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Fruit of the Loom Men’s Ankle Quarter Socks (6 Pack) with Cushion and Arch Support One Size White

(13 customer reviews)

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Machine Wash
PERFECT FOR WORK BOOTS: Heavy-duty crew athletic socks promote all-day comfort, stability, and breathability–no matter how hard you’re working
FIGHTS FATIGUE: Cushioned foot and reinforced sole keep foot fatigue to a minimum, helping you stay on your feet for longer
BREATHABLE & MOISTURE WICKING: Ventilation channels and antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fibers keep socks dry, comfortable, and fresh
GREAT VALUE: Delivers exceptional performance and durability; designed with the working person in mind
SNUG & DURABLE: Men’s crew work socks crafted from rugged, extra-thick cotton; made with 76% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 1% Lycra Spandex, and 1% Other Fibers


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Fruit of the Loom socks are comfortable, affordable, and built to last. These men’s ankle socks feature arch support, a durable gray cushioned sole, and spandex throughout. The black silhouette features stays black fabrication. 6 pairs per package. Fits men’s shoe size 6-12.

Specification: Fruit of the Loom Men’s Ankle Quarter Socks (6 Pack) with Cushion and Arch Support One Size White

Dimensions 13 × 8 × 11 in

13 reviews for Fruit of the Loom Men’s Ankle Quarter Socks (6 Pack) with Cushion and Arch Support One Size White

2.6 out of 5
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  1. Kindle Customer

    These Fruit of the Loom socks are still better than most, but … it’s sad that these days so many name brand products seem to have a diminishing quality. A couple of years ago these socks would’ve earned five stars easily. They’re still very nice socks, however, they are not as thick and robust as they used to be, which is a real shame. Price wise I think they’re still a better value than some of their competitors, but I can’t help but feel disappointed with the diminished quality. Yeah I know, cost savings, blah blah blah, still I would rather pay a couple of extra dollars to keep the same unsurpassed quality that they used to have.Read more

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  2. Kenneth F. Clark

    Total garbage. Heavy duty reinforced my butt… First pair I pull out got a hole at the big toe in one day. So the next day I pull out another pair and guess what… There is nothing heavy duty or reinforced about these socks. I guess I can use them to wash my motorcycle.Read more

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  3. Honey West

    I’ve not washed or worn the socks yet because I’m still deciding whether to return. Here’s a comparison to the similar sock I ordered a couple years ago. It seems that the foot will stretch? I am more concerned about the top. It seems to stretch as much as the old sock and you can see the “resting” width is the same but when I put it on, it does feel too tight. Both are listed as 1% lycra spandex. The material is thin. I am not concerned with looks as these are only for wearing around the house. ***UPDATE*** After wearing a pair, DO NOT BUY. The top edge is ridiculously tight and will leave marks. These are not “plus size”.Read more

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  4. J. Frederick

    These are boys socks. They are too small to be adult socks. In the picture, the Fruit of the Loom sock is above, and a mens sock below. It is too much trouble to return, so I gave them to my son. My search continues for men’s socks.Read more

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  5. Randy A. Wood

    These are unwearable, far too small. This is the biggest sticking point for buying clothing online, companies that just make things whatever size they feel like, with no standardization. Pick a realistic size, label it correctly, and stick the eff to it.Read more

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  6. Robert MacIntel

    Purported to not be tight nor to cut off circulation, I actually had to cut off the top closure bands, then make SLITS going down the left inseam and right inseam of the socks in order to wear them. Durable construction is a plus. If you have DIABETES, these are NOT your socks!Read more

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  7. rsnewton

    For what I paid, I didn’t expect super quality. However, just taking them out of the plastic wrapper, I could already see damage on the outside of one set. Ultimately, 5 of the 12 total socks already have snags. They’re also inconsistent lengths – significantly shorter or longer in 2-3 cases (by at least a band width, not just little oddnesses from how they’ve been sitting). The material feels like it’s a full 75-90% poly or higher, almost all synthetic, no naturals. Pay the $2-5 more for something else or go to a store where you can inspect them. (The only reason I’m not returning them is that I work 3rrd shift, there are no convenient 24-hr UPS dropoffs, and paying for the pickup will cost 2/3 what the order did – I’ll just eat that loss, but I’ll also order hanes next time around.)Read more

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  8. Lucy S

    Extremely tight on the ankle-lining. Ripped the moment I tried on one sock.Read more

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  9. Vesprteane

    You gotta know how to use them for them to be most effective! It’s the friction between the cloth’s roughness and your skin that causes the dead skin to lift and come off. I don’t use soap beforehand because it gives my skin more slip and causes the towel to not work properly. I find that the drier I am (without being dry) the better it works. If I’m in the shower, I turn the shower off for a few minutes while I do this. If I’m in the bathtub, I wipe away excess water with my facecloth. Hopefully, after you begin scrubbing (be firm!), you’ll find skinny, grey, rolled pieces of dead skin coming off, very satisfying! Be careful with water temperature bc your skin is tender and it’ll be sensitive to hotter water. 1-2 times a week is generally how often I do this, but there’s nothing wrong with everyday use I’m sure. For women, notable places: – underneath your boobs (It’s where your bra sits, so lots of sweat and dead skin) – your back (If you can find a friend) – inner thighs (delicate area, but go slow) – underarms Would highly recommend, would repurchase! Great value at less than $2/ cloth, and lasts a good while before needing to be replaced. It does shrink A LOT. Pink is GENTLER.Read more

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  10. Edie

    Just like the ones I buy in Seoul. Use them for daily washing and apply extra pressure for a great exfloiating clean. Read the reviews here before buying and saw many people complaining they are too small. They shrink when they get wet then you stretch them back over your hand, that is the design. They should fit at least half way down your hand/past your thumb. If you have very big hands then these are not the product for you, but it’s not a fault with the cloths themselves.Read more

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  11. Wei H.

    The size changed significantly when it met water, you just can’t put your hand in, not handy.Read more

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  12. Allison

    I have to be honest, my first attempt at using this after soaking in the bath was not very impressive. I went straight for the green towel for my body, which started to feel uncomfortable before I could really do much exfoliating. The next try was with the pink towel and it was incredible how much dead skin came off. The scene in my bath tub after this second scrub was truly disturbing. I feel like I must have weighed less than I did before getting in the bath. If I don’t use the pink towel every few days now I start to feel like how I imagine a moulting snake does. If you buy this product you will never regain the blissful ignorance of pre-italy towel existence. But, you will no longer want to.Read more

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  13. Rohas S.

    I’ve always had issues with acne/bacne and dry skin especially during the winter months. Only now, have I been looking into exfoliating and as I was reading up on proper skin care routines on Reddit, the subbreddit “skincareaddiction” highly recommended using Salux or Korean washcloths. So, I decided to give these a shot and boy do they work! These washcloths will scrub dead skin in every nook and cranny. Now, it’s important to know how to use these, to get the best results. Simply soak yourself for 10+ minutes and scrub away. This must be done prior to using any soap. Using firm, short strokes, you’ll be amazed with the rolls of dead skin coming off. If done right, skin should feel silky smooth to the touch and provides improved moisturizer absorption. I’ve also been using this on my face without any issue; although I am more gentle. Keep in mind, it takes some fiddling in the oven-like construction to get a proper fit, but as another reviewer suggested, I may cut and resew the washcloth lengthwise. Also, as the seller has noted, there is considerable shrinkage (see uploaded images). You can get multiple uses out of one washcloth. So, this set of 8 can easily last you at least 6 months. Given the price point, I think there is tremendous value. Highly recommend!Read more

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    Fruit of the Loom Men’s Ankle Quarter Socks (6 Pack) with Cushion and Arch Support One Size White
    Fruit of the Loom Men’s Ankle Quarter Socks (6 Pack) with Cushion and Arch Support One Size White


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