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HiXing Woodwinds Plasticover Alto Sax Reeds, Strength 2.5, 2-piece

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ABS Plastic material, not moldy, durable
Strength 2.5, box of 2 reeds
It is equipped with special protective shell
Optical laser measurements ensure accuracy
Suitable for beginners and professionals


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Plastic reeds is a rare product. On the basis of reeds, the material and timbre are better improved, which makes up for the shortage of reed whistle. It won’t get moldy. One piece can be used for a long time. It’s very durable. There are many reed sentries on one roof, which is far more cost-effective than reed sentries. Economical, no need to buy reeds frequently, making playing more convenient, no need to change reeds

Specification: HiXing Woodwinds Plasticover Alto Sax Reeds, Strength 2.5, 2-piece

Weight 0.317 lbs

2 reviews for HiXing Woodwinds Plasticover Alto Sax Reeds, Strength 2.5, 2-piece

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  1. Autumn Willow

    Background: I am a lifelong musician, but picked up the saxophone about 3 years ago, so late beginner to intermediate. I play jazz, rock, and pop with occasional blues. My setup 2000s YAS 23 Vandoren V16 A5 Jazz mouthpiece Yamaha brass ligature Ordinarily, I play on Rico Royal French cut cane reeds. They last decently, and 8 out of 10 of them are completely usable (the other 2 can be tweaked to be usable), so I was skeptical about trying a new, synthetic brand that costs about half as much for two, as my normal reeds cost me for 10. If you’re reading this you probably already know you want to try a synthetic reed, so I won’t go over the pros here (but the “slap it on and go” with zero time spent sucking on it first, is a nice perk) At first I wasn’t impressed. The first reed that I tried felt like trying to blow on a brick. I did a quick google search, and found out that this sort of thing is actually pretty common even for the major name brands like Legere. The simple solution is, and I haven’t tried this yet – see next paragraph! Boil them in water for about one second. It changes the molecular structure slightly and makes them more free blowing. Now that being said, the other reed is definitely a 2.5, comparable to a Rico orange box 2.5 in terms of playability. I can play all the way to the altissimo range without a squeak or honk, which is more than I can say for at least 3 out of 10 Rico orange box reeds (there’s a reason I switched to Rico Royals!) As far as sound, I was able to get a nice, smooth jazz tone or a darker classical tone with just the usual embouchure shift, even on my jazz MP. For fun, I grabbed my old Yamaha 4C and slapped it on too, and, oh my goodness, you talk about a free blowing combination! If the quality of every one of these ABS reeds is anything like the two that I received (the mislabelling accident aside, again, happens a lot!) then you’ll be hard pressed to go wrong here. Even if they only last a month or two, you’re never going to make one free blowing, responsive cane reed last more than 3 weeks at best of regular playing. Highly recommend at least keeping one of these as a backup! I haven’t yet decided if I want to try the “boil” method to fix the 3, or just keep it and learn to play on it honestly. It’s harder to blow, but I mean, those thicker reeds exist for a reason.Read more

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  2. Hasan A.

    I’ve been playing the saxophone for two years now and I hate how reeds chip sometimes. I bought these reeds that dont break and they are great! They have a great sound and feel nice. At the beginning it may feel weird but you’ll get used to it if you hse it for atleast an hour. Great reeds and worth the moneyRead more

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    HiXing Woodwinds Plasticover Alto Sax Reeds, Strength 2.5, 2-piece
    HiXing Woodwinds Plasticover Alto Sax Reeds, Strength 2.5, 2-piece


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