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FloTool 10719 Capless Gas Tank Funnel

(8 customer reviews)

Ideal for quickly adding fuel additives
Perfect for adding gas on the go or when in a pinch
Size is idea for adding to your gas tank
For cap less and restricted fuel/fillers tanks
Flat spot allows use with CARB compliant spouts


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FloTool, by Hopkins Manufacturing, offers the most comprehensive and highest quality offering of fluid handling products. FloTool’s success has been driven through innovative, no-mess product solutions that turn basic funnel and spouts into higher value products. Whether you’re changing your oil, topping off the antifreeze, or checking all your automotive fluid levels, FloTool has the right application. No brand offers more “just-right” fluid handling products than FloTool. The Cap less Gas Tank Funnel is the perfect size for adding to your gas tank.

Specification: FloTool 10719 Capless Gas Tank Funnel

Weight 0.317 lbs
Dimensions 1.38 × 1.63 × 7 in

8 reviews for FloTool 10719 Capless Gas Tank Funnel

4.0 out of 5
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  1. John C.

    Well, for 1.99 with free prime shipping, I can’t complain much really, it is amazing.. The fit was perfect on my 2014 Ford Focus SE which has a stupid capless gas tank design. I had tried so many funnels from the auto parts store with no success and I had spilled additives all over the place trying to put them into the gas tank. I cursed the stupid Ford engineers who designed the freaking capless gas tank left and right and up and down.. Just stupidity with no regard to how people actually use the car, that’s all.. Well, so there are 2 faults, one is the little hole on top, I guess they provide for hanging in the store? They didn’t think that the fluid will leak out of that hole?? The second one, which made me very irritated is the stupid sticker they placed on it.. I didn’t think of removing it before I inserted the funnel in the tank, and the fit was so tight that it removed part of the sticker and some of it either got stuck inside somewhere or pieces ended up in my gas tank, grrrrrrr… Another stupid idea to put useless stickers on the product with adhesive which makes it hard to remove even if you remember to do it.Read more

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  2. Steve

    As of this writing Amazon has still not changed the picture for this funnel. The one I just received today has a hole in the funnel end where you would pour gasoline into causing a mess and a fire hazzard. Shame on Amazon for not fixing this since others before me have stated the same! Should be a zero star for Amazon.Read more

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  3. Seen Them All

    For those with a “capless” gas tank filler necks these are a must. You cannot add anything to the gas tank such as Dry Gas or STA-BIL gas stabilizer without one. Don’t even try it…!!!……..there is a “flapper” inside the filler tube that has to be held back for any liquid to flow. The gas nozzle at the pump when inserted into the filler neck pushes back on the flapper so the gas flows…BUT….if you try to add anything to the tank you must use one of these funnels otherwise the liquid won’t go into the tank and you have a real mess. Most cars with capless fillers come with one of these funnels but NOT all……..SO….don’t even try to add anything to the tank with out one of these funnels..!! I leave one in the trunk in a ziplock bag in both of my vehicles.Read more

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  4. Handy Don

    It fits in the fill tube ok, but is shorter than I would like. There is a hole in the back for hanging up, but fluid will spill out of the hole if you go too fast. I inserted a long narrow funnel in the yellow fill tube to extend the reach and avoid spilling. That worked great.Read more

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  5. Wolfking

    When it comes to those cars with the moronic ‘no cap’ designs where the owner has overlooked, lost, or even thrown out the strange funnel in their trunk this thing is a wonder tool in their eyes. Even if it is just a replacement for the factory one they lost. If you have a car with a capless fuel door – BUY THIS THING NOW. Or make sure yours is where you can find it. Now… where’s the one for diesel fuel ports??Read more

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  6. Joe Davis

    Funnel works as expected. It opens the capless fuel tank easily. This was a problem until making this purchase. The funnel was delivered timely and used the first weekend placing fuel treatment into our Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It also performed flawlessly opening my neighbors Ford F150 Pickup capless fuel tank while assisting him with vehicle trouble.Read more

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  7. DS

    Works for adding Sea Foam or other fuel additives to the capless gas tank on a 2019 Chevrolet Traverse. I’d give it five stars if that unnecessary little hole wasn’t at the top of the funnel and they increased the diameter of that section a bit. If you pour your additive too fast, you’ll lose some out of that little hole. Other than that little hole, it’s a cheap solution to not being able to add fuel additives into your capless gas tank.Read more

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  8. Steven J

    I’d hoped this would work for my diesel pickup, which has a nozzle restrictor such that the fast semi fuel lanes are near impossible to use. I’d hoped this would work for that, but it’s too small. The big opening is 1-1/8″ at it’s widest and narrows immediately. I don’t know what this would be good for, but the price wasn’t so much that I feel I’ve wasted money. It’s well made, I’m sure it suits a purpose, just not the one I’d hoped it mightRead more

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    FloTool 10719 Capless Gas Tank Funnel
    FloTool 10719 Capless Gas Tank Funnel


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