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HEAPETBON Foldable Pet Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs and Cats Jaw Poop Scoop Pet Pickup Tool Blue

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Extra-long handle: The pooper scooper has 31.5″ handle conforms to the ergonomic design, no need to bend over, protect the waist, and save effort and ease during use.
Extra-large Jaw: The poop scoop is 6.5″ Jaw design, the largest opening can reach 5.27″, easier to pick up pet feces.
Stable and durable: The use of high-strength ABS material and a reasonable design ratio make the pooper scooper more stable during use and extend its service life.
Folding design: The folding design is convenient to carry and is very suitable for walking the dog. Convenient storage and save storage space.
100% satisfactory service: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions after receiving the product, we will provide you with 100% satisfactory after-sales service.


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Get started to upgrade your waste removal process
-High quality ABS plastic
-Long handle design with less bending down
-Keep away from messes and odors.
-Beautiful looks and useful
-One-handed Operation, easy and convenient
-Good seal to completely hold pet waste

13 reviews for HEAPETBON Foldable Pet Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs and Cats Jaw Poop Scoop Pet Pickup Tool Blue

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  1. Boomer

    The pictures shows this scooper next to the one it replaced. As you can easily see, it is much longer and has a bigger bucket. I’m 6 feet tall and can operate this scooper without having to stoop… stooping scooper! The extra large bucket is perfect for picking up after my 80 lb dog. My only minor complaint is the finger grooves on the part of the handle that you pull up are too close together. It doesn’t fit my fingers at all, but is only a minor thing since I can still easily operate the scooper. I highly recommend this pooper scooper!Read more

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  2. Angellee74

    Definitely makes cleaning up after 3 small dogs easier. Wish it had a longer handle. I’m 5’7 and definitely still have to bend to clean up but in the end it’s easier than bending all the way and lovely not to feel the poo through the bag when I did it by hand. Yes, the poo can get stuck but that’s expected. The plastic is decent quality but is still hard plastic with a mechanism that’s I expect to break at some point. For the price though, I can’t complain. Note- I would not recommend this if you’re cleaning up after large dogs.small to medium, max.Read more

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  3. rlcw

    There are several sellers with this design of pooper scooper but I opted for this one due to the longer handle. I have back issues and my husband is very tall so this was a more practical length for us. We like the claw design better than a rake and pan design because we have a lot to pick up. The scooper took 30 seconds to put together. It has a nice tight spring on it and the piece itself it heavy duty plastic. We have 2 60+lb dogs and used to put off backyard pickup because we were using a shovel and a bucket and it was a lot of effort. We were putting it off and filling up a lined 5 gallon bucket every 3-4 weeks. Now, we can pick up the yard in a few minutes each week. The scooper itself can hold a few piles, so we drag the trashcan over and just make a few drops into the can directly. No need for more plastic bag waste. This has really improved our backyard maintenance. 5 stars from us!Read more

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  4. idealady

    My husband is in charge of poop. We have a lab so he has a ‘big’ job. The one we had worked fine, but it was short, maybe good height for a kid to use. He would complain his back hurt from bending over. I decided to help him out and found this one, it is at least a foot taller than the old one. So far so good, it was easy to put together, I should say it was a snap to put together. I picked the one with green trim not that anyone sees it other than us. So if the human in your house is tired of bending over pick up do-do, this is the do-do item for you!Read more

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  5. Herbert P. Beck

    The package came all busted up it look like somebody to run over with a forklift or maybe a shredder or maybe a package clamper. inside the outer bag which was damaged the inside bag was torn as well look like somebody tried to open it and took it out. Also look like somebody had broken it taking it out or maybe tried to put it together and then it wouldn’t go back in the bag so they broke it getting it back in the bag it was very much tore up.I took it back at the Amazon drop and they refunded my money for it and I was right next door to a PetSmart and paid quite a bit more for one that I could see. The item itself look smaller or shorter and was somewhat misrepresented on the website. I believe this was a bad product the retaining straps for the poll were broken and I believe wouldn’t have held up very well in normal use, which is why they broke. Albeit not a very good item. And a damaged package and a damaged inner package. What a bummerRead more

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  6. James Landers

    I am pretty satisfied with this item as it has quite a strong spring that closes with a good snap! Though as functional as it is, I does seem a bit flimsy around a few parts like the part used to fold the scooper. I have boys who’s chore is to pick up poop in the backyard and I fear those knuckleheads might break it using it for something other than what it is intended for… Boys.. but with care, it should last for a while.Read more

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  7. The Lake Mom

    I hate to give bad reviews but I had the exact same problem someone else had and there was no way to contact the seller to see if they could help me. This is not a low cost pooper scooper and it doesn’t look cheaply made. However, after I installed (slid the plastic cover to lock the unit in position) and pulled the green lever to test the claws, they would not open but maybe an inch and then snapped back shut. The black sliding lock mechanism is extremely hard to slide back off. If this was one length without that folding ability, it may have worked better. Why have a folding ability when it’s so hard to unlock? Product is now unavailable through Amazon Would have been perfect for our Great Dane.Read more

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  8. FStewart

    The scooper comes in two pieces which connect inside the plastic handle. The connection is not accessable when it is snapped together. If you open the jaws more than 4 inches, the connection disengages and the handles come apart. Tried 11 times with the same result each time. Since the connection is not accessible inside the plastic handle there is no way for the buyer to see the defect or epoxy the connection Returned without using. On the plus side the two springs are very strong. It looks like it would work very well if the connection was eliminated & it was made as a single, whole unitRead more

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  9. Wildlife Gal

    Unless you only have a single poop to deal with, you need to carry a bucket…the action of emptying it repeatedly into a bucket is awkward and annoying. Far prefer the tray on a stick and the small rake, but then I have 11 dogs…Read more

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  10. Cindy Mulder

    I love the longer handle so you don’t have to bend as much. Very easy to use and has a good size mouth for scooping. I like the idea that it’s collapsible however you need a tool to push the little knobs in to collapse it. Overall not a big deal since it’s not necessary to collapse it. Love the product as a whole and is exactly as described.Read more

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  11. Raquel

    This has definitely made cleaning the backyard after a few days of dogs doing their business. No more crouching or feeling disgust. Easy to rinse it with a hose too. No complaints here!Read more

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  12. Svano

    Only drawback is hard to get the poop if it’s in grass any longer than 1″. Almost everytime the poop gets crushed in the claws and makes a mess. Maybe this one was too big for my dog (40-60lb potcake medium build)Read more

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  13. Beny

    It’s a great pooper scooper. It’s tall so you don’t have to bend over too much. Great for large dogs. It has survived for a few months, feels sturdy.. will buy it again if neededRead more

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    HEAPETBON Foldable Pet Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs and Cats Jaw Poop Scoop Pet Pickup Tool Blue
    HEAPETBON Foldable Pet Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs and Cats Jaw Poop Scoop Pet Pickup Tool Blue


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