more

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  10. Roberto Porretta

    rolls keep falling off the roller. takes a bit of time to get used to but works well when you figure it outRead more

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    Evercare Pet, Lint Roller 100 Sheets Lint Roller
    Evercare Pet, Lint Roller 100 Sheets Lint Roller


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