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EXTRAUP 600W Macerator Sewerage Sump Pump Waste Water Marine Toilet Disposal Laundry

(8 customer reviews)

Voltage: 110v-120v/60hz; Powerful 600w motor with Stainless Steel non clog blades; Vertical pumping up to 30-Feet and 260-Feet horizontally
3 inlets for added benefit & providing the capabilities of attaching both a sink & shower too
Max Flow: 130L/MIN; 3 Inlet Diameter: 83-100, 40-42, 40-42mm; Outlet Diameter: 32, 40mm
The greatest Benefit of all is you can now place a toilet, shower &/or Sink wherever you please without any concerns about plumbing or the structure of your house
Package Content: 1 x 600W Macerator Sewage Pump, 1 x User Manual


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The best spot for a bathroom is sometimes the worst spot for plumbing. Now you don’t have to invest in expensive pipework to install a bathroom where there are no standard drains, making it ideal for adding a bathroom to basements, garage conversions, granny flats, loft conversions, en-suite bathrooms, heritage sites and rooms with concrete slab floors. The fully automatic macerator pump employs a quiet-running 600W motor and specially moulded non-clog stainless-steel impeller blades to make short work of all waste, pumping it up to 9.0M vertically and 80.0M horizontally. Connecting this macerator pump is a breeze, and featuring three inlet ports, you can run drains from both hand basins, shower and toilet through it. And, best of all, once in place, you can forget about it. Not only is it quiet, it’s totally automatic too.


1.The Convenience of now building your Bathroom or Shower anywhere in your house, no more expensive plumbing work or jack hammering up a concrete floor or just plain ripping the walls out to get the new or extra Toilet you want, you need.

2.Ideal for adding Bathroom & Toilets to any part of a house- the basement, a granny flat or even just in the spare room, you can now create the en-suite you deserve.. you can simply put this toilet now where there are no ordinary drains.

3.Fully automatic 600W Macerator Toilet, Shower Sewerage Pump features 3 inlets ports that enables you to connect up to 3 sanitary devices including your toilet, hand sink and shower altogether to complete a bathroom where conventional drainage would be too expensive to consider.

4.Extremely quiet in operation with only 25-35DB and fully Automatic when activated by flushing. Designed with a class leading aluminium motor casing and tough stainless steel blade for ultra-fine waste cutting, ensuring that it crushes the faeces and disposes easily.

Specification: EXTRAUP 600W Macerator Sewerage Sump Pump Waste Water Marine Toilet Disposal Laundry

Weight 17.36 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 11 in

8 reviews for EXTRAUP 600W Macerator Sewerage Sump Pump Waste Water Marine Toilet Disposal Laundry

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Matthew Roll

    i was Skeptical at first but after hooking up a Toilet, Kitchen Sink, and Bathroom sink This Works Flawlessly Yes a little Noisy But only for 5-6 Seconds using the Toilet and 3-5 sec using either sink , this allowed me to put a bath and kitchen where years ago would have been impossible , i used one inch PVC sch 40 for the output and Works Great Happy Wife !! ADDED 11/20/19 this is to show the inside withe the removable lid , so if it starts to malfunction and you have a kitchen sink also hooked up Simply un plug unit turn off water supply pry the tabs on side (carefully) as to not break them off lid and lift with a little effort to expose as in photo, use a wet/dry vacum suck out remaining water Wear Rubber gloves and get some paper towel and clean all gunk out , the float inside round tube is removable by 1 rubber stopper and washer , ( BE CAREFUL OF BLACK RUBBER TUBE it contains the float switch wiring that is non removable) once you have done all of this i used silicone plumbers grease around rubber lid gasket and pressed on until you hear tabs click , Good for another 5-6 months and working like new again.Read more

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    Looks to be good quality. I was a bit apprehensive to order as I’d read a few negative reviews of the Chinese units. I was replacing the name brand ($820) with a low cost ($280) pump. I didn’t find the EXTRAUP to be one bit less than the SF that it is replacing. As a matter of fact it has stainless steel macerator basket vs plastic in the SF. I don’t know if that makes it any better , but it sure looks better. I had to re-rout the discharge with (2) 3/4 pvc ells and a short piece of pipe. I also reused the connector boot for the 1-1/2 sink drain at the side because it was a bit longer. I could have added some pipe and used the one that came with the EXTRAUP. It started right up and appears to be doing the job. The jury is gonna be out for a bit just to be sure that the thing keeps running. It also seems to be a bit quieter.Read more

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  3. D. Springer

    Purchased this Macerator two years ago to replace the $800 name brand that had a failed micro switch for the 3rd time in 7 years. The EXTRAUP Macerator services a kitchen sink and half bath and has worked flawlessly until just recently when it failed to turn on when the commode was flushed but would work if you firmly tapped it. Thanks to another review here I was able to disassemble and clean the float that was sticking due to debris build up over time. I didn’t even have to disconnect the drains or toilet and now the unit is back to working properly. Aside from needing this disgusting maintenance I’ve had no trouble whatsoever. I will gladly perform this cleaning annually rather than spending top dollar for a unit that requires repair every few years. This unit was easy to install to replace the name brand with some minor changes in adapters and PVC plumbing. I would recommend this to a friend. Not a 5 star only because documentation should have included disassembly instructions for cleaning and source for replacement parts.Read more

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  4. Sleewok

    I ordered the 4 year warranty for peace of mind. The pump works as described. I have not had any issues. I Sometimes it will pump twice. I have it behind the wall and it is noticeable, but NOT loud. This is 100% the same product as the Silent Venus. The only difference is the changing of the model number in the manual and the sticker that they put on the top. In fact, they both have the same typo on the red label.Read more

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  5. Dakota G.

    I have had this installed for less than 4 days and it is only working intermittently. It has been hooked up to a shower that receives very light use. A replacement unit sure would be nice as I now don’t have a shower. I bought this unit to replace yet another Chinese pump that died after only 3 weeks of use. This one has not fared better. *UPDATE* Seller sent a replacement pump. Has been installed for 3 weeks and has been working without issue thus far.Read more

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  6. tomas

    Happy with the macerator… Great customer service also by extraup… i will definitely buy again if needed at half the price of saniflo, you cant beat it. Piping had to be reconfigured a bit from the saniflo macerator that i had installed previously, but still a great deal!Read more

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  7. CT

    Replacing a $800 saniflo best which gave me lots of trouble in the past several years (blade seized). None of the connections from this new unit fits the original plumbing, need to extend the drainage pipe from the sink and shower by 1”, and reroute the discharge pipe. I’ve never worked on PVC pipe, but it was so easy. Start running after the second flush of the toilet.Read more

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  8. Loretta Todd

    So far so good! No issues. Plumbing did not line up from the previous Silent Venus unit, but that had nothing to do with the unit itself. Got it plumbed. It’s been working perfectly for a couple months now.Read more

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    EXTRAUP 600W Macerator Sewerage Sump Pump Waste Water Marine Toilet Disposal Laundry
    EXTRAUP 600W Macerator Sewerage Sump Pump Waste Water Marine Toilet Disposal Laundry


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