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GoCube The Connected Electronic Bluetooth Cube: Award-Winning app Enabled STEM Puzzle for All Ages. Free app

(9 customer reviews)

SMART & CONNECTED – LEARN how to solve the iconic puzzle Cube – FINALLY EVERYONE CAN DO IT!! IMPROVE your game, PLAY & BATTLE online with other cubers from all over the world. The GoCube is the perfect STEM toy, it is educational and fun, and adds tons of value to screen time! It fits all ages and capabilities and is the perfect gift.
AWARD-WINNING – Awarded by the Parent’s Choice and the Tillywig Toy (Brain Toy). One of the “BEST TECHY Gifts” (WSJ) and “Best STEM Toys” two yeras in a row (WIRED). 4.6 stars with over 2,000 reviews!, Superb customer service! Full with technology, 3D real-time tracking, smart sensors, IMU, lighting system, comes with the full set of accessories! 1 YEAR WARRANTY!
LEARN & IMPROVE – Use the mobile application to learn how to solve the cube, and track your electronic cube progress. Get accurate stats to improve your solve time, challenge yourself and get better! Sharpen your skills and join our global leaderboard.
CONNECT WITH FRIENDS – Play classic games like simon or CubeHero, Join our global community of cubers and battle with friends and players from all over the world!!
INNOVATIVE & EDUCATIONAL – The GoCube teaches the fundamentals of Problem Solving and develops Spatial Awareness, Memorization Skills and Hand & Eye Coordination. It helps to build Self-Esteem and Confidence. Oh, the look in their eyes when they solve it for the first time… The GoCube is an amazing brain-teaser gadget – Get it for yourself and for others!


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Brand: GoCube. Theme: Music. Puzzle type: Twisty. Age Range (Description): Kid,Adult,Youth. Number of Pieces: 1. Manufacturer: GoCube. Mfg Recommended age: 8 – 120 years. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,759 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. Best Sellers Rank: #2,504 in Toys & Games. Batteries: Lithium Metal batteries required. Manufacturer recommended age: 8 years and up. Item model number: GC33A-SP. ASIN: B07W7TGWDR. Item Weight: 12.7 ounces. Product Dimensions: 2.36 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches.

Specification: GoCube The Connected Electronic Bluetooth Cube: Award-Winning app Enabled STEM Puzzle for All Ages. Free app

Weight 12.7 lbs
Dimensions 2.36 × 2.36 × 2.36 in

9 reviews for GoCube The Connected Electronic Bluetooth Cube: Award-Winning app Enabled STEM Puzzle for All Ages. Free app

3.3 out of 5
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  1. DarthJedi

    I have had it for 15 minutes, and the device keeps getting out of sync, and I have to go manually type in each cube color, and resync it, and again it is right back out of sync. I’ve reset the IMU multiple times. I was hoping to use this to learn the cube algorithms, not spend all my time trying to get the device to resync. p.s. I upped the review to 3 star as I did a full factory reset, and was able to recolor everything back to normal… will give it a little more time. Will say, I’m not overly impressed with the amount of permissions it needs.. it has to have full access to my phone (pictures, camera, microphone, storage, etc). Why the heck does it need all that?!? Update: Dec 14th – at 4 stars. After learning the initial algorithms, I have used the electronic aspect of the cube, only for timing myself. However, I have also bought this cube for others, as it is an exceptional cube. I was afraid the components might damage easy, but I’ve dropped it a few times, even had a color tile pop out once (and back in) and no noticeable damage yet. My son has a box full of cubes and is a “speed cuber” (e.g. he solves cubes in around 30-40 seconds) and he constantly talks about the quality of the cube.. Something about corner cutting, no lube required, ease of F perm, J perm, on and on. I think he wants one too.Read more

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  2. C. Pilot

    For this review I will be mostly comparing the GoCube to the Gan 356i/356i Play cubes. These are arguably the two (three) leading smartcubes out there and full disclosure — although I really like Gan cubes, I don’t like the Gan’s smartcubes very much. In a sentence, the GoCube is hands-down the best smartcube available overall. So why did I give it only 3/5 stars? I don’t think it’s the best smartcube choice for speedcubers or people who are trying to be speedcubers because this cube’s design, style, turning, corner cutting, colors, etc. is not really like a standard speedcube. So if you’re buying this cube to get better at speedcubing, it probably won’t help. You will likely only get better at the GoCube because it’s just too different of a cube to transfer any skill improvement over to regular speedcubes. First of all, it’s rather pillowed (meaning the middle of the sides stick out the furthest so it feels “puffy”). Also there’s is a rather distinctive corner edge frame that just shouldn’t be there if GoCube was trying to make it like a normal speedcube. This edge frame makes the side and corner pieces significantly smaller than the middle/center pieces, which make it difficult to match colors to solve the cube. It appears that the first version of this cube had a silver/grey edge frame, whereas this version has a clear edge frame so it can light up. Strangely, even though the edge frame of both of these versions seems identical, the corner and edge pieces of the first version seem to be more of a normal square size than this second version which has more rectangular shaped corner and edge pieces. Performance wise as a cube, the GoCube is good, but definitely not great. To qualify that to anyone who owns several speedcubes, it’s not as bad as a genuine Rubik’s Cube, but it’s not even close to being as good as a $6 Yuxin Little Magic speedcube. It’s definitely no where near the performance of the Gan 356i or any other higher end Gan, Moyu, Qiyi, Yuxin, etc. speedcube. The GoCube is rather klacky and loud and is rather prone to locking up or at least catching unless you’re very accurate with your turning (which tends to go out the window when you’re trying to go as fast as possible). Again, with the design the corners are extremely rounded so it’s difficult to get a good grip with finger tricks. The biggest problem with the GoCube’s performance is that there doesn’t seem any way to adjust it. I don’t see a way to loosen or tighten the tensions, and it would seem the only way to attempt to modify or improve the performance is with lube. With almost all other speedcubes (including smartcubes) allowing for at least some method of adjustment, I’m a little surprised that this one doesn’t offer anything. The packaging, presentation, and accessories are all very nice. They only include very basic instructions with it though (a quick start page). The app is the best smartcube app I’ve seen so far. I like it a lot better than the Gan’s CubeStation app (which is pretty bad and unreliable, with a lot of it being in c). I do not like how the charging holes of the GoCube are in the middle cap on the yellow side. I think Gan did a better solution by having larger, longer prongs fit between the space between the pieces so you really can’t see the charging holes at all. Did I have fun with the GoCube? Yes. It is very fun, and again, the app is great. However, since it is so different from a normal speedcube, I wasn’t able to really get to my usual solving times, and when I went back to my normal speedcubes (specifically the Gan 356i Play smartcube to do a direct comparison), I quickly realized how different the GoCube actually is. If the GoCube was ~$40 I probably would’ve kept it. However, I simply don’t benefit enough from it (other than general fun) to keep it at it’s current price of $80, so I returned it.Read more

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  3. Will F.

    This is a great cube! No I don’t mean smart cube (it is), but just cube! I have a lot of cubes (GAN was my precious best) but this thing is amazing! It took a few minutes to get used to the rounded edges, but once I did I’ve solved faster on this than any other cube. The magnets are strong but the snap between each move is crisp and smooth. As far as smartcube goes; Its unreal! Not only does it teach you how to solve the cube, but there are fun and challenging games, which is ok – not sure how much time I spend on the games – but the BEST part to me is the online battles. Challenging people to a “solve off” whenever I feel like it is a very cool experience. Makes Cubing much less lonely and solo. There’s a few challenge “player vs player” modes and each one is fun. The app runs well and looks good, and all the stat tracking is very nice. The offline capabilities is a nice touch – knowing how many solves I’ve done, or how long I’ve been cubing offline (not connected to the app) is a nice little boost when you reconnect to the app. My first cube had an issue with the offline mode. Particula handled my issue like I was a family member. Seriously never been treated so nicely by a company before! It’s a rare thing that you’re thankful you had issues with a product, but that’s true. My experience and the outcome was better than had I had no problems. How cool is that?Read more

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  4. Asaf

    I bought the GoCube as a gift for my son, and I must say – this is BY FAR the BEST GIFT I bought for him lately. This smart cube connects to his phone, and he now learned how to solve the Rubik’s cube (walking like a champ in the house and showing off to everybody). This little game is a perfect combination of a digital and a physical game (like I used to have when I was a child), which for me, is priceless! And the best thing is that it adds so much value to screen time, it is a really smart game, which makes you want to improve and get better (especially with the global leaderboard they have, he’s trying to climb up on the board). Thank you GoCube for creating such an amazing game. I can’t wait for him to put it down so I can try it myself ;)Read more

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Do not buy this people. This is misleading! all the updates have stopped working you can not connect to people to play against friends and the coin system is not working. This isnt going to be updated either! We have looked all on the internet about this product and it has bad reviews about this. Wish I’d looked on the internet before I brought this item.Read more

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  6. AKD

    I bought this for £79.99 and that was discounted from £99.99 which is absolutely rediculous. In America this Cube $79.95 but you can get $20 of that price so we are being ripped of right from the get go. I was hoping to teach my son to complete the cube with this but even though I can complete the cube already in about 2 mins this cube doesn’t even recognise what state the cube is in on a regular basis, so the teaching part believe your cube should look one way when it looks another. I tried calibrating it to no avail. I like the GO CUBE, it has a premium feel but £79.99 for something that doesn’t work (I thought it was expensive when I thought it worked) Originally I had it paired with my iPad Pro and that paired ok after a few bumps but it would not pair with my Samsung S20 no matter what I did, I reset the whole lot and got rid of it on my iPad and I could not get the cube to pair with any other device. I have sent this back to Amazon, I should have read my internet reviews instead of the cubers selling it on youtube and that is my fault but it won’t happen again. This cube simply doesn’t do what its advertising it can do.Read more

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  7. B.munn

    this is a fantastic cube, and it have indeed taught me how to solve a cube. however what the advert does not tell you is that unless you have the cube connected to your device at all times, the cube state will become un-synced with your app. I did a factory reset of the cube and now it wont connect at all! I have ended up asking for a return. if they improve the product to fix this issue I would buy again, however they need to work out the kinks first, especially given the price.Read more

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  8. Myreviews

    Bought this as a Father’s Day present and it was a huge hit. You can play with the cube on its own, or pair it with the corresponding app and work your way through the lessons. Sometimes the cube and the app don’t sync up properly, and you will need to manually fill in the orientation of the colours on the app. But that doesn’t take long and is a minor issue that doesn’t take away from its appeal. The cube itself is pleasantly light and glides smoothly when you turn it. The colours are vibrant and it looks really visually appealing. When you solve the cube using the app, the cube lights up and flashes which is fun. It didn’t take long for the recipient of this gift to master the cube by working through the lessons and now is on to the app’s other challenges. Recommended.Read more

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  9. Scott

    This is a stunning cube, and very smart. It’s nice to solve, never locks up. Best to use this with the app to capture your times. Great for beginners as the app will teach you to solve it. It shows you how to solve it in 20 moves. The Gan 356i is a faster, more fluent cube, but is not as nice, or fun as this. This thing lights up, but don’t expect to solve it in the dark as it doesn’t shine through the tiles (boo). But, this is worth buying if you want a Bluetooth cube that you can play online. Thank you to the seller.Read more

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    GoCube The Connected Electronic Bluetooth Cube: Award-Winning app Enabled STEM Puzzle for All Ages. Free app
    GoCube The Connected Electronic Bluetooth Cube: Award-Winning app Enabled STEM Puzzle for All Ages. Free app


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