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Harness Lead, Escape Resistant Leash, Reduces Pull, Dog Harness Small/Medium 14-40 lbs Orange Reflective

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REDUCES PULL: Gently tightens around barrel only. No tightening around neck. Utilizes a dog’s own pressure against leash to encourage dog to slow their pace. USE WITH KINDNESS. DO NOT JERK, YANK OR CORRECT YOUR DOG. VERY IMPORTANT TO PROPERLY FIT. MUST ALIGN BLACK STOPS WITH FRONT LEG TO PREVENT TIGHTENING ON NECK.
ESCAPE RESISTANT: If dog attempts to back out of this harness, leash will tighten like a slip lead. Must be used according to directions. USE AS WALKING TOOL ONLY. DO NOT USE TO TIE DOG OUT DUE TO TIGHTENING ASPECT OF HARNESS. IT IS NOT CHEW PROOF.
ADJUSTS TO ANY SIZE OR BODY TYPE: Align the movable black stops with front leg and it will fit any body perfectly. LENGTH OF LEASH VARIES ACCORDING TO SIZE OF DOG. S/M is 6 ft fro back to handle on a 20-30 lb dog. M/L is 6 ft from back to handle on a 40-50 lb dog.
SIZES: Small/Medium 14 lbs to 40; Medium/Large 40 lbs to 170 lbs


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Use with kindness. Do not jerk, yank or correct dog in Harness Lead. If dog continues to pull HARD, then leash is not working for dog, so discontinue use. Extremely important to properly fit by aligning black stops with front leg according to directions. This will prevent tightening around neck. Do not use for tie out, do not use to have dog tow weight. This is a walking tool and is not to be used for running with dog, as leash tightens and dog can control this by slowing his pace. Harness Lead is a leash & harness in one. Reflective for night time safety. Reduces pull: When dog pulls against the leash, Harness Lead will gently tighten around the barrel only, No tightening around the neck. Harness Lead utilizes a dog’s own pressure against the leash to encourage and remind the dog to slow their pace. When your dog relaxes pull, the leash will relax as well. Escape resistant: If dogs attempts to back of out this harness, it will tighten like a slip lead. Must be used correctly, according to directions. Escape resistant as walking tool only. Do not use to tie dog out. It is not chew proof. Reduces chafing: Made in a loose weave, the soft nylon texture is soft to the touch. There are no buckles or hard edges digging into skin or backs of legs. If used correctly, it will not wrap into the sensitive armpit area where most chafing occurs. ADJUSTS TO any body type: Align the movable black stops with the dog’s front leg and it will fit any body type or breed perfectly. Multiple uses: Harness Lead can also be used as a slip lead or collar lead for short term needs as well. Superb quality, made in USA: Harness Lead is made of double braided nylon, tensile strength 4, 000 lbs. How to video link on product taG. US Patent No. 9, 271, 476.

Specification: Harness Lead, Escape Resistant Leash, Reduces Pull, Dog Harness Small/Medium 14-40 lbs Orange Reflective

Dimensions 11.81 × 9.84 × 7.878 in

11 reviews for Harness Lead, Escape Resistant Leash, Reduces Pull, Dog Harness Small/Medium 14-40 lbs Orange Reflective

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  1. MaX Mayhem

    It works. Oh man, it works! We have a 40 lb pit mix who is a rescue, with a terrier attitude problem like you wouldn’t believe! This dog is not going anywhere she doesn’t want to go, and was an absolute magician at backing out and squeezing free of every harness we tried. We also can’t have anything tight around her neck, because she’s scarred from being tied up as a puppy. This lead totally does the trick on all counts – it stays more on her chest than up at her neck, it helps with pulling (though doesn’t cure it, probably nothing will at this point), and the little punk cannot Houdini her way out of it by backing up!! Thank goodness, now I can finally work on her Social Skills (hahahah!) without worrying she’s going to bust free on me.Read more

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  2. Christina Lieu

    ***update several months later, after only using the harness 4 times the hole you slip the lead through on the back broke and my dog almost got loose which would have been bad given how skittish he is. Seems to just be glued together on the back not as sturdy as I once thought. I seriously love this thing….let me tell you a story of how I came to even look for this leash… Last week I took my 2 dogs to get their shots at a shot clinic. Now 1 of my dogs is a little people crazy and was happy as can be being there, the other is the most skittish fearful 90lb dog I have ever seen(poor guy had a rough life before I rescued him). So we are moving up the line and things are going mostly fine while he hides behind me or my female dog. We get towards the front of the line and I can see this giant dog house coming up and before I knew it my skittish 90lb pup was in that dog house and not coming out. I had Kong harnesses on both dogs, properly tightened and all, so I try to pull this big ass dog out by the lead attached to the harness….NOPE, little &^$*er had other ideas and slipped the damn thing. So here I am trying to get shots and my husband has the other dog already done and I am on my hands and knees trying to get this dog out of the dog house. Eventually I had to make his leash into a slip lead and drag his deadweight ass out of this thing. I felt sorry for doing it but I couldn’t just leave my dog there. He was perfectly fine getting his shots btw, didn’t even react once I got him out. My entire body ached the next day after fighting with him for what felt like an eternity. So we get home and first thing I do is look for escape proof harnesses…many options…but ultimately this one looked the most promising. So after a few days of letting him calm down from that ordeal, we trap him in the bathroom and I get this on him(he doesn’t like leashes). Then I take him for a small walk at the park near my house, it works perfectly – he couldn’t pull me into the bushes where he wanted to hide or backout like he did with the Kong harness. Normally I wouldn’t even take him on walks because of his fear of leashes but I have to get him use to it since we will be moving soon and that will require a leash. This thing is perfect. so perfect I ordered a second one for my pitbull because she likes to take us for the walk instead of the other way around. 10/10 great product at a reasonable price!Read more

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  3. Charlie

    My dog is 55 lbs and extremely deep chested to his elbows. I am about to buy the exact same halter in M/L orange after 3 years because 3 years of washing and dog wearing…you get it. As you can see, it’s held up extremely well. Wear and tear as expected and the rope shrinks if you wash on hot (do not do this!); otherwise, still in great shape. I wish this came in 10 ft lengths for longer nature walks, but I’ve attached a picture of how I remedied that by attaching my other slip lead via a slip knot, which I’m replacing after 3 years as well. This time in matching orange. Just type “slip lead for dogs” on Amazon. I can out this one with one hand now. My dog loves it. He knows orange leash means long walk. When I took a picture, he got excited. This does not fully prevent pulling but strongly strongly discourages it. Since my dog is extremely Deep-Chested, this sits between his ribs and front legs. Smaller rope might cut into a dog, so if your dog is above 35 to 40 lbs, I recommend the M/L. A regular leash with a clip does not attach, but I have a separate collar and leash for vet visits. I like as little metal and plastic on my dog as possible because I would not want it on me. Overall, 4.7 stars. Almost perfect, but not 100% perfect. Would like longer sizes and Earth tones. Otherwise, great design, durability and easy to use.Read more

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  4. rgalvan

    We love this leash! I find it much more effective in deterring pulling than the easy walk. My dog would still find a way to pull using the easy walk even if it meant walking funny but she can’t with this one. We love it and highly recommend it!Read more

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  5. Julia

    The leash makes me feel confident when walking dogs at my local shelter. It is easy to put on after a practicing and it makes me feel confident that the dog is not going to break free. The reason I gave it only four stars is that I’m not sure how long it will last. After only one use it is already fraying. I’m sure it will last at least a few months, but as someone that uses this weekly and washes it weekly, I worry. I’ll be sure to update this in the months to come. I hope I’m wrong, it’s a great concept! Update (2/10): A 40 lb dog that I walked chewed the rubber piece of the leash off. Luckily, the company was really easy to connect with and sent a free replacement piece. They were very helpful!Read more

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Great product!!! We adopted a lab mix from a rescue organization. Due to her previous circumstances, if she is out with me in public & is unexpectedly frightened, she can wiggle out of anything in her fearful state…that is until we used this item. It took me a few times to figure out how to put the leash on correctly, but now it’s a breeze. We also take her across a busy street to a park & I’m no longer nervous that she will get free into traffic. Also, LOVE the material, which doesn’t rub & doesn’t adversely cause a skin reaction- she is white with sensitive pink skin. Highly recommend & I even contacted a representative from the dog rescue organization & told them about the product since they work with some fearful dogs. Love too the choice of fun colors. Thank you for such a wonderful product & for keeping my pup safe!Read more

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  7. Kindle Customer

    I have a very slippery lurcher who can get out of any – yes any – harness. I nearly lost her a couple of times and was scared she would get killed. Then I discovered the Harness Lead. I had to order from the US as nowhere here sells them, but had some great correspondence with the lady who owns the company. I was also worried about the rope on my dog’s thin lurcher skin, but she promised it would be fine. It was. The lead is tough, but soft on the skin and there is no way she can get out of it as it works in both directions. Brilliant. This one was bought as a spare through Amazon.Read more

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  8. Paul Bragg

    Seems like a very secure harness & easy to use , no clasps or straps to adjust. Our dog is quite slight so we have had trouble finding a harness to fit him & for him to be secure in it. This is adjustable to any size & easily adjusted if your dog is wearing a coat in wet weather. We have a Boo Oh harness which is lovely but has clicks & now looks a mess. This was a third of the price of the Boo Oh one & seems just as good. Lead is a little long for us but as it’s soft it’s not a problem as you can just wrap it around your hand.Read more

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  9. Amazon Customer

    The Harness Lead is just what we’ve been looking for. Our 1 year old Large Munsterlander (German Gun dog) walks great on a lead most of the time, however the first walk of the day is a different story. We live close to fields and a lot of wildlife and in the morning he can smell the foxes etc and he pulls like crazy. It’s only a small walk to where we let him off the lead however he’s extremely strong and it’s exhausting. In the past, we’ve purchased so many leads/harnesses/head collars etc to combat this issue that we’ve lost count. The head collars and figure of 8’s worked great, but our boy hates them. Normal Harnesses just gave him the ability to pull even more from his chest. As he’s a gun dog, we wanted something that could not snag when he’s running around. Ideally, we needed a product easy to put on and more importantly take off when we let him off the lead. Also we did not want something too restricting. We needed a practical solution that work for us and our boy. After a lengthy search of the web, eventually I stumbled on the Harness Lead which seemed to be what we needed. The difference it has made to the early morning walk is unbelievable. He’s stopped pulling and he’s so much calmer. He’s actually learning himself how to walk nice. He’s quickly realised if he walks by our side the lead is slack, if he does gets a bit in front, the lead tightens slightly around his chest but slackens again when he reverts back. We’re so please with this purchase, this lead really works for us and our excitable young boy. It’s not cheap though, however there is a video on YouTube that shows you how to turn a normal slip lead into a harness. Just in case your dog does not like this kind of restraint on his chest, it may be worth trying the slip lead method first before parting with your hard-earned money. We ordered the small/medium size as we prefer our boy to walk to heel. It’s still fairly long though, about 4ft from his back so we do have to wrap it around our hands. If you have a really large dog or you don’t mind your dog being a long way in front, you’d probably be best ordering the Medium/Large The quality of the Harness Lead is spot on We were slightly worried about purchasing the Small to Medium size in case it was not strong enough to hold our big lad. But it’s really well made, and not too thin. It’s about the same thickness as an average slip lead that you would purchase in a pet shop.Read more

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  10. Mrs H

    The harness is made from a soft rope, comfy for the dog and on the hand too. Easy to fit, put on and take off. Suitable for what I wanted.Read more

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  11. Amazon Customer

    My dog used to back out of harness’s not anymore using this harness lead, would highly recommend it like it so much I purchased another one, now I have a spare, only drawback is that the harness is not anti chew,!!!!!!!Read more

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    Harness Lead, Escape Resistant Leash, Reduces Pull, Dog Harness Small/Medium 14-40 lbs Orange Reflective
    Harness Lead, Escape Resistant Leash, Reduces Pull, Dog Harness Small/Medium 14-40 lbs Orange Reflective


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