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FoodMarble AIRE Bundle | Includes 6-Week Discovery Plan and FODMAP at Home Food Intolerance Test Kit | Improve Your Gut Health | FSA/HSA Eligible Fodmap Bundle

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As featured on CNN, the FoodMarble AIRE is the world’s first portable breath tester and connected app to help you find the foods most compatible with your unique digestive system. Plus, FoodMarble AIRE is FSA/HSA Eligible.
The FoodMarble App on iOS or Android records your fermentation scores, you can log your foods, track your symptoms, stress, and sleep and test your tolerability to individual foods.
The 6-Week Discovery Plan (6WDP) is a FODMAP and breath testing plan designed to help you find the foods that work for your body. It includes email support, exclusive app features, and at-home testing for four individual hard-to-digest FODMAP components (lactose, fructose, sorbitol, and inulin).
Based on validated science: Hydrogen breath testing has been used by doctors for years but has been confined to hospitals. We have designed our device to allow you to test at home. If you are undergoing medical treatment for digestive issues, it’s best to consult your doctor to see if this device is suitable for you.
Personalised: Certain foods can lead to a build-up of gases in the gut, leading to bloating and other discomforts for those with IBS or food intolerances. AIRE enables you to measure gas levels in the gut to track how food is being digested, the 6-week plan supports you through the process and gives you the capability to test the most common hard-to-digest FODMAPs.


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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Health & Household. ASIN: B07V29GT13. Manufacturer: FoodMarble. Date First Available: February 21, 2020. Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included). Item model number: L3-RBPC-KLOL. Package Dimensions: 5.35 x 5.31 x 2.32 inches; 13.44 Ounces.

13 reviews for FoodMarble AIRE Bundle | Includes 6-Week Discovery Plan and FODMAP at Home Food Intolerance Test Kit | Improve Your Gut Health | FSA/HSA Eligible Fodmap Bundle

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  1. Nick

    Thank God someone has decided to make this kind of product. I have spent many years trying to figure out which foods have given me stomach/digestive trouble . I have tried cutting out foods and reintroducing them to watch for my reaction to them, a process which was inaccurate, hard to track, exhausting and stressful. This Aire does all that hard work for me now (and way more accurately). The Aire is lightweight and small, it fits in my pocket. The App that you use with it is really easy to set up and use. You log your meals in your app manually (you can take photos if you don’t have time to type), and then take a breath test on your Aire and see (through a handy graph image in the app) if there is anything upsetting your digestive system. The Aire also comes with test packets of Sorbitol, Fructose, Lactose and Inulin. You use these to take individual tests. You pour the contents of one of the packets into water, drink the water, and then take a test every 15 mins to see how it is absorbed in your gut. This was my favorite part because it was a controlled experiment and the best way to confirm what my body was reacting to without any guess work or other variables. I would recommend this for anyone who has ever had digestive issues they couldn’t figure out.Read more

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  2. Clodette Kenoun

    It’s not great. Doesn’t really say much. Hard to interpret. The more you blow, you’ll get a notification saying not to blow as much because it can ruin the filter (after one day of use). Instructions, however, tell you to blow after every meal 3x in increments. So that’s not cool.Read more

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  3. Diane Herndon

    I kept getting the same reading so I asked for a refund. My request was ignored and they looked at my stats (which I felt was a violation of privacy since you are tracking personal info) and told me it was fine. Waste of money.Read more

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  4. Heart Pastor

    This product is used to determine levels of SIBO. It works well.Read more

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  5. Megan Williams

    I purchased this device though it came with a broken seal, and shows signs of usage. This in my mind is unacceptable, especially for the price i paid for it.Read more

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  6. Sarah Flynn

    I’ve been having regular digestive issues since getting sick abroad a number of years ago. It’s such a pain because I travel a lot with work so it means that I have to eat out a lot. This device has started to give me some control back, I have become more aware of the foods that I put into my body, I try not to eat too much fruit in one sitting but also avoid overly processed foods, especially soda. I’ve always known food is a trigger but it also seems that on longer working days, my symptoms are less predictable. I’m starting to think that stress is another cause. I wish the app had more features relating to tracking my mood and anxiety or ways to help me tackle it more. Overall I’m really happy with the product.Read more

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  7. JW

    Food log is not user friendly. Very limited selections, some food products not listed such as milk. You either eat this brand of burger or that brand of burger. How about just listing ground meat beef/turkey, portion size bread type. Allow us to log whatever we eat then connect it to output. If I eat raw potatoes grilled oysters my decision but let me log it to find out how my system breaks it down. Great concept with potential. Get some help from female software engineers, you need it.Read more

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  8. Poptart

    I have only used this a few times, but every time I have used it it has helped give feedback to IBS issues I am having to help keep track of foods I am sensitive too. Thank you! Connects to bluetooth quickly on iOS and battery life is okay.Read more

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  9. London222

    Many people will buy this device because they have experienced discomfort and want to find an answer to resolve their pain. I’m not saying that the device doesn’t work – I’m only saying that you need to be aware that if you’re looking at this device, you are already in a situation where you are keen to find anything that will help. The device makes you think that you can adjust your diet and then feel better. However, please check your symptoms with a doctor before buying this item – do not self-diagnose just because you want a quick diagnosis. I had been suffering stomach pains and bloating on and off for over six weeks. I monitored what I ate and based on my food diary and the NHS website, I decided that I could be lactose-intolerant. I read on the NHS website that high hydrogen levels are a measure of this. I Googled it and found this device. I thought great – I will be able to quickly diagnose whether I am lactose intolerant and adjust my diet – so I bought it. Logging what you’ve eaten in the app is a bit of a faff. It is difficult to accurately log meals as very few foods are already in the database. It’s quite a lot of effort to add foods. For example things such as rice flour and easy peelers/clementines aren’t there. However when I logged my food and took my readings – there was no pattern and sometimes I had intense stomach pain but very low fermentation levels below a reading of 1.5. When I read the FAQs it said that this is because of methane. This did not seem that plausible based on what I had eaten – the lack of correlation between my meals and the readings is what made me question whether this device really worked for me. After one week of use, the device did not connect properly by bluetooth with my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 9) and it kept saying ‘reconnecting’ but then did not. I had to troubleshoot it many times. Given the price, you would expect it to connect each time without any problems. I took the lactose-intolerance test and drank the solution. I had all of the classic symptoms – urgently requiring the toilet after 30mins, gargling stomach, bloating, stomach pain and high fermentation levels for the next 3 hours. The score was 8.3 after the test and it said that it is “highly likely” I am lactose intolerant. In addition, I felt sick and had a massive headache that I have never experienced before. It was debilitating and lasted over 12 hours until I went to bed. I have no idea what was in the drink and then I was very worried, as I had effectively bought a device on the internet and injested something that could be anything. It made me very ill and it took over a day to recover. Getting this ill made me suspect that these fodmap tests were a ploy to make purchasers think that the device was a godsend and had detected an intolerance. It was this prolonged discomfort that prompted me to go to the doctors. After these painful symptoms – you’d think right – that’s lactose intolerance. Wrong. My doctor said that it’s highly unlikely and it sounds like I have excess stomach acid and sent me for blood tests and took a stool sample instead. The blood tests showed that my problem was not related to my digestive system. Therefore the readings were bizarre and the lactose test was not fit for purpose, as it gave a false positive. I went straight back to dairy and off the low fodmap diet with no issues. Whatever is in their fodmap challenges – be aware that it could make you sick, so you get results that make you think you have a specific intolerance, when in reality you may not. I would suggest exercising caution when buying this item – seeking medical advice before spending your cash on this item. Do not self-diagnose, please see your doctor first and stick to more rigorously tested medical devices and treatments.Read more

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I am so satisfied with this product, I just had to leave a review. I had got one previously for myself at a trade show was am really impressed with everything about it:- the data analytics and as a result the confident / great feeling from acting on the results. A close family member has suffered with digestive issues for some time – eating the wrong foods etc and genuinely suffering as a consequence so I have been looking out to get one as a gift for her. I was delighted to find it on Amazon. The FoodMarble AIRE arrived just two days after ordering, the packaging can only be described as a perfect gift box, and as for the product, I think my second purchase speaks for itself. Thank You Food Marble Team. Well done on a truly ingenious and helpful product.Read more

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  11. Brandon A

    Thank you FoodMarble!! I have spent years in and out of doctor’s appointments for various intolerances until I stumbled across ‘Aire’ and it has been amazing to help pinpoint what is going on for me (and a lot cheaper!). The device itself looks really neat, very simple setup, the battery lasts ages and the device has been working flawlessly for me. I’m really pleased with my purchase and if this is within your price range I would wholeheartedly recommend investing!Read more

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  12. C Macken

    I’ve found the Foodmarble Aire easy to use and links well with the app on my pixel (Android). I’ve been breath testing over the last week and have got a few high readings already. Haven’t tested with one of the FODMAP packets that come with it but hoping to try one out soon.Read more

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  13. Paddy O Sullivan

    Very impressive piece of kit. Nice packaging and onboarding, neat device and easy to use app. After 3 weeks of use, taking breath tests and logging symptoms is part of my daily routine now. Helped confirm my suspicion that lactose was an issue for me.Read more

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    FoodMarble AIRE Bundle | Includes 6-Week Discovery Plan and FODMAP at Home Food Intolerance Test Kit | Improve Your Gut Health | FSA/HSA Eligible Fodmap Bundle
    FoodMarble AIRE Bundle | Includes 6-Week Discovery Plan and FODMAP at Home Food Intolerance Test Kit | Improve Your Gut Health | FSA/HSA Eligible Fodmap Bundle


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