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FurnitureClinic Leather Protection Cream | Leather Conditioner & Protector for Car Seats, Leather Furniture, Shoes, & More, 500ml 500 ml

(13 customer reviews)

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SEAL: This product was evaluated by the Good Housekeeping institute and after rigorous testing by their expert scientists and engineers, has been granted the prestigious Good Housekeeping seal. Evaluation of the product includes reviewing product effectiveness, as well as packaging and marketing claims.
LEATHER CONDITIONER & PROTECTION CREAM: With added barrier protection technology this conditioning cream feeds, nourishes, protects & re-instates the luxurious leather aroma. The barrier applied to the leather will also hold general dirt & soiling on the surface making the leather much easier to clean and care for, with the added bonus of also stopping pen marks, dye transfer etc from penetrating the leathers coating.
USE ON ALL LEATHER TYPES: Great for furniture, cars, couches, handbags & all colors and types of leather, and as a leather shoe conditioner. Feel comfortable using this leather care product on a large variety of leather items!
SIMPLE TO USE: STEP 1. Shake bottle well and apply to the leather with a soft cloth. STEP 2. Rub sparingly into the leather in a circular motion. Note: Applying a little will match the sheen of your leather; if you apply more it will enhance the shine on the leather. STEP 3. Leave for 10 minutes and then buff over with a cloth. It is crucial to buff this product for best results Your leather will now be thoroughly protected.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We understand conditioning and protecting your leather can be a tricky task, but don’t be afraid. Our experts are here if you have questions before purchasing and if after purchasing you’re not satisfied with the results (we expect you will be), we offer a money back guarantee. We know our product works wonderfully when used correctly.


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Date First Available: September 6, 2013. Best Sellers Rank: #12,301 in Automotive. Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,953 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B00C42RA96. Manufacturer Part Number: ‎FBA_PROTECTCR500. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No. Item model number: ‎8542145425. Package Dimensions: ‎9.29 x 2.68 x 2.44 inches. Item Weight: ‎1.1 pounds. Model: ‎FBA_PROTECTCR500. Brand: ‎FurnitureClinic. Manufacturer: ‎Furniture Clinic.

Specification: FurnitureClinic Leather Protection Cream | Leather Conditioner & Protector for Car Seats, Leather Furniture, Shoes, & More, 500ml 500 ml

Weight 1.1 lbs

13 reviews for FurnitureClinic Leather Protection Cream | Leather Conditioner & Protector for Car Seats, Leather Furniture, Shoes, & More, 500ml 500 ml

4.3 out of 5
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  1. AK

    We have Italian leather couches that we got for around $350 at a garage sale (he said they cost him $3000 new)….they looked pretty worn and the leather was very dry, but were otherwise in good condition. If the guy who sold them to us would have done this first, he probably could have gotten $1000 for them! Before I used the Leather Protection Cream, I cleaned them all first with Furniture Clinic Leather Cleaner according to directions and then applied the dark brown Furniture Clinic Leather Color Balm. I waited as instructed and the buffed it. I used regular sponge to apply it since the sponge that was included broke apart pretty quickly. Then I used a leather shoe polishing brush to buff it since it was easier than a cloth. I then applied the Furniture Clinic Leather Protection Cream and again waited until it was dry (per instructions) and then buffed it with a cloth. While some color came off on the rag I used to apply the protection cream, once it was dried and I buffed with a clean dry cloth, no color came off and we haven’t had any color or residue come off in the week since we did this. Because the leather was so dry, I will be applying the leather protection cream weekly for a while until it seems like it doesn’t need it so often and then I’ll switch to monthly or longer as suggested on the bottle.Read more

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  2. itRAINSinOregon

    We bought used couch n chair and 2 ottomans, all 4 were slightly different colors, we used medium brown. step 1, clean the leather, we used a slightly damp cloth . .step 2 wipe on a thin coat of balm, suddenly all the cracks were MUCH closer in color to the rest of the furniture. step 3, wait just 10 minutes, REALLY, rubbed the “excess balm” off and it shined up and the color matched even better than just after the application. step 4, rub on the protection cream, wait 10 minutes buff again, now it’s even more color matched, more shiny, but not TOO shiny . . . AMAZING . . . no stink to any of it, no ugly cracks showing, no dull spots, gollee, I have NO idea what all the negative reviews had problems with . . I’m guessing we “saved” 700-800 bucks over buying new, and everything ended up looking like slightly worn, exactly why we bought leather in the first place . . wish I’d taken before n after photos, we went from alligator skin looking to slightly weathered finish in 30 minutes . . total . . . .Read more

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  3. Brennan DPT

    Not your grandma’s furniture polish! I used: Leather cleaner- smells like citrus and gently removed years of buildup on what I thought was a pretty clean sectional. Ended up having to remove a previous leather protector that left a white waxy residue- no problem for this cleaner! Recoloring balm- used mostly ”camel” with some medium brown mixed in. (4:1 ratio). Went on like a lotion and soaked in to the damaged leather- made small scuffs and large cracks disappear. The UV damage was reduced quite a lot. The buffing sealed the color in. Beautiful! No smell! Used a few coats in problem areas to get a rich color. Leather protector- light and creamy. A light fragrance that disappears with drying. Buffs into a nice shine without looking or feeling oily. I hope it will last. Really glad I tried these products. I also used the instructional videos to get the courage to use the recoloring balm. I am so glad I did! Our $3500 leather sectional sofa that we got used for $250 now looks like a million bucks!Read more

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  4. T. Lindhe

    All I say is do you research before purchasingI thought I did enough research and I was wrong and this ruined my furniture I had the three-piece set and my couches are useless right now anybody who sits on them ends up with the dye coming off onto their clothing and their body and I had a child fall asleep on my leather sofa when he awoke he had brown dye all over his face the company refunded my money but they said it was my fault because it had a sheen to the leather that this product would not work that is not listed anywhere in the instructionsRead more

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  5. Mark Stys

    I have a 15+ year leather Ethan Allen couch that ‘survived’ 3 boys and 8 dogs (Bernese Mountain dogs with relatively short lifespans, ~8 years, and we had 2-3 at a time). Over time the leather on the seat area became very worn from the crew. I checked into recovering them and it was about $400-$500/cushion…and I really didn’t want to spend 40% of the cost of a new couch on recovering. I only bought this to ‘give it a shot’ on a couch that is on the basement. I WAS SHOCKED AT THE RESULT, and it’s going back upstairs to the great room. The color is not a perfect match, but it’s the seat area and frankly it doesn’t even matter because of the ripples and shadows. Awesome product.Read more

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  6. Jodi Kay Clay

    I used this product on a 16 year old sofa that I’d recolored using Furniture Clinic’s dark brown recoloring balm. The Protection Cream made it look brand new. After recoloring and buffing the sofa looked dull and matte. I wore rubber gloves and rubber the Protection Cream into the sofa well, waited 10 minutes and buffed it. WOW! Made my old sofa look brand new again. Very happy with the result!Read more

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  7. marjala

    I just applied this to my recently cleaned and recolored balm leather furniture. I love the cleaner and leather balm. I’m not happy that applying this conditioner removed color from my leather chair that had looked good before using it. It removed color and yes it made my leather shinier but I would rather have the color on my chair still. Now I have to reclean and reapply the leather balm. Maybe this works better on newer leather with less issues than mine but I won’t apply this again- I’ll clean and reapply the leather balm as neededRead more

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  8. Laura Marie Taylor

    Easy to apply, and instructions are great. I could have gotten a lighter color and applied additional coats to achieve a darker tone. Doesn’t come off on your clothes after it’s applied. It’s a bit dull initially but after sitting on our sofa for a couple weeks it started to get the nice sheen back. We highly recommend this product. We also bought the cleaner and protector from this company because they are very dialed into furniture care. Also, a little goes a long way with this product. Very pleased with everything.Read more

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  9. Paul

    I first bought the Furniture Clinic Easy Leather Restoration Kit (Dark Brown) and having successfully coloured my sofa chair, I thought it would be a good idea to follow the company’s recommendations and apply the Conditioner and Protection Cream from the same brand. As soon as I started, the brown leather colour started coming off and I had to stop immediately. I am very disappointed.Read more

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    Brought an Analine large Tan sofa/suit last year and was encouraged to purchase the retailers recommended ‘Care kit’ .. Waste of money !! Also bought the insurance package. The care kit neither cleaned or protected or conditioned the leather and the ‘Baby wipe’ type product, although I used both boxes of protector on first application around 40 wipes … Yes 40 … !, was rubbish and I didn’t even finish the whole suit as the leather was so dry it soaked up the liquid on them in a very small area. I found out quickly , to my frustration, that Analine leather is extremely absorbent to all liquids and needs continued protection and I have now found the perfect product. I was informed as part of the insurance I couldn’t use anything but the manufacturers recommended product … Well that product is expensive and rubbish… This products does exactly what I needed it to. By using this product the suite has now been transformed from a dry, dull cheap looking peice of furniture that I was beginning to regret purchasing to a thing of beauty. The leather is now soft with a subtle sheen and a lovely shade of saddle Tan. I’ve not tested its protection claim yet as nothing has spilled on it but with this leather I don’t think you can fully protect it anyway so any improvement on that will be a bonus. Took me about 3 hours to do the whole suite and used quite a bit as the leather was so dry. The leather goes darker on application than the finished effect but dries very quickly and when buffed looks and feels lovely. Can’t say I have noticed a particular smell once dried but the product has a very subtle smell anyway. On the whole extremely pleased will buy again and again and will look at other productsby the same company for any other issues I have with the suite. 5 stars all round.Read more

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  11. Loupie

    I bought this to finish off my leather sofa which I’d recoloured with the Leather Balm from the same brand. It’s brilliant. It gave a beautiful finish to my sofas and I now use it to clean up scuff and scratch marks from the dog and kids every 3-4 weeks. I only need a small amount and it instantly removes the scratches leaving the sofa good as new. I love it and will definitely buy more but this bottle is set to last for a very long time (having already been used on a foot stool and two sofas in their entirety). Fabulous stuff. Smells good too. Highly recommend.Read more

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  12. twohanded

    Absolutely amazed how effective this product was on several leather dining seats that were worse for wear. Easy to apply with immediately noticeable results. Completely satisfied that my purchase was justified. Leather appears like new and has every indication of lasting a lifetime after just one application.Read more

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  13. Karen

    Fantastic to use, real made my aniline leather sofa soft and yummy. Best of all was the help I received from the lady on the phone, she answered my e.mail ASAP. I then rang and she couldn’t of been more helpful. So if in doubt ring and get help and advise. Will be using this company for my leather management. Thank you furniture clinic xxRead more

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    FurnitureClinic Leather Protection Cream | Leather Conditioner & Protector for Car Seats, Leather Furniture, Shoes, & More, 500ml 500 ml
    FurnitureClinic Leather Protection Cream | Leather Conditioner & Protector for Car Seats, Leather Furniture, Shoes, & More, 500ml 500 ml


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