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HDMI Cable for Sega Dreamcast DC Console

(8 customer reviews)

🎮HD LINK🎮Convert the native VGA signals from Dreamcast to digital HDMI signals for modern HDTVs/monitors/projectors (Some games [around 10% of library] that are not compatible with VGA mode won’t work)
🎮EASY TO USE🎮Plug and play with well-prepared cables. Detachable design, so high-end or extended HDMI cables can be used
🎮AWESOME IMAGE🎮Provide the best signal processing with great precision, colors, resolution and details at this price (Default aspect ratio is 16:9 but it can be adjusted to 4:3 if TV supports)
🎮LOW LATENCY🎮Unnoticeable lag when playing games
🎮WHAT ELSE YOU GET🎮Offer the free replacement without asking within 365 days and helpful customer service 7*24 hours


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Manufacturer: LevelHike. Date First Available: February 22, 2019. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #23,123 in Video Games. Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 239 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B07MYWSZKB. Item Weight: 6.4 ounces. Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.8 x 1.8 inches.

Specification: HDMI Cable for Sega Dreamcast DC Console

Weight 6.4 lbs

8 reviews for HDMI Cable for Sega Dreamcast DC Console

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Joey Troy

    Hold the phone you heard it right! This slick little adapter allows you to play your 20 year old Dreamcast on a 4k TV, and it’s freaking amazing! Now the one thing this doesn’t state when you set it up is you will need a Micro USB connector for the HD Link so you can power it up. Since we live in the age of cell phones I am sure everyone has one laying around except for maybe Apple people since Apple never uses standard connectors. Regardless plug in the HD Link to your Dreamcast, hook up some power to the adapter with a Micro USB Cable and then plug in the HDMI and be wowed!! I am very happy with this unit and it’s amazing playing Soul Calibur again on my 4K!! Wish I would have found this adapter sooner. 5 stars easy!Read more

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  2. Nightcom

    So, I now own 3 (PS2, OG XBOX and Dreamcast) different LEVELHIKE HDMI converters. I have been impressed with these adapters and the customer service. The LEVELHIKE adapters are made with a cable that interfaces with the game system thus making it superior to brick-style adapters that can fail due to strain. The picture quality is amazing and I haven’t felt any lag in fighting games or racing games. I had an issue with my first adapter and LEVELHIKE customer service was fast, friendly, and got me gaming in HD fast.Read more

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  3. Mark Blethen

    It was definitely an improvement over the quality of my composite cable, but it had a glaring issue: image was shifted to the left with a large black bar on the right side of the image. (And the right most part of the bar was very dark grey.) The picture may be hard to understand, but the TV this was connected to (2006 Plasma), when in 4:3 mode, shows a zoomed in, B&W version of what’s in the 4:3 window so as to not get burn in from the black bars. So anything in the grey section is normal TV bars. Black bar on right (doubled because of the 4:3 mode) is very noticeable. Needless to say, I don’t want this cable for two reasons: I don’t want to risk a burn in of the black bar on this particular TV, and and don’t want to have content cropped off.Read more

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  4. kathleen concord

    For those wondering this is a solid replacement to expensive HDMI mods for the Dreamcast. I rate the picture quality about 4/5 as it can be a little on the darker side at first but is fixable by adjusting the TV accordingly. The colors look good and sound quality is the same as the native VGA cable. All in all a very solid buy for the price. The first cable did arrive defective but was quickly exchanged for a new free of charge. Above all it does exactly what is advertised and the customer service was top notch. A+Read more

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  5. James Seidler

    I got the wire. Pluged it in, screen pulls up, looks good.. a bit dark but good… Then I noticed that it flickers and lags every few mins.. not good. I plug in the micro usb like it suggests… No change.. try a different micro usb, different hdmi port, different hdmi wire… No change… Different tv.. nothing… Ok maybe its defective.. i got the replacement… All the same… I try different tvs and ports and wires and everything… All the same dark and laggy.. i try my av cables to make sure its not my unit. Looks beautiful. Bright and no lag at all… So its definitely the cables. Customer service insists that is impossible. It must be the brand of tv I use or the display settings they claim… I used multiple tvs and played with all the settings.. they say its impossible I got two bad wires…. They send a card with their product stating that defective products may be an issue and just to contact them. 1 in 3 reviews about this product mention needing a replacement… But its impossible I got two bad ones in a row…??? Plus rude as all hell. Even if it is something on my end, send me a replacement so I can know that for sure… AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Much better options existRead more

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  6. S.S.C.

    I can now connect my Dreamcast to my big, main TV. It’s on a 73″ Mitsubishi DLP and the picture is pretty darn good. I have not noticed any artifacts, or irregularities. It does not NOT work with all the DC games however. I have a good collection of DC games, and it WON’T work with maybe 2 of them. I cannot recall those titles though 🙁 A native Dreamcast screen came up that mentioned something about “not compatible.” Otherwise, it’s great.Read more

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  7. Clint

    Picture is still 480i. I figured it would be, but I still wanted to try. I am pretty sure the Dreamcast, as well as all older game systems, broadcast in 480i.Read more

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  8. Cody

    First one I received was faulty with vertical line noise in the picture. Contacted LevelHike after they responded to my question on here and arranged a replacement. First replacement got lost in the mail so they quickly sent another one. LevelHike’s customer service is top notch. They quickly respond to emails and try to help you as much as possible. The picture quality of this adapter is very good, much better than the Pound cable I also tried. The Pound cable was too bright and washed out for my liking. The LevelHike adapter produced a much more natural picture in my opinion. Picture is much sharper and looks good on my display. A very good alternative and upgrade to regular composite and s-video cables. I also purchased their Saturn and Playstation adapters and they’re just as good. Recommended.Read more

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    HDMI Cable for Sega Dreamcast DC Console
    HDMI Cable for Sega Dreamcast DC Console


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