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Gigabit WiFi Router, Dual Band Smart Wireless Router, Speedefy AC2100 4×4 MU-MIMO & 7 External Antennas for Strong Signal and High Speed, Parental Control, Guest Network, Easy Setup (Model K7W)

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【Superior Speed and Performance】 Speedefy K7W WiFi router with dual-core CPU and 4*4 MU-MIMO technology, so it can connect multiple devices at the same time, enjoy high speed Internet when watching 4K/HD video and better online gaming experience.
【Stronger & Stable Signal】 7*6dBi antennas and beamforming technology to optimize WiFi coverage, providing more stable and powerful signal transmission for your home. Enjoy stable WiFi on every device, wherever room you are in the house.
【Easy to Setup】 With Speedefy App or webpage, Get your new home network ready in 5 minutes. Manage your network at home or remotely, anytime and anyplace. K7W wireless router is compatible with vast majority ISP in the U.S.
【Network Security】 With WPA/WPA2 mixed security level password encryption, efficiently keep data and WiFi access in private. A reliable and secure router for wireless internet.
【More Advanced Features】 Discover more features on web console: Parental control – manage kids’ internet access; Guest network – build separate WiFi for guests. Create fast, reliable wired connections for your PCs, Smart TVs and gaming console.


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Voltage: 240 Volts. Data Transfer Rate: 2100 Megabits Per Second. Number of Ports: 4. Security Protocol: WPA2-PSK. Wireless Type: 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11g. Operating System: IOS, Android. Frequency Band Class: Dual-Band. Control Method: App. Brand: Speedefy. Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi. Best Sellers Rank: #2,115 in Computers & Accessories. Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 837 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars. Date First Available: ‎December 16, 2020. ASIN: ‎B08QRMJMWF. Manufacturer: ‎Speedefy. Voltage: ‎240 Volts. Color: ‎White. Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎9.41 x 5.68 x 1.59 inches. Product Dimensions: ‎9.41 x 5.68 x 1.59 inches. Item Weight: ‎2.35 pounds. Operating System: ‎IOS, Android. Item model number: ‎Speedefy K7W. Brand: ‎Speedefy. Wireless Type: ‎802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11g.

Specification: Gigabit WiFi Router, Dual Band Smart Wireless Router, Speedefy AC2100 4×4 MU-MIMO & 7 External Antennas for Strong Signal and High Speed, Parental Control, Guest Network, Easy Setup (Model K7W)

Weight 2.35 lbs
Dimensions 9.41 × 5.68 × 1.59 in

9 reviews for Gigabit WiFi Router, Dual Band Smart Wireless Router, Speedefy AC2100 4×4 MU-MIMO & 7 External Antennas for Strong Signal and High Speed, Parental Control, Guest Network, Easy Setup (Model K7W)

4.8 out of 5
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  1. JaBru

    After buying, go to SPEEDEFYWIFI.COM on a computer browser to change the following: WIFI SETTINGS > CHANNEL & BANDWIDTH > NETWORK MODE to “11n” for 2.4ghz and “11ac” for 5 ghz. ALSO, turn off WIFI SETTINGS > Beamforming+. Their beamforming algorithm took half the speed away on my tests, so make sure it is off. The phone app does not give you the option to edit all these options, so you have to log on to the website speedefywifi.com The Wifi signal was a little slow out of the box due to these really old settings being the default settings, but once I did these changes, the speed is FAST FAST FAST—way faster than the router my Internet Company gave me. Also, it’s recommended you enable “IPv6” AND disable “WPS” for better network security. I contacted support at one point and they were very responsive and prompt. The speed has and range has been quite good for several months now. The settings I mentioned above are good for long term use.Read more

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  2. Max

    UPDATE (04/06/21) I realized that there IS a web interface for the router. I made the mistake of trying to access it via a desktop rather than from the wireless (on the same IP subnet). And that web interface does contain many other options like changing the device into an AP, has more configurations for control, bandwidth and so on. So advanced users will be at home with this web interface. ORIGINAL Review PRO: Transmission power and multiple antennas allows for faster throughput. (see Pics) Configuration of the device is pretty straight forward through the App (Android App) LED control. Yes please. Not many brands have this. I do not want light at night. CONS: Not really a con, but I miss the web interface. Configuration needs to be done through the app and that is still good.(READ UPDATE: There is a web interface) A bit bulky compared with other devices. Antennas very prominent. I will be mounting mine on the wall, and it sticks a lot (however I prefer bulky and fast rather than slim and not so fast). I cannot tell much about the internal quality of components used on this device (i am not going to open it), but so far it is performing really well. Other comments: I have a 1Gb. Fiber Connection, and I since I work in IT, I normally stick to enterprise devices. But I was surprised that a cheaper device (although newer) could deliver a much faster speed than my older device. At the end of the day, all I care is about the speed available for all the devices at home (and since all the virtual learning for kids is still ongoing, this is something good to keep all Zoom/Webex/Teams meetings going). Using a Meraki: Cell: 115 Mbps – 91.1 Mbps Laptop: 227 Mbps – 180 Mbps Using Speedefy: Cell: 499 Mbps – 137 Mbps Laptop: 404 Mbps – 194 Mbps Both APs are in similar locations (although one mounted and the other one on my chair next to it) Quality wise looks ok, nothing too fancy, so I hope this device keeps this performance on the long run. Final thoughts: It does exactly what I expected (to get me better WIFI speed) and for less money than my other older device. While I do not have any source of noise, in the place where I live, we have our spectrum very crowded (I live in a DC), so this device was able to get a good frequency and broadcast at 2.4 and 5 Ghz without much interference. Be aware that most of my devices are connecting to the 5 GHz (where you would get the most speed). Very happy right now with the device. I will be doing an updated review probably 6 months into it to see if it still works as expected.Read more

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  3. JessTaycan24

    The media could not be loaded. I give it a week of testing out this router before writing and providing a review on my experience, after using this product. I was very happy to see that it was a sealed item once I unboxed it, to ensure that the item I received was brand new and factory sealed. The First impression was, the box was slightly bigger than expected. However, it was very easy to set up, there’s an app in the app store which I downloaded to work with my new router. App was very straightforward and easy to use as well. I am very happy with my new router, because it worked like it’s supposed to and has also improved my internet/WiFi signal and connections throughout my home and WiFi connections used to be spotty/unstable due to the walls between the rooms and where our modem/router were placed, sometime we had to move it to a different location, just to see if it makes any difference or improved the WiFi connection, with this new router, we no longer have to do that. I love this new router, and it also looks innovative, modern and looks great with our home decor. It has also not only improved our signal and WiFi connection in one room or living space, but everywhere throughout our home!Read more

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  4. Umang

    I received this router last week and been using it for a week now. As soon as I got the product and opened it. Precisely in 7 minutes it was up and running. Instructions are well and clearly defined. The thing I am amazed with is it just work out of the box. Mobile App for the product is also well designed and made for all types of users in mind. From within the App you can control every single functionality of the router. There is also web based application available for advanced user. I live in about 3000 sqft home which is span across 3 floors. This device is setup on the first floor. Once device was setup I went in each corner of the home and I know where the dead Wifi spots are. but with this router in place all those dead spots are also covered. I can get strong signal of Wifi in every single room and area of the home. And not only signal but really good speed of the wifi too. In a nutshell this is the future of the WiFi technology in every home. I can see it going very far. Highly recommended device for all type of users. From Naïve to Expert level. Buy this device with full confidence in quality and really good value for money.Read more

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  5. Kevin

    Great value for the money. This router preforms well for the price, with AC2100. It has provided better range and even better connection speed than other routers. Through another router I was getting around 200mbps download and with this I am getting around 400mbps. It also allows you to separate the wireless bands to manually control which device network they connect to. There is also parent controls and many advance features that can be adjusted via the web interface. Overall I would recommend this for anyone needing a new router.Read more

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  6. Y. Bergeron

    Le routeur, une fois sorti de la boîte, on remarque aussitôt qu’il est léger et c’est normal, la qualité du plastique étant plutôt « cheap ». En voyant la bête avec ses antennes déployées, on a le sentiment que le signal va être excellent, et même selon leur description, meilleur que bien d’autres routeurs. J’avoue qu’à deux pieds du routeur, le signal est très bon et tout semble être parti pour la gloire. Mais j’ai vite désenchanté (ou plutôt ma fille) quand on a vu que le signal se perdait à l’étage (sa chambre étant en biais de mon bureau au premier plancher). La connexion se faisait difficilement et était beaucoup plus faible que mon vieux routeur. Désolant et triste pour un produit se vantant d’être « extrêmement performant ». Je teste ensuite en étant câblé en Ethernet… et là, une autre déception… la performance n’est pas au rendez-vous et est plus lent qu’à la normale. Je reteste avec mon vieux routeur, et la vitesse est excellente. Petite parenthèse, les deux autres PC câblés n’avait pas internet d’actifs… alors j’ai vérifié avec mon PC principal, les trois connexions LAN, et j’avais l’internet. Donc j’imagine que certains câbles RJ45 ne fonctionne pas bien avec le Speedefy AC2100. J’ai donc ré-installer mon ancienne configuration, et hop! Tous les PC câblés fonctionnent comme ils le devraient. Il y a quelques points positifs… entre autre, il est facile d’en faire l’installation et l’interface du routeur est plutôt bien fait. Le panneau de contrôle est assez simple pour un nouvel utilisateur, mais par contre, il manquera d’options pour celui qui aime bien configurer lui-même son routeur. Est-ce que je recommande le Speedefy AC2100? Non, et c’est évident. Par contre, une personne demeurant dans un espace restreint pourra en faire une utilisation normale (avec un ou plusieurs appareils en même temps). Si vous êtes un « gamer », oubliez cela tout de suite, vous ne serez pas satisfait, les performances en jeu étant plus faible qu’avec mon vieux routeur, je ne peux pas vous le suggérer. Ce routeur atteint même pas les performances promises par le site et la boîte elle-même du fabricant. Points Positifs : • Facile d’installation • Interface et panneau de configuration simple d’utilisation • Wi-Fi qui est bon si on est dans la même pièce Points Négatifs : • Signal Wi-Fi et performance décevante à longue portée • En connexion Ethernet (câblés), les performances sont un peu plus lent que de vieux routeurs • Routeur en plastique de basse qualité • Seulement 3 ports Ethernet *********************************************** Mise à Jour 15 Octobre 2021 *********************************************** Nikki du service à la clientèle m’a contacté afin de voir s’il y avait moyen de tester un autre produit qui serait selon eux, meilleur et plus adapté à notre utilisation familiale. Ce produit est le MeshForce M3/M3 Dot… La qualité du signal Wi-Fi est toujours aussi mauvaise, mauvaise réception… autrement dit, un produit que je n’achèterai pas. Par contre, même si je conserve la note ci-haut de 2 étoiles, je dois avouer que le service à la clientèle est excellent. Ils m’ont contacter à plusieurs reprises, afin de vérifier si j’avais essayer ou non certaines options pouvant améliorer le tout. J’ai soumis à leur disposition plusieurs captures d’écran (PC, Téléphone Cellulaire, Laptop, Télévision…) avec les résultats décevants (seul PC avait relativement une bonne réception, mais j’étais connecté directement au système MeshForce avec un câble RJ45 CAT6). Pour résumer le tout… 1. Le routeur Wi-Fi… ma note demeure 2 étoiles. ** 2. Le système MeshForce M3/M3 Dot… je lui donne également une note de 2 étoiles. ** 3. Le service à la clientèle… Ça je leur donne 5 étoiles !!! ***** Alors… J’ajoute donc 1 étoile à mon précédent résultat, uniquement parce que le service à la clientèle est excellent. Malheureusement, aussi aimable qu’ils puissent être… il reste que leurs produits ne rencontrent pas le minimum de qualité / réception / portée, non seulement que l’on s’attends obtenir, et n’arrive même pas à la cheville de technologies précédentes. Je ne recommande toujours pas leurs produits. Si jamais vous avez un problème… le service après vente est excellent (du moins dans mon cas). N’hésitez pas à communiquer avec eux pour tenter de résoudre vos soucis.Read more

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  7. Terrence Lo

    The media could not be loaded. I live in an older home with lots of brick and iron in between the walls. As such, it’s been frustrating as hell to get a decent signal from my basement (where my router is) to my bedroom (on the third floor). I’ve had to resort to all sorts of tricks like bypassing the floors and through powerline networking to connect to an extender on the individual floors, which cuts out a lot of the speed between levels. I had been thinking of trying out one of those super powerful routers for the last 2 years, but they were all pretty damn expensive. Well, I disconnected the powerline. I have a full speed wireless signal now between the 30-40 feet through brick and steel to my bedroom, and it’s with a router that, honestly, I never heard of before until it was recommended to me. This Speedefy AC2100 with all that MIMO capability pretty much just ignored the brick as if I had a clear line of sight. My Wi-Fi speakers in my yard gets a great signal too, so much so that I’m thinking of adding another Google device for my backyard now (I tried in the past, it was pretty spotty then). And one added bonus, whoever designed the OS for the router looked at it from a more user friendly approach. The router is MUCH easier to comprehend when changing and making settings. The user interface has been simplified so the most likely stuff that would be changed is up front and center while the harder stuff (is still there) can still be accessed if needed. I’d say this router is definitely a keeper and you won’t go wrong choosing this for your home or even business use.Read more

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  8. Manu Sreeraj

    The media could not be loaded. Received this product 3 days back and looks like it is going to stay in my house. I have a 1 Gigbit connection to my house through Rogers. I was getting low speed while using wifi but using ethernet it was as expected somewhere around 950mbps. Thought of trying a new router to see if it’s the issue with Rogers Router. Bought this and installed. Installation was fairly easy, just connect the router to the ethernet port, install the app, connect to the AP, choose the wifi password and you are set. When I test the speed, I got a bit higher download speed using this router. But it couldn’t match the ethernet speed. Wi-Fi signal was good. Its on par with other routers at this price range.Read more

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  9. Cam Scott

    Very easy automated setup. White blends nicely with my trim. Looks like a stealth, alien communication device. Speeds at least 1.5x faster than my old cable service. Very happy am I.Read more

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    Gigabit WiFi Router, Dual Band Smart Wireless Router, Speedefy AC2100 4×4 MU-MIMO & 7 External Antennas for Strong Signal and High Speed, Parental Control, Guest Network, Easy Setup (Model K7W)
    Gigabit WiFi Router, Dual Band Smart Wireless Router, Speedefy AC2100 4×4 MU-MIMO & 7 External Antennas for Strong Signal and High Speed, Parental Control, Guest Network, Easy Setup (Model K7W)


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