Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors,10Pack Disposable Indoor Fly Trap,Sticky Gnat Traps for Housefly,Mosquitoes,Spiders,Ants,Plants

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The glue quantity of the fruit fly trap is twice higher than that of other traps of the same type.It‘s so sturdy and durable that the fruit fly will be stuck firmly as long as it contacts the trap,to destroy their reproduction cycle and finally eradicate it.Our product could catch aphids,leaf miner,black flies,white flies,midges,fungus gnats,mosquitoes and other flying insects easily.
With a broad range of application,it can eradicate mosquitoes totally.It is applicable to any place with flying insect problems,such as hotel,kitchen,restaurant,etc.With these fruit fly traps,everyone could get rid of the flying insect problems both indoors and outdoors.
Open the fly trap to expose the glue surface and then put it in the place where has a lots of flying insects.Take the product full of fruit flies away and package it with waste paper before putting it in the trash can.
The fruit flies trap could resist wind and rain so that the use effect will not be affected even if it is used outdoors.It is made of tasteless,chemical free and environmentally friendly material.
For any doubt about our fly traps,please feel free to contact us and we will send you a reply within 20minutes.

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