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EZwhelp Pee Pads for Dogs – Dog & Puppy Training Pads – Rounded Corners – Washable, Reusable – Laminated, Waterproof, Sanitary Potty Protector Dog Mat – Pet Essentials 17×20 Inch

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ABSORBENT PADS FOR PETS: Suitable for your dog or puppy, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, or other animal friend. Comfortable, soft surface allows your animals to do their business in peace. Absorbs pee and poop, day and night. Can replace dog diapers for overnight incontinence. Pop a pad into your pets’ bedding or cage, or on your own bed, and rest easy.
CARPET, CRATE, HOUSE, CAR, & FURNITURE PROTECTION: Cover your indoor or outdoor surfaces to guard them from urine & odor. Can be used for a playpen, litter box, kennel, bed, or couch. Shield rugs, flooring, and blankets from pet waste and prevent that smell.
EXTRA DURABLE, QUALITY MATERIALS: Our laminated pads are perfect for floor mats, human incontinence or general animal care and training. They are waterproof and washable. Rounded corners help the pads lay well against box or crate walls. Brushed polyester top; tricot waterproof bottom. Light weight, soft & elastic. Up to 70% less polymer required—without compromise in function.
COST-EFFICIENT: Fluids are absorbed and held for laundering. Washable puppy pads save you money and are good for our planet. Good for 100+ washing cycles, so you spend only pennies per use. Less weight & volume makes more efficient laundering. Can replace doggy diapers in some cases. Higher quality, lower cost per use, & lower impact than disposable pads.
DIFFERENT SIZES & STYLES: These 17″ x 20″ pads have a coffee-colored, stain-resistant top and white bottom. Other size and color options are available. We have the right supplies & accessories for your pets, large or small, tiny, medium, or xxl.


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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. ASIN: B003B3W6DW. Manufacturer: EZwhelp. Date First Available: February 24, 2010. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.

10 reviews for EZwhelp Pee Pads for Dogs – Dog & Puppy Training Pads – Rounded Corners – Washable, Reusable – Laminated, Waterproof, Sanitary Potty Protector Dog Mat – Pet Essentials 17×20 Inch

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  1. Caley G

    I got this to place under an IRIS 4 panel animal playpen. It is soft and protective, but I should have ordered the next larger size as it often gets hung on the panel and wrinkles, leaving some of the floor exposed. Other than that I am incredibly satisfied. Please check “Yes” if you have found this review helpful. I rely upon others’ reviews to make an informed decision anytime I make a purchase, so it is my intention to help others do the same. I welcome any questions or feedback.Read more

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  2. Kindle Customer

    I want all of the guinea pig world to know these EZ whelp pads are awesome. This is so much better than fleece and totally cost effective. I have a large rabbit cage which is 17×40 and my piggies sleep in this at night and spend all day in a kiddie play pool with a fence around it…3 ft round. I was using carefresh bedding and a litter box which my boars use about half the time for pee and some poo. The carefresh is odor absorbing but definitely dusty….then along comes whelping pads. WOW!!! I BOUGHT A 36 inch pad and put that in the bottom of the kiddie pool. Its soft and wonderful for piggie feet and I only need to take a little plastic sand shocel and scoop up any poops and place in the litter box. Pee is immediately absorbed and after a week still no smell. I washed the pad in the washing machine on cold and dried on low heat, cones out like new. So I then got the slightly thicker paw print pads as poctured and one pad fits in the travel cage I have and 2 pads fit in their night home cage. I just use my toy shovel each morning and its great. I was able to get carefresh bedding on sale so I use that only in the litter box. Persobally these make the cages look neat and fresh and I think its better to not have as much paper bedding. Its cheaper than fleece and I think more absorbing. Thanks to EZ whelp…piggies have a great new source for their home needs. Pics are of bog cage, travel cage, pig pool…and one of my boars.Read more

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  3. Angela

    We have a 5’x5 whelping box. We ordered the 72″x72″ whelping pad and are extremely pleased with the high quality and nice color of this product! Honestly, I was very hesitant due to the seemingly high price. But, I really do like this pad. I am adding pictures so you can see how it looks with a box our size. It has just the right amount of room hanging out around it. It also slides nice underneath on our wooden floor. It has been perfect to protect anything under it from any messes. If you need a nice whelping pad, you won’t go wrong with this one. The light color on the pad is from my window’s reflection. Nice quality and color. 🙂 Update: We have used this and machine washed it on our “sanitation” cycle MANY TIMES NOW and it STILL LOOKS PERFECT!!!! We’ve put it in our dryer on the sanitation cycle as well. I have 3 now and want to order more. The name seriously says it all, “EZ” whelping!! :-)Read more

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  4. Mistress Collette

    I have a disabled, 90#, Large Doberman. I bought 2 of these mats, a 72″x72″ and a 40″x60″. I bought these, and a dozen other brands and sizes of mats, as I wasn’t certain which sizes or brands would work well. For the first year after she became disabled, the smaller pad worked great as she made no efforts to move herself around, instead happily demanding that we wait on her hand and food. However, over the last few months she’s decided that we aren’t waiting on her sufficiently, and she has taken to moving around a lot. Suddenly, the larger mat is the only mat in the house that works at containing any leaks. All the smaller mats are just pushed aside as she moves around, and in no time she was laying on the new carpets leaking everywhere. Thus my returning to purchase more of this size pad. Having had this, and several other brands of mats, I have to say that I have been very pleased with both of the mats I have purchased from this vender. Being disabled, my girl ends up picking up uti/bladder infections rather frequently. She gets the more unusual bacteria due to her circumstances, thus it takes longer to diagnose and treat. This means a lot of leaking and lack of bladder control fairly regularly. Two of the brands of mats weren’t water proof. Those went into the trash really quick. Three of the brands of mats slip all over the carpet; stick to the velcro of her jackets and lift harness; and the outside fabrics and the inside batting/water proof fabric aren’t sewn together in any place except for the edges. We do still use those, but only as a last resort. They are a real pain and weren’t worth saving 75% of the price of a good mat on. The rest, including this brand’s mats, have been great. They all get washed 1-3x per week in warm to hot water and tumble dried warm or hung over the porch railing. They don’t hold any smell. They wash and dry easily and are still water proof when we need them to be. They are just easy to deal with and I am glad I spent the extra money to try them out, which I almost didn’t after finding the ones we hate using which were so much cheaper. Of the different mats I did like, this was one of the less expensive brands. So, if you’re still in doubt, just try it. You’ll quickly understand why it’s worth spending the extra money. Honestly, given how much I spent on disposable mats, these mats have already paid for themselves. And, since my girl shows no signs of slowing down or giving up any time soon, I’m back here saving money and hassle and purchasing several more of these mats. I’m definitely a happy customer.Read more

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  5. JC

    This is a great product. I am using it as a liner for a puppy pen. We have a crate but we want to allow our puppy to be able to have space to play during the day when we are at work. This pad keeps my hard wood floors dry, even when a whole bowl of water spilled onto it. Waterproof backing? YES! The color is not pretty but it does the job wonderfully.Read more

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  6. Lisa

    I’ve ordered this a second time based on the absorbency. I have a small dog so I order the largest size and cut them to make several pee pads. Washing after cutting is perfect, so don’t worry about the edges falling apart, still great quality as the day I cut this product to a smaller size. Other pee pads that are larger than what I cut this one to be, can’t compete with absorbency.Read more

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  7. Kindle Customer

    love these pads! I have a few and will keep buying some until i find something better. I recommend to use it as only a like in case a pup misses its potty area as during winter u cannot go and hose it down. But you do not need to worry about that until the pups started moving around at 3 weeks old.Read more

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  8. S. O’Brien

    Since I found these, whelping and raising puppies has become much easier! They are super absorbent, wash easily, and are heavy enough that the puppies don’t drag them around or chew on them. I’ve tried knockoffs but these are by far the best. I have several in different sizes and would whelp without them anymore :)Read more

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  9. Amazon Customer

    EZwhelp are an excellent product that I will keep buying. I have bought other brands before,what a waste of money that was. EZwhelp is the only brand I will ever buy.Read more

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  10. J R.

    Too light. Puppies get caught underneath. Scary actually. Returned and bout Whelping pads with rubber backing so they can’t move and stay in placeRead more

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    EZwhelp Pee Pads for Dogs – Dog & Puppy Training Pads – Rounded Corners – Washable, Reusable – Laminated, Waterproof, Sanitary Potty Protector Dog Mat – Pet Essentials 17×20 Inch
    EZwhelp Pee Pads for Dogs – Dog & Puppy Training Pads – Rounded Corners – Washable, Reusable – Laminated, Waterproof, Sanitary Potty Protector Dog Mat – Pet Essentials 17×20 Inch


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