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Fosmon Quad Pro Charger Compatible with Xbox One/One X/One S Controller (Not for Xbox Series X/S 2020), Docking Station With 4 Rechargeable Battery

(13 customer reviews)

[UPGRADED CONTROLLER CHARGER COMPATIBLE WITH XBOX ONE] Are you bothered by your controller running of out batteries when you’re in a critical part of a game? With two controller slots, two additional back up batteries, and two battery slots, Fosmon’s Quad Pro controller charger provides you endless gaming time without having to worry about running out of batteries.
[LONGER BATTERY LIFE – CERTIFIED BY SGS] How many disposable batteries have you thrown away? Have you thought of how much money it would save to say goodbye to using AA batteries in your controllers? With the NiMH batteries’ 1000mAh capacity, you will be able to enjoy up to 30-33 hours of play time on each charge. Fosmon’s batteries are SGS CERTIFIED to ensure our products consistently meet safety standards and provide the best customer experience.
[PLACE AND CHARGE] Fosmon’s Quad Pro makes it easy to charge your controller. Simply place your controller on the charging dock and the controller will align with the metal conductor and start charging. The charging dock can house your controllers when not in use, making it easy to locate them when they’re needed.
[SMART CHARGING & LED INDICATOR] Fosmon Quad Pro Charging station compatible with Xbox One is built with an intelligent charging board that provides the charging dock with overheating and short circuit protection. The battery charger will stop charging automatically when the batteries are fully charged. There are 4 LED indicators to indicate the charging status of each individual slot.
[PATENT PENDING CONTROLLER CHARGER] Fosmon’s latest unique technology, the Quad PRO controller charger compatible with Xbox One with 4 included batteries, ensures your controller will never run out of power. (NOT COMPATIBLE with Xbox Series X/S (2020 Release)


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Color: Black. Input Voltage: 5 Volts. Wattage: 1 KW. Total USB Ports: 1. Brand: Fosmon. Connector Type: USB. Special Feature: Charging Indicator. Connectivity Technology: USB. Compatible Phone Models: Xbox One, One X, One S. Compatible Devices: Xbox One. Best Sellers Rank: #1,983 in Video Games. Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 22,901 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars. Date First Available: ‎March 10, 2016. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No. ASIN: ‎B01CDCG4KM. Manufacturer: ‎Fosmon. Batteries: ‎2 Lithium ion batteries required. Power Source: ‎Corded Electric. Color: ‎Black. Package Dimensions: ‎9.49 x 4.96 x 2.64 inches. Item Weight: ‎15.2 ounces. Hardware Platform: ‎Xbox One. Item model number: ‎C-10659. Brand: ‎Fosmon.

Specification: Fosmon Quad Pro Charger Compatible with Xbox One/One X/One S Controller (Not for Xbox Series X/S 2020), Docking Station With 4 Rechargeable Battery

Weight 15.2 lbs

13 reviews for Fosmon Quad Pro Charger Compatible with Xbox One/One X/One S Controller (Not for Xbox Series X/S 2020), Docking Station With 4 Rechargeable Battery

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Bryan

    only lasted about 6 months After recieving an email from fosmon that they would replace the charging station if I called them at 612-435-7508. Their main menu sent me to a voicemail where i left my name and number and reason for call. A week + later and no email or phone call. I also called back 2 addtional times and was sent to the same voice mail. Theese companies take the time to read everybodies reviews and respond to negative reviews claiming to be only a phone call away. All there trying to do is erase the negative review in the eyes of potential customers reading reviews before they make there purchase. Thats just shady in my eyes.Read more

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  2. KL x 2789

    I’ve always been a bit skeptical of using third party Xbox accessories for controllers and the like, but I decided to give this a try. It’s working well and as intended, and I like the fact that it doesn’t require you to “lock” the controller in; just place it in the rack and the contact points automatically line up. It’s also a flat-lying rack, so if you place it in front of your TV, it shouldn’t get in the way of the view. The battery packs are also decent, seem to hold a decent charge (played about 4-5 hours the other day and only lost about half charge). You can tell the unit is made out of cheaply manufactured plastic, but for the price point, I wouldn’t split hairs about it. The cord that comes with it is also a bit short, just barely manages to suffice for where I wanted to put it, but it’s a standard USB phone charger cord, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find a longer one at a low price. It’s cheap and gets the job done, and that’s not a bad thing. If you’re looking for a third party solution to charging your controller and don’t want to shell out too much, this a great deal. As I have only bought this, I don’t know how long the battery packs will actually last and whether or not any other complications will come up. Will update if needed. 7/4/2019 Edit: It’s just 6 days shy of a full year since I purchased this, and I can honestly say this is one of the best game accessory purchases I’ve ever made. The charger still works like a beauty and the battery packs still last me around 8 hours every time I play. The contact points on both the inside and outside of the packs have gotten dirty over time, but that’s normal for these kinds of things and very easy to clean. I’m honestly surprised at how well it’s held up over the past year, especially considering how roughly I toss the controller onto the charger most of the time. It’s already outlasted one controller and at this point it’ll most likely outlast my other one as well. Such a great product. Holy cow.Read more

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  3. Aaron B.

    I bought this product because I was tired of having to change out the batteries on my Xbox remote all of the time. I even had rechargeable AA batteries but they would always die mid game and I would have to run and go change them quickly before I died. I really wanted a way that I could just set down my controller and it would charge when I am not playing and that is exactly what the Fosmon charger does. I can game for multiple hours with no problem and then put it on the charger until the next time I play. If you are on the fence about getting this just do it. You will thank me later.Read more

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  4. Brandon Thompson

    Wish I would have bought one of these a long time ago. I bought this in July 2018 and figured I’d let everyone know who reads this that they need this. Before this I’d keep several rechargeable AA batteries and it was very cumbersome. Rechargeable batteries never lasted very long for me. Now I either leave the controller on the charger when not in use or I always leave my other controller in the charger so I have that one as a spare. The charger looks really nice too. It is very easy to charge your controller, there’s no playing with the controller to get it docked, just lay it on and it starts charging and a green light comes on. When done the green light flashes. So simple and greatRead more

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  5. VJ

    The battery pack helped with the challenge of having to replace AA batteries when in middle of a game. The charging stations are very easy to setup. Just replace AA battery with the rechargeable battery and place on the charging station. The charging station has a USB to micro-USB cable. My only complaint is that it would have been better if there was a longer cable and a wall charger unit also added. with a short cable with no wall charger, the only option was to either get a wall charger with USB port or connect the Fosmon to Xbox console.Read more

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  6. Henchman

    My husband was so excited when I got him this charger. I know he’s been wanting it for long time, no more buying big packages of battery. Yay ,Also this charger can charge two controllers at once And it’s easy to tell when the battery is fully charged by looking at the solid green light. Great gift for game lovers .Read more

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  7. ScubaSteve

    This is my second time around getting a charger for my beloved Xbox One controllers. This one works great! The most important part is that you can just drop the controllers onto it without and fuss, and the charging contacts mate up properly, and your controller is ready for action the next time. A previous charger I owned was just too iffy on the mating of the electrical contacts, and I would get frustrated trying to make sure the controllers were going to charge properly. That is not the case with this one! Also, FYI – there is only a mini-USB to USB standard cable that comes with this charging set. You’ll need your own AC to USB adapter, such as the wall plug cube from your iPhone.Read more

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  8. Erin

    The docking station is pretty and fits nicely in my entertainment center space for my gaming stuff. The only issue I have is that one of the rechargeable battery packs’ doesn’t fit right. It’s like the plastic prong teeth are bent. So when it’s inserted correctly into any of my (5) controllers the pieces aren’t flush. There’s a small gap between the battery pack segment and the controller. It still seems to work so I haven’t bothered to report it or replace it. The instructions were very easy to understand as well. Be sure to read them because inserting the battery packs is sightly different than you’d be used to. :)Read more

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  9. Jason C. Mackay

    Fairly cheap but effective construction, sturdy enough for most users, just don’t expect that premium feel. I have an Xbox Elite controller and a standard Xbox One controller and I have trouble placing them on the cradle correctly to start charging, I usually always find myself moving the controller around while pushing down until the green light starts flashing. When charging begins it’s fine, it’s just tricky to place to enable charging which is really disappointing. The batteries do last for a good amount of time when charged which is good, if only you could just place the controllers on the cradle and have them charge 1st time, every time and all would be good. If you have a silicone cover on your joypad then forget it, unless you are willing and able to physically hold the controller in place while pushing it onto the cradle then no go. This is more of a heads up to potential buyers than a real negative, I didn’t expect it to work with the silicone cover on. Overall I’m quite disappointed as it’s so tricky to start the charging process, I really imagined all I’d have to do is place the controller on the cradle and viola, charging, sadly this is not the case.Read more

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  10. Michael L.

    A brilliant edition to a gamers arsenal. Extremely easy to use, fast charging times and has plenty of gaming life with each battery. I generally have one controller on charge at all times for easy continuous play. Occasionally I’ll put both controllers on charge the night before I plan a long gaming session.Read more

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  11. David Gomez Garcia

    Also die normalen Xbox One Controller lassen sich wunderbar aufladen. Da aber der Elite Controller hinten 2 grüne schalterchen beszitzt, kann der Controller nicht richtig auf die Kontakte der Aufladefläche liegen. Warum ich Betrug schreibe ist folgendes. Auf dem Bild und Beschreibung des Angebots wird dargestellt sowie beschrieben, dass auch ein Xbox Elite Contrioller, was hierbei auch mein Kaufgrund war, kompatipel bzw geeignet ist. Anscheinend bin ich darauf reingefallen und hoffe, dass viele diese Resezion lesen. Viele Grüße DaveRead more

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  12. A. Milne

    We had some fairly old rechargeable batteries that we used to power the Xbox controllers in the house. These generally lasted a week or so but when they ran out, (usually at a vital point, of course!), it was a pain to find new batteries with charge and inevitably involved someone running around the house like a headless chicken. Therefore, to combat this I thought that one of these charging stations might be a good idea and it really has proved to be – so much so that after a few weeks of trying it I ended up buying another one for downstairs. This charging station not only means that the controllers always have charge but it is also easy to locate the controllers – something that used to be a bit of a pain when they’d been left under cushions, behind chairs etc. The charger doesn’t take up much space at all and tucks away very neatly by the Xbox. The 2 batteries supplied with the charging station are very easily fitted in the controllers and from then on all you have to do is place the controller on the charger and the flashing light signals that it is being charged. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Overall I’m very impressed.Read more

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  13. Reece

    Totally useless product. Worked fine for the first couple of weeks, then the product just stopped charging, the battery packs do not charge on the cradle or through a wire. Received a note with the product that said to get in touch if there was any issues rather than returning the product, which I did, I got a reply for the first email, after I explained everything that was wrong they just completely ignored me, tried emailing several times so now returning the product. Think they get you to email so you go past the date you can return the product, luckily with everything that is going on Amazon had extended the date I can return the product.Read more

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    Fosmon Quad Pro Charger Compatible with Xbox One/One X/One S Controller (Not for Xbox Series X/S 2020), Docking Station With 4 Rechargeable Battery
    Fosmon Quad Pro Charger Compatible with Xbox One/One X/One S Controller (Not for Xbox Series X/S 2020), Docking Station With 4 Rechargeable Battery


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