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FRIZZLIFE RV Water Filter-NSF/ANSI 53&42 Certified Inline Hose Filter for RV-0.5 Micron W/Pressure Regulator, Reduce Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals, Odors – for Marine, Camper, Garden, MV99

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[Certified Trusted Water] Frizzlife MV99 Lead Free RV water filter system is certified by IAMPO R&T against NSF/ANSI 42&53. With TOP TIER composite activated carbon block at 0.5 micron filtration accuracy, the water purifier can reduce more than 99% of Chlorine, Sediments, Lead & Other Heavy Metals, Bad Taste & Odors, and other harmful contaminants from water while leaving in essential minerals, ensuring much safer and better tasting water for your outdoor usage.
[Solid Brass Connections with Pressure Regulator] The connection fittings of the RV water filtration system are made of high standard LEAD-Free brass material. No more worries on leakage or crack issues caused by flimsy plastic parts! The brass fittings are compatible with any standard 3/4” garden hoses. Moreover, Frizzlife MV99 RV water filter comes with a copper made water pressure regulator to protect the system from extra high pressure of the garden dispenser or outdoor water source.
[Extra-Long Service Life & Fast Flow] Frizzlife MV99 inline RV filter is much bigger and more sturdy when compared to traditional RV hose filters, serving with 2-4X ultra long lifespan. Search Frizzlife FZ-2 to purchase the replacement filter. Tested water flow > 1.5 GPM @ 60 psi from provided braided water hose. The fresh water is suitable for multiple usage such as dish washing, cooking, cleaning, boats, gardening, car rinse, swimming pool, Camping, and drinking!
[Auto Shut Off Design] A filter holder with metal pegs is included in the filter package which is perfectly designed for outdoor usage. It helps keep the water filter upright while in use, reducing hose kinking and maximizing the filtration performance. The RV water filtration system can also be mounted on the wall by using provided screws. The water filter is featured with AUTO SHUTOFF design. Namely, you don’t even need to shut off the water supply when you are about to change the filters.
[Easy Installation & Eco friendly]The package has everything needed for installation. No plumber needed. It is easy to be installed within 5 min following comprehensive manual and step-by-step installation video. Thanks to TWIST-IN design, the filter can be replaced within 3 sec which is super easy even for elders. Instead of throwing away the entire plastic filter cartridges, you only need to replace the inner core filter. Refuse plastic bottles, reuse plastic housing, reduce plastic pollution!


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Date First Available: July 10, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #96,757 in Automotive. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 237 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08PCJNPHR. Manufacturer Part Number: ‎MV99. Package Dimensions: ‎15.16 x 9.49 x 6.85 inches. Item Weight: ‎6.18 pounds. Brand: ‎FRIZZLIFE. Manufacturer: ‎Frizzlife.

Specification: FRIZZLIFE RV Water Filter-NSF/ANSI 53&42 Certified Inline Hose Filter for RV-0.5 Micron W/Pressure Regulator, Reduce Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals, Odors – for Marine, Camper, Garden, MV99

Weight 6.18 lbs

7 reviews for FRIZZLIFE RV Water Filter-NSF/ANSI 53&42 Certified Inline Hose Filter for RV-0.5 Micron W/Pressure Regulator, Reduce Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals, Odors – for Marine, Camper, Garden, MV99

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  1. John

    Like many others who have purchased this item, I received a pressure regulator that did not function properly. The result: nearly zero flow. What’s frustrating is the fact that the threaded hole on the inlet is 1/2” BSPP. Good luck finding a fitting to adapt 1/2” BSPP to 3/4” GHT (Garden Hose Thread). Fear not, as disabling the pressure regulation feature of the fitting is very simple. Once disabled, you can simply use whatever regulator you prefer. Refer to the photos I submitted for more details. I simply removed the inlet washer w/integrated screen, then used a short rod as a mandrel and a 12oz hammer to drive the poppet from inside of the fitting; it is inserted with a light press-fit. It comes out with just a couple of whacks. Once removed, there is no obstruction. Problem solved. Don’t let this problem deter you from making this purchase because this problem is easily corrected. The product, otherwise, is quite nice. The housing and accessories are sturdy and well made. And, everything you need to permanently or temporarily mount the unit is included. I would buy it again.Read more

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  2. Kevin W

    Wanted to love this product. Seems really well made with high quality material but the pressure regulator they have on there has turned the water in my RV to almost nothing. Shower barely comes out, outside shower hose barely comes out. So bummed out about this. I did connect directly to the water source without this and only turned it on maybe half way and was having great pressure in my trailer so for sure their water regulator is to blame.Read more

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  3. Steven Varney

    We have always used the small blue inline filters that everyone seems to be using for our camp trips. We would buy a few and toss them in the trash throughout the year. Let me tell you this thing is a game changer. I was super impressed with the build quality right out of the box. This thing even comes with its own inline pressure regulator. I really like the option to mount this somewhere on the trailer or I can remove it from the mounting bracket and use the provided stand to set it on the ground. I choose to attach the bracket to the frame under my trailer near my water inlet. The steel braided hose they included is a definite plus. It is long enough to reach from the inlet to the filter location under the trailer. I removed the filter while we were towing and just snapped it into place once we were set up. My first setup out of the box took me about 15 mins using the stand provided. I have since added the mounting bracket to the frame. I had to drill some holes to make sure it was more secure than just screws since it was under the trailer. So far this product feels really solid and well worth the money at its price point. I will give an update after we get some more camping trips added to the life of this filter. *** UPDATE 09/08/2021 *** Used this for multiple camping trips now. I added 3 neodymium magnets to the bracket and now I have a faster way of mounting this. I just stick it to the frame near my water inlet. Still works great!Read more

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  4. Michael Hill

    The default filter was a horrible WaterPur type that had no real filtration ability, so I replaced it with this quality .5 micron gem! Now the water from the holding tank is filtered to .5 micron in the entire RV (every sink as this is now directly in line with from the tank to the rest of the unit) and I LOVE IT!! My wife says that she loves that I dork out on this stuff, but I hate tap and love great filters. We have a SECOND one of these under the main kitchen sink, then another filter in the fridge too, AND a preliminary filter before the water comes into the RV too (usually two of them). So yeah, Im a little OCD about good water and Frizzlife has become my filter of choice across the board! Also makes winterizing super easy! thanks guys :)Read more

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  5. OneWiseWoman

    So i have resigned myself i can either have hot water, or filtered water..not both. This is my 3rd brand of filter to try for my rv. This one in particular has a regulator to attach..well i could not use that at all because it took the pressure so low, so i had to purchase an adaptor at the hardware store, because the filter connection fittings are different than the size of your inlet hose. Let me say, the filter itself works GREAT! Water quality is good. Feels good on skin, tastes good. However if you have a tankless water heater like i do, those tanks are set to take a certain pressure of water before they kick on. Well the filter worked great, water heater worked great for about 2 weeks. Then the water pressure started reducing, a lot! Even filling the toilet takes some time. So this reduction in pressure caused my tankless heater to throw an error code on not turn on. When i unhook the filter, no more problems. I don’t know how to circumvent this issue. I know water qualities differ in all places, but for the price paid ($80) i was hoping it would last much longer than 2 months. I do not think it is a good deal for the price. The housing is shorter than houshold filter housings…i wonder if maybe i can find a filter to fit it that costs less and lets more water through.. Again. Water filter does the job it’s supposed to do. But for my rv it took too much water pressure away, too soon. Would not have purchased if I’d known that.Read more

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  6. patrick

    Received my rv/travel trailer inline water filter a few weeks ago and I’m satisfied with the improvement to my water quality. I am curious though as to how much it actually filters the water since my only utensil to test the water is for dissolved solids meter and that doesn’t really give you the stats you need. To be honest the water I use from the hose is terrible like almost as bad as flint and after installing the filter in a pinch I can drink from my bathroom faucet and it’s not gross tasting. I would recommend to anyone in the market for this productRead more

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  7. Jamey Stone

    We put this filter in line at our permanent campground site. We wanted something a little “more” than the simple blue campco filters. It wasn’t evident at first but this dramatically effected our water pressure. So we’ve had to take it out and now the pressure is fine. Additionally, the water were we are due to the proximity of the bay has a light brownish tent. This filter didn’t help at all with that. So we are questioning how effective it really is.Read more

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    FRIZZLIFE RV Water Filter-NSF/ANSI 53&42 Certified Inline Hose Filter for RV-0.5 Micron W/Pressure Regulator, Reduce Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals, Odors – for Marine, Camper, Garden, MV99
    FRIZZLIFE RV Water Filter-NSF/ANSI 53&42 Certified Inline Hose Filter for RV-0.5 Micron W/Pressure Regulator, Reduce Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals, Odors – for Marine, Camper, Garden, MV99


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