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Garage Door Screen for one Car 9x7FT Garage Doors,Heavy Duty Door Screen Curtain for Garage Door,Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door 9*7FT

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MAGNETIC SCREEN MESH DOOR with Full Frame Magic Tape
LET FRESH AIR IN:The middle seam of the screen door is strategically lined with strong magnets that keep the best seal and closure but open easily.. It turns your garage into an extra living space in summer. Kids, dogs and cats can go inside and outside of the house with ease. LIAMST is frameless, durable, detachable, & stores away easily for the off season.
REINFORCED MATERIAL: LIAMST use s the high-density and antioxidant strongest materials and durable, which makes it perfect for a pet screen door and high-traffic doors.
EASY TO INSTALL :It is installed outside of garage door. Includes all you need to install: 9.3FT x7.15 FT Mesh Panel, plus a roll of hook&loop and a pack of push pins, LIAMST GARAGE SCREEN has one panel installation, simply peel the adhesive backing off the hook and loop strips and apply to door frame.
LIAMST GARAGE SCREEN is now available for 16.3*8.15FT,16.3*7.15FT, 9.3*7.15FT, 8.3*7.15FT. At LIAMST we always stand by our products and take the extra step to satisfy our customers.If you have any questions, we will definitely give you one Satisfactory solution

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Date First Available: March 4, 2020. Best Sellers Rank: #67,763 in Tools & Home Improvement. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,380 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B085G6RPGR. Batteries Required?: ‎No. Item Package Quantity: ‎1. Size: ‎9*7FT. Package Dimensions: ‎14 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches. Item Weight: ‎2 pounds. Manufacturer: ‎PAUTO-P.

Specification: Garage Door Screen for one Car 9x7FT Garage Doors,Heavy Duty Door Screen Curtain for Garage Door,Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door 9*7FT

Weight 2 lbs

8 reviews for Garage Door Screen for one Car 9x7FT Garage Doors,Heavy Duty Door Screen Curtain for Garage Door,Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door 9*7FT

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Kristen Warren

    Trick to installing. Start at the middle and work your way out. It ends up better that way. Also, when putting the tape on the sides, make sure you leave the mesh a bit loose. Like don’t pull it tight. If not, the magents in the middle won’t close back on their own. I had to readjust a couple time to get them to close back on their own.Read more

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  2. Jean Ann Easter

    I purchased this to go around a back porch area on the cheap as opposed to actually building a porch enclosure. It worked great until my pit puppy decided to go from 0 to 60 from the other side of the yard and he didn’t hit the magnets correctly right at the opening. Managed to rip the bottom weight strip right off the screen of one panel. I’m actually impressed the rest of the material held up to the Flying Dragon Claw landing rofl. If using it for this function nail-in tacks would be a great added option, the push-pins will not hold it up during strong winds so I always had to do a bit of ‘repair’ afterwards until I actually nailed it into the porch supports and beams. Otherwise the puppy has yet to damage anything else and learned the ripped part was where he needed to aim for. If it can hold up to 60 lbs of dog charging at it with minor damage I’d recommend this to everyone…Read more

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  3. JRS

    I’ve ordered two of these units from different sellers over the past couple of months and this one is hands down the best. Better velcro, better tack nail hardware, better fit, better construction. I’m definitely considering buying another one to replace the inferior product I have hanging on my other garage door.Read more

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  4. Ronny Acosta

    This is definitely a 2, maybe 3 person job, depending on how you open and install this. Before installing, it’s best to completely unroll the whole thing and thoroughly cleaning the frame you plan on installing this on. Once it was installed, we used the tacks that came with it to tack it into the frame for that extra security. While we don’t use it a whole lot since it’s still hot outside, when we do need to go and start to clean out the garage, this netting really does help keep the bugs out the garage which also means that it keeps them out of the house. Normally we would only open the door half way just to help air it out but flies and mosquitoes would come in, but we wouldn’t get much air coming through. Now that we have the net, not only do we get better air flow but no flies or mosquitoes. Not to mention, the magnets on this are really strong and they really do close on their own.Read more

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  5. Devlebaba

    I put this up quickly on the inside of my garage bc the black Velcro doesn’t match my exterior paint scheme and it fit perfect on the frame of the garage. It’s decently taut and easy to go in and out. The magnets are strong in the middle and open and close quickly. I have a standard double garage and it attached just above the door and hangs just to the ground with some excess on the ground but nothing you’d trip over. As for privacy it doesn’t do a whole lot for your immediate neighbors they will see you but further away it will appear darkened and less easily viewing the contents of your garage. I enjoy many breezy days and was saddened that the breeze is quite inhibited although the air still flows through but it stops a good bit of wind. Would I buy it again, absolutley yes I’m gonna get one for the back door as well. Totally worth itRead more

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  6. jeff novak

    Seems well made and easy to install. Check first to make sure there are not obstructions that can catch when garage door opens. Golf carts have high roofs and will snag the curtain causing it to tear. Mine did. Not the fault of the curtain. Velcro tape is really sticky and holds well. It tool me 3 attempts to get the right placement and reusing the tape hasn’t posed a problem. Screen cuts the glare of sunlight. 8/29/20, new report. Not being golf kart friendly, I cut the top piece in the center and restiched where I made the cut Now I can pull each side back for entry and exit with no problem. Since it is now opened quite a bit, the velcro adhesive started to give way. I solved that issue by putting in 5/16″ SS staples across the top and down both sides. They don’t look great, but when the curtain is in place, you can’t see them. I’m moving my rating to 5 stars now.Read more

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  7. Sara

    Overall we are impressed for the price, but “you get what you pay for” applies here. It’s not a high quality item but it’ll do the job. I can’t say that it’ll last for years to come but we are happy with what we got. We used our stapler to add staples to the Velcro on the garage door frame. I can see that we will have to baby it- after removing it the first time we tore some of the Velcro at the top corner because we only added one vertical staple. After adding 2 horizontal staples it seems a lot stronger. It’s very strong Velcro which is good, just be careful when taking the screen down. You’ll want to add a lot of staples, especially to reinforce the ends but I can’t imagine that the Velcro adhesive is enough by itself. I also added a grommet and hook to the middle top to allow one person to hang it easier because we will have to take ours down when not in use. We installed ours on the inside of the garage door frame because we didn’t want black Velcro permanently installed on our exterior for aesthetic reasons. We do live in a high wind coastal city and it did blow apart at the magnetic strip a couple of times but we found that if we put anything- a chair, step stool, etc- in front of it on the inside of the garage it was enough to stop it from blowing open. We also have to help it come back together once opened because the wind is constant and doesn’t give it a chance to settle and snap back together. The magnets are strong and placed close together along the entire opening, so once closed there are no gaps. I think it’s a great price for what you get and if anything we will now know if we want to invest in a higher cost/quality item when the time comes to replace it. **When we first installed this we missed a whole roll of Velcro and thought we didn’t have enough. We later found the other roll. Even with just using one roll I was able to get a good fit by spacing out the top into 8 sections. I think I will save the extra roll for when the staples inevitably fail and a strip needs to be replaced.Read more

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  8. Vivianne Hayter

    Strong magnets make for easy entrance and exit to our outdoor living space. The installation was quick and easy and so far the adhesive on the Velcro is all we’ve needed but we are glad to have the push pins if needed for later. We love this product and highly recommend it!Read more

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    Garage Door Screen for one Car 9x7FT Garage Doors,Heavy Duty Door Screen Curtain for Garage Door,Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door 9*7FT
    Garage Door Screen for one Car 9x7FT Garage Doors,Heavy Duty Door Screen Curtain for Garage Door,Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door 9*7FT

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