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Funko Disney It’s a Small World Game Collector’s Edition

(8 customer reviews)

This Collector’s Edition features a gold-colored tin with an heirloom embossed cover.
Game includes a 3D game board centerpiece with beautifully illustrated scenes from the classic Disney attraction.
80 unique picture cards featuring joyful children and whimsical animals from around the globe.
Collect cards in a handy card holder that features iconic topiary animal art that comes straight from outside the attraction.
Follow the waterway in your team’s boat and match your picture cards to the scenes as you journey from room to room.
The iconic clock tower keeps track of the time from sunup to sunset — or you can play until the sleepy moon comes up.
Ages 4+
2-6 Players
20-Minute Gameplay


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Style:Collector’s Edition It’s the happiest cruise that ever sailed! Celebrate the classic Disney attraction, “it’s a small world,” in this playful journey! Discover the joyful children and whimsical animals of the world. Collect colorful picture cards by spotting scenes that can be seen from your little boat. Can you collect the most cards before the end of the day?

Specification: Funko Disney It’s a Small World Game Collector’s Edition

Weight 2.86 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 8 in

8 reviews for Funko Disney It’s a Small World Game Collector’s Edition

4.6 out of 5
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  1. JacB

    The game is lovely. Very bright and colorful with thick pieces that feel well made. The plastic card holder is pretty flimsy and I wish there was a stand for the teams card holders, but overall it’s well done. I also like how there are seperated areas in the box to store things. Game play is really easy. You only move 1 space at a time and draw the # of cards in the boat you land on. The object of the game is to turn in more cards than your opponent before the end of the game. The problem is the game is boring. There is no challenge. It is rated for 4 and up, but a mature 2 or 3 year old could play this easily as well as long as they know how to match. I don’t understand why you are on teams, it seems pointless and its hard for your teammates to see everything because 1 player has to hold the card holder. They could have easily made this a 4 individual player game. Its just way to simplistic. We play a lot of games, including cooperation games, but I have a feeling this one will end up dusty on the shelf.Read more

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  2. Abcdefg

    This is a perfect family game- especially for Disney fans! The quality is so impressive with a beautiful box, sturdy pieces made of thick cardboard, and the 3D interactive aspect. The instructions are straightforward and the game is easy enough for young kids to play. Players work on two teams to find the people and animals in the cards. It’s fun to re-live the ride through this game. We collect the Disney board games, and since we have young kids, we like this one better than the Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion board games that have so many steps per turn which can get confusing and complicated for the kids.Read more

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  3. Dr. G

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a board game in such a beautiful box. This game is really cute and actually a lot of fun to play with little ones. My son is 6 and he’s more than old enough to play with minimal coaching from me. There are some minor modifications noted in the instructions in order to accommodate shorter attention spans (and longer), but we just played the regular way. All game pieces and the board are really high quality. The cards are small, which at first was a concern, but it didn’t end up being a problem at all. I think it’s a great game that promotes attention to detail, prediction, etc. in a really fun and subtle way that doesn’t feel forced or too “educational.” We had a blast and I’m really glad I purchased this.Read more

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  4. PrincessMom

    You can adjust play to be easy or more challenging, which is nice. We decided to play on one team as a family (two of us and our four year old) and simply go along trying to find all the characters without there being a competitive aspect. I loved the “retro” feel of the game, the colors and patterns reminded me of my first Disney trip many years ago.Read more

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  5. wendy

    The game has components that are designed very well. It snaps together and the walls on the board spin perfectly. The game is easy to play. It kept my 4-year-old grandson and 6-year-old granddaughter (and of course me) busy for 3 hours matching the small world cards to the characters. I highly recommend it. I’m keeping it set up in the camper for whenever they are over.Read more

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  6. Kristen

    Immediately purchased when I received the Treasure Truck text without even looking at the details. And I’m so glad I did. It is the cutest board game and a lot of fun! My 3 year old never wants to stop playing and the adults even enjoy it (the nostalgia helps). I think it’s really best for 2 people but kids and adults can partner up and play together.Read more

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  7. andy

    This is definitely a collectors piece and the beautifully embossed tin makes this something anyone who loves this Magic Kingdom ride will be glad they bought it. This is an Xmas gift for my daughter (51) who loves all things Disney. Although geared for young children, reviews have said adults will enjoy playing this and bring back memories of this iconic ride.Read more

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  8. Laura Edeen

    I miss Disneyland so much. My whole family found this game entertaining. At first we played cooperative mode and had fun noticing all the details from the ride. The competitive mode was fun too. I can see once you are familiar with the game using the flipping science strategy to cause others trouble getting rid of their cards. Cool!Read more

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    Funko Disney It’s a Small World Game Collector’s Edition
    Funko Disney It’s a Small World Game Collector’s Edition


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