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Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – Sony PSP

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Final Fantasy IV IS consistently rated as one of the Top 50 games ever
Vibrant Visuals And Unforgettable Melodies: A complete graphical overhaul for both Final Fantasy IV and The After Years
Original SNES soundtrack, an all-new intro movie and cinematic CGI sequences from previous release, and a monster encyclopedia


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Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – Sony PSP

Specification: Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – Sony PSP

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8 reviews for Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – Sony PSP

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Noneatallhere

    This game drives me crazy because of all of its different releases, and I’ve played almost all of them. I had the “original” on the SNES, and was amazed. It was definitely great for its time and set a positive trend (mostly) for Final Fantasy up until 7. For those of us old enough to remember, we later received the revelation that a majority of the content of this game was cut, censored, or otherwise totally altered from its origin. Smash cut maybe a decade or so later and you get FF Anthonology on the Playstation conspicuously missing this game. Then Chrono Trigger and this game were released together and the missing features were returned, but the same wall-bangingly stupid dialogue remained and haunts this game to this day. Smash cut again some years later and we get this game on the Gameboy Advance, old features restored, new ones added, and dialogue tweaked. A solid improvement except for Video & Audio. Smash cut again and the game gets completely re-worked for the DS, but the art style just can’t be taken seriously. Super deformed, and terrible terrible artwork, but another re-worked dialogue and with voice overs and a new decant ability system! So where does this one fall? Well I’d say the Video and Audio is the best of all, but we’re missing the dialogue and voice overs + cut-scenes from the DS version, but the graphics are superior. The features of the Advance version are in place of the Decant ability. The advance gave all of the characters a kind of bonus epilogue chapter, but the decant ability gave them more versatility and usefulness. This game includes the “interlude” chapter as well as “The After Years” and the graphics are good throughout, but the art style of “The After Years” goes back to awful, and the level grinding and play through is painful. So it’s not the edition I would want, but it’s the best overall.Read more

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  2. E. DeWitt

    Already beat the harder Final Fantasy IV on DS, but this is so different that is worth a playthrough of the main game again, AND has the Interlude AND After Years included!!! 3 games in one, with bestiary and plenty of cool extras. Controls are tight and intuitive and original sprites look flawless on the PSP screen, this little disc and manual are well worth the price they ask! Must have for any FF fan, new or old!Read more

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  3. Dave B.

    The creme de la creme of the PSP system, in my opinion, is the revised version of Final Fantasy IV. If you played it on the SNES back in the day, it was a great game with a lot of playing time. They enhanced the graphics big time for the PSP version and added the Interlude (worth playing but kind of useless), and the sometimes extremely challenging The After Years. The After Years wasn’t very well received by the critics, and I can see why. It gets tedious at times for some of the characters’ tales. The After Years isn’t perfect, but if you can hang in there and make it to the last dungeon, you will definitely NOT be disappointed. There’s gotta be about 60 bosses, and it takes roughly 20 hours to get through. On top of that, the last guy is almost unfairly tough. You can beat him if you slow the battle speed down (not by the spell ‘Slow’, but by tweaking the speed in the configuration menu), and I would recommend changing over to ‘Wait’ battle mode. If someone can beat the last guy on ‘Active’ battle mode on the fastest battle setting, I’d like to see it. I honestly don’t think it can be done. Best I did was ‘Active’ on the 3rd fastest setting. Nevertheless, it’s a very satisfying last battle, and a HUGELY satisfying ending. It may have been even getting a little dusty in the room, I’m not sure. They say it’s 3 games in one, but it’s more like 2 HUGE games. One of the coolest things about the game is when you beat FFIV, the last guy is Golbez. After you beat him, he plays a crucial role in The After Years, has a specific character tale dedicated to him, and you can use him as a member of your party. I even think he is one of the 5 characters that should be used for the last dungeon. Suffice to say, he’s probably the most polarizing character in the game after Cecil, and the storyline for him is great. My elapsed playing time for the game was as follows: FFIV – 48 hours Interlude – 4 hours The After Years – 104 hours That’s 156 hours of game on one UMD!!!! Granted, that’s 98% of the bestiary complete, but even if you took the most direct route, it’s still easily over 100 hours combined. I can’t say enough about the game, and would recommend it to all patient gamers who love the FF series. You won’t have the same experience if you do not complete this game. Then again, that’s a lot of hours so it’s not for anyone.Read more

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  4. César Arriaga

    Es nuevo, esta totalmente sellado, llegó en excelentes condiciones y me encanta que tenga un libro de instructivo. Los juegos de ahora ya no lo incluyen. Es para mi la mejor versión de este clásico, ya que respeta mucho la estética, dándole solo unos retoques a las imágenes y al sonido.Read more

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  5. Firion’s Dream

    Trama ben scritta, personaggi memorabili e gameplay sempre fresco… FFIV è secondo me uno dei migliori, e questa versione ha tante aggiunte interessanti. L’interlude è…. inutile come trama e gameplay,ma vabbè almeno sblocca delle immagini. L’after years può essere deludente e sembra in parte un copia-incolla-cambia nomi di certe situazioni clou dell’originale, ma alla fine diverte e ha molte cose interessanti di suo. Se fan di FFIV, un must.Read more

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  6. William

    Nice remaster of final fantasy iv. Great graphics and storyRead more

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  7. Élodie Daigle

    This game was supposed to be new but it was obviously resealed. The box is scratched, the plastic over the cd is also scratched and even has a crack in it. There was even a finger print on the the cd.Read more

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  8. Roberto Diego Galarza de la Cruz

    EL juego llego en excelentes condiciones. Es First edition, no es greatest Hit ( O al menos a mi parecer lo es) No tengo queja alguna. Es FF … excelente juegoRead more

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    Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – Sony PSP
    Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – Sony PSP


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