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Fix-A-Flat S60420 Aerosol Emergency Flat Tire Repair and Inflator, for Standard Tires, Eco-Friendly Formula, Universal Fit for All Cars, 16 oz. (Pack of 1) 16oz

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Emergency flat tire repair solution, connect, inflate and go! The easiest and quickest way to temporarily repair a flat tire in an emergency
Fix-a-Flat is designed to seal small tread tire punctures up to 1/4 of an inch in diameter in seconds and provide enough inflation to lift the rim off the ground. Now seals 33% larger punctures and has been trusted for 50 years
Flats happen, so be prepared with Fix-a-Flat, an easy-to-use, better alternative to the spare tire and perfect for roadside emergencies. This 16 oz can is perfect for standard tires
With its eco-friendly formula, Fix-a-Flat is safe for the user, the tire and the environment. The old plastic cap has been tossed and replaced with a modern Performance Top, making Fix-a-Flat even more eco-friendly and easier to use
No need for a jack, tools, or a spare tire and TPMS (Tire Sensor) safe, store in the trunk of your car and get your tire professionally repaired in 3 days or after 100 miles


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Fix-A-Flat Aerosol Tire Inflators Seal Punctures And Inflate The Tire In Seconds Without The Need For A Jack, Spare Tire, Or Any Tools, Allowing You To Get Off The Road And To A Service Station Where An Approved Repair Can Be Made. This Non-Flammable Formula Is Easy And Safe To Use, And Cleans Up Easily With Water. Fix-A-Flat Aerosol Tire Inflators Are The Cheapest And Quickest Way To Repair A Flat Tire In An Emergency. Fix-A-Flat Aerosol Tire Inflators Are Designed To Seal Small Tire Punctures And Provide Enough Inflation To Lift The Rim Off The Ground.

Specification: Fix-A-Flat S60420 Aerosol Emergency Flat Tire Repair and Inflator, for Standard Tires, Eco-Friendly Formula, Universal Fit for All Cars, 16 oz. (Pack of 1) 16oz

Weight 1.31 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 in

6 reviews for Fix-A-Flat S60420 Aerosol Emergency Flat Tire Repair and Inflator, for Standard Tires, Eco-Friendly Formula, Universal Fit for All Cars, 16 oz. (Pack of 1) 16oz

2.8 out of 5
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  1. Commerce

    This is a great thing to have in their car. When they get a flat, they can simply call you for help. They won’t know how to use this can because kids these days are relatively useless. But, once you explain it to them, they will ask you to call roadside assistance because they are not sure which way to turn the screw. Even when they figure out “righty tighty, lefty loosey”, they won’t have the strength to push the button to add foam to the tire. I let my daughter know that if she is ever accosted while driving, she can use this can to beat the man about the head and neck. Overall a good product. More usefull than kids these days.Read more

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  2. Henry D

    The car, a 2004 Town and Country van, has had a very slow leak on one of the wheels since new. Slow enough that the dealer and the Firestone mechanics couldn’t find it over the years. Slow enough I wasn’t even sure there was a leak… but every month or so the low pressure light would come on. The issue persisted even through four new sets of tires (replaced for wear, not because of the leak). The dealers asserted that it was just “natural porosity…” Dealerspeak for “suck it up friend.” I finally kept tabs on which tire was the lowest- turned out to be consistently the same one by a couple of PSI- and decided to use the fix a flat. No issues getting it in the tire and months and months and miles and miles later all is well.Read more

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  3. Steve

    Wow. This is NOT the once reliable product I knew it to be years ago. I bought this months ago and put it in my trunk (within the past year) in case of a flat, and yes, I got a flat last week on the interstate. Pulled onto the shoulder, confidently whipped out my can of Fix-a-flat, shook the can vigorously, pulled off the cap (for the very first time ever), screwed the hose onto my flat tire’s air nozzle, and depressed the button on the top of the can. For several seconds I was encouraged to see that good ‘ole reliable white foam surging through that clear plastic hose into my flat tire, but then I noticed the same foam leaking badly out of the spot where the hose connects to the product can. Bottom line: it did not even remotely fill my flat. Instead, the foam oozed out from the top of the can and I got some of that junk on my fingers. Good thing I actually had a good spare tire, which I had to then empty the trunk to access. Very disappointing. And of course, I’m well past the Amazon return window. I’ll try to post photos here that I took right there on the shoulder of the road at 6:50 am. Do NOT rely on this product.Read more

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  4. Nick

    I read a lot of reviews, before buying this, that said the nozzle was leaking. I figured these people wernt being careful and damaging the nozzle. Well, with this in mind i made sure to be extra careful and gentle with it. When i began to unscrew it from the valve. THE CAN just started leaking and spraying the white stuff everywhere! This was its first use and was just simply disconnecting the tube from the tire’s valve after filling. I got it off the tired and moved the tube around and it stopped leaking. Then while trying to see what went wrong and just touching and looking at the can. IT SPRAYED from the bottom part of the nozzle and button. NOT THE TUBE WHERE it is supposed to come out of. JUST A RANDOM part of the lid. This spray nearly got me in the face, and i mean instead of my face it was all over my shoulder and arm & chest. Luckily it did not get me in the face. For this can to randomly start spraying and leaking from somewhere other than the hole or tube its supposed to come out of, is EXTREMELY dangerous, to get this stuff in your eyes and face. (Its meant to harden over time.) This would have been an ER visit if it got in my eyes. How they got away with making a faulty nozzle on and aerosol can is beyond me. BUT THIS can is a time bomb that cant handle even the slightest of hand held interaction. I made sure to be very careful and this can still malfunctioned and became and danger with simple use of it. ***** NO AEROSOL CAN SHOULD LEAK AND SPRAY BY ACCIDENT THIS EASILY. ****** I used it for a small tire/project. That wont see high speeds. SO idk if it worked or not, or would work on a car tire. But in the fuss of trying to fix a flat on the side of the road and to then have this can, essentially, EXPLODE on you is UNACCEPTABLE! AND DANGEROUS. Glad it was cheap. But that still doesnt negate it’s NEED to be SAFE to use. This is a warning and hopefully save someone’s eyes of an ER visitRead more

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  5. mfkboston

    This product failed when I needed it the most. Had a leak in my tire which caused it to go down to about 15 lbs of tire pressure. Followed the instructions and yet when i attached the hose, it let the rest of the air out of my tire, and just enough goop came out of the hose to clog off the nozzle. Any air pressure in the can just started oozing out of the bottom of the cap part and none of it went into my tire. The sealant had dried by the time i drove my flat tire to a gas station so it was nearly impossible to get any air into the tire at all and i’ll have to replace the whole tube now. I don’t know if it was a defective can or what, but I definitely won’t use this brand again nor rely on their products since they screwed me in a particularly epic fashion.Read more

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  6. Charlie_in_la

    I bought this after someone told me about Fix-A-Flat. I had had a flat, and a good Samaritan helped me get a similar product…heck, he walked with me to a gas station, helped me buy it, showed me how to use it, then said, you should keep one or two in your car for emergencies. I bought them. So I have used one today. Tire went flat on the way to work (knew there was a problem by then sound). Pulled over to a nice safe place, read the instructions, and used it. It worked. I got to work on time. Later I went to a local gas station that fixes punctures….they pulled out the screw, that cause the leak, plugged the leak, and I was good to go. I will still have my tire checked when I get back from my vacation next week, but I’m so happy to be able to take that vacation! cb p.s.When I bought these, I bought some for friends. I think that they were great gifts. Now, I’m off to buy a few more…… cbRead more

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    Fix-A-Flat S60420 Aerosol Emergency Flat Tire Repair and Inflator, for Standard Tires, Eco-Friendly Formula, Universal Fit for All Cars, 16 oz. (Pack of 1) 16oz
    Fix-A-Flat S60420 Aerosol Emergency Flat Tire Repair and Inflator, for Standard Tires, Eco-Friendly Formula, Universal Fit for All Cars, 16 oz. (Pack of 1) 16oz


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