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Hefty Recycling Trash Bags, Clear, 30 Gallon, 36 Count Clear 30 Gallon – 36 Count

(13 customer reviews)

This package contains 36 Hefty Recycling, clear, unscented, 30 gallon trash bags, each 0.7 mil thick
Living green meets smelling clean with Hefty Recycling Bags – the only recycling trash bags with odor control
Our patented, unscented Arm & Hammer odor neutralizer fights nasty odors to keep your recycling bin smelling fresh
Dependable drawstring closure keeps waste securely contained in these clear trash bags and makes recycling easy to lift and transport


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Style:Clear 30 Gallon – 36 Count Do your part for the planet by putting Hefty Recycling Tall Kitchen Trash Bags to use in your home. The only recycling trash bags equipped with Arm & Hammer’s patented odor control technology, Hefty clear recycling bags minimize unpleasant smells. Unlike opaque options that are easily mistaken for garbage, Hefty transparent plastic recycling bags make visual identification easy in your kitchen, on the curb and at the recycling center. A dependable drawstring lets you close these unscented trash bags tightly to ensure the contents remain secure. All Hefty trash bags are backed by a 100..

Specification: Hefty Recycling Trash Bags, Clear, 30 Gallon, 36 Count Clear 30 Gallon – 36 Count

Dimensions 4.25 × 9.5 × 4.52 in

13 reviews for Hefty Recycling Trash Bags, Clear, 30 Gallon, 36 Count Clear 30 Gallon – 36 Count

2.2 out of 5
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  1. Sarah

    These bags are not compatible with curbside recycling. I bought these thinking I could dump the whole thing in the big recycling bin – not the case. Most, if not all, community recycling programs cannot take plastic bags. So I can collect the recycling in this but still have to dump everything out and throw the bag away.Read more

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  2. Stephanie

    I have been using these bags for my recycling for years. Recently, my local recycling service said to not use plastic bags for any recycling. I specifically asked them about these bags. I was told that if the driver saw that I was using them, they would not collect my recycling because if they did it would potentially contaminate the whole recycling truck. I emailed Hefty about this two weeks ago, and they haven’t responded. How is a company going to advertise a recycling bag that really just makes everything put in it unable to be recycled??? I care about our planet, as does everyone who takes the time to recycle, and am both mad and disappointed in this brand.Read more

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  3. Ms. P

    I bought these to help sort clothes before they’re either donated or moved to storage. Also, I hoped they would be durable enough that I could keep clothes in them in my storage locker without pests getting in, but they cannot be used for that function. I previously used opaque/white, regular Glad “ForceFlex” garbage bags, but I wanted something clear so I could easily see what was inside. These are pathetic and rip or have “runs” (yeah, like on pantyhose, which are legit more durable than these bags) as soon as I put just a couple of articles of clothing in them. I CANNOT believe these are marketed as recycling bags!! My recycling company doesn’t take plastic bags, but the weight of ANY of the items in my small recycling bin would NEVER hold up in these bags! If you’re planning using for recycling, use ANYTHING else. Ultimately, this product is detrimental to the environment, just in sheer waste. I live in a city with a plastic bag tax/reusable bag mandate and I try to mind my waste ‘footprint’ in every area of my life, so I know if I need to double-bag garbage bags or throw them out because they’re so flimsy, that’s a whollleeee lot of waste. I thought I could trust Glad bags but I was wrong. I’m horrified Glad would make something so environmentally unfriendly.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    These bags are terrible they are thinner than grocery bags & can hardly hold any weight. So disappointed I will never buy them again. I got glad ones & they are thick & never rip.Read more

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  5. Regina

    These bags are defective and flimsy to boot. They are stuck together at a seam??? at the top and when you try to separate them they rip. Back to the drawing board. I was looking for something like a clear contractors bag to store clothes in so I can see what is in the bags. these are paper thin and rip very easily. I could not even see putting recyclables in them even if my city allowed plastic bags in the recycling. The box says hefty and while they are Hefty brand they are not even as strong as a regular trash bag.Read more

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  6. Vincent J. Koski

    These bags suck! I thought they were competitive with ‘glad recycling trash bags 30 gallon’ but they are made of inferior plastic which tears very easily. These are not what I wanted. I cannot trust them to put dirty kitty litter into and them not leak or tear causing a great mess. I thought these would be similar, but they are nowhere near the quality of the glad model, even though the price makes them look ‘better’Read more

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  7. EscherFan

    When I moved into my condo over a decade ago I was told I would get a recycling bin like all my neighbors had. For some reason I never did get one and calls to the condo association and to various township departments got me nothing but the royal runaround. I finally gave up and for years I put my recyclables in paper bags or in other people’s bins that were already at the curb. Later I learned that Township Powers that Be had decided providing residents with bins was too costly and stopped giving them out. Subsequently, all the neighbors who moved in after I did never go bins, either. Recently I learned about these clear bags that were designed specifically for recycling! I couldn’t find them at Target or any other local store so had to get them from Amazon. They really resolved my problem of not having anything to put my recyclables in! They’re strong with nice ties. There was just one hitch. I had never heard of clear plastic bags before and had never seen any. Evidently, neither had the collectors who work for the recycling companies! I noticed the first couple of weeks that the recycling guys were just leaving my clear bags for the regular trash guys to pick up. They didn’t realize that stuff in clear bags was stuff they were supposed to take! Thankfully the condo association called the recycling companies and got them straightened out so now there’s no problem any more. All to say that if you decide to buy these, be forewarned that you might have educate the recycling company and their personnel.Read more

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  8. J. Mccay

    I’ve been using these for years and they are PERFECT for separating metal/plastic OR thick paper/thin cardboard. I put two bags in my hall each week, put the items in the proper bags as soon as I use them. It couldn’t be easier. Then I use the pull ties on my recycling day, double ties the handles and put it out where they pick up. GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT & VERY EASY ONCE YOU GET USED TO THE SCHEDULE. Plastic is destroying our oceans. We get over 70% of our OXYGEN (that we need to live!) from the OCEAN & from the lowest, most fragile part of the food chain! If they get diminished it effects EVERY living creature in our oceans in a very bad way! We need to do every little thing we can to help our oceans NOW! I but 32-OZ Powerade ZERO bottles that I reuse at least 10X each with Crystal Light drinks (you can use this to taste, their suggested amount of powder per 32-OZ of water is WAY TOO STRONG!). Use far less and you’ll find you will drink MORE (always good for you!), and that saves you a lot of money as well! Nuff said!Read more

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  9. LuckyLucy

    These are fairly economical budget friendly bulk box of blue bags for recycling. They fit perfectly in proto typical full height under cabinet drawer trash bins. The draw string is nice and stiff and wraps around the bins just right The only issue I have is they’re fairly thin. They will puncture if any sharp objects like corners of plastics make tension with the bag. Thereby causing leaks from cans and bottles. I certainly with these bags were a bit more durable. For the cost and sheer number of bags, I still like these bags. I dislike paying too much for a bag that goes right into trash recycling. They’re good enough for me. There is no scent at all which is ad advertised. So that’s a good thing.Read more

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  10. JTC

    These bags are definitely not hefty! They are alot thinner than what I was expecting, and tear very easily. I was hoping to use them for recyling, but it can’t withstand the glass bottles, card & plastic packaging (with hard edges), etc. I am now only using them for empty pop bottles & cans….nothing with sharp edges, and that don’t have alot of weight. Disappointed!Read more

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  11. Jeff

    These are plastic bags. Hard to imagine what one writes for 5 stars vs. 4 – the bar isn’t exactly high. But they have a nice draw string and a good balance between thickness and strength. They fit nicely (pay attention to the gallon measurement). I now start all conversations with ‘what kind of bags do you use? Let me tell you about the Hefty Recycling Trash Bags…’Read more

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  12. Christa Wiens

    I have ordered these a few times with no issues. However, last box that came seemed fine until I opened it….it stinks like some kind of animal urine and cologne mixture, causing instant headache and absolute disgust! It is extremely POTENT STINK!! Stay away from these for awhile. Since I can’t reach customer service through the options menu… I thought a review was needed. I have removed this item from my subscriptions. I’d gladly return them, but I am not taking anything that smells so badly to the post office…they are going in the garbage…outside!Read more

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  13. emergnurse

    I purchased this to use as kitchen trash bags since our municipality mandates clear bags for trash and this product was available on ‘subscribe and save’ for a reasonable price. When pulling a bag out of my trash can that is any more than 1/2 full the bag stretches and often tears around the opening. They are not tough and the name ‘hefty’ is certainly not applicable. I can see these bags as being great for lighter uses such as storage and transport of recyclables but I would not recommend them as a general use kitchen trash bag. I was disappointed in the strength and have cancelled my subscription to order themRead more

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    Hefty Recycling Trash Bags, Clear, 30 Gallon, 36 Count Clear 30 Gallon – 36 Count
    Hefty Recycling Trash Bags, Clear, 30 Gallon, 36 Count Clear 30 Gallon – 36 Count


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