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Hummingbird Bee Repellent – Made from All Natural Ingredients – Made in USA

(8 customer reviews)

HUMMINGBIRD BEE REPELLENT: Full of ingredients bees cannot stand but hummingbirds like!
RESISTANT: Prevent Wasps, Hornets, Stinging Insects, Andrena, Andrenidae, Colletidae from swarming your hummingbird feeder
APPLICATION: In a sweeping motion, spray around the inlets to the feeder. Do not overspray a light coating is all that is necessary. **TO ACHEIVE DESIRED RESULTS THE PRODUCT MUST BE APPLIED PROPELY**
CAREFREE: Frequent saturation or reapplication is NOT necessary
INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Citric Acid, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Geranium Oil, Cinnamon Oil


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Item Form: Spray. Item Volume: 236 Milliliters. Brand: Hummingbird Bee Repellent. Best Sellers Rank: #137,477 in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Customer Reviews: 2.5 out of 5 stars 316 ratings 2.5 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B0949L7MQT. Manufacturer: CareFree Enzymes. Item Weight: 10.2 ounces. Package Dimensions: 7.95 x 3.23 x 2.24 inches.

Specification: Hummingbird Bee Repellent – Made from All Natural Ingredients – Made in USA

Weight 10.2 lbs

8 reviews for Hummingbird Bee Repellent – Made from All Natural Ingredients – Made in USA

2.9 out of 5
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  1. Kindle Customer

    At first thought this was going to be the answer to my bee problem on hummingbird feeders. It does disturb them when you spray but DOES NOT KEEP THEM AWAY. Sprayed feeders lightly, as recommended, before hanging outside. Have 6 feeders. By the time I got all 6 sprayed and outside individually, the bees were on the first ones I had put out. Sprayed lightly again, while bees were on feeders, but they simply moved to another feeder. I’ll keep using simply because I have it but not counting on it working any time soon.Read more

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  2. Vickie Moody

    My Hummingbird Bee Repellent arrived today. Because my feeders were covered with bees, I rush out to spray the feeders because the Hummingbirds were fighting to get to the feeders. After spraying all the feeders, I noticed that the bees did not even notice that they had been sprayed. The spray didn’t even phase the bees at all. We returned a few hours later and the bees were still on the feeders. I would not recommend buying this product. It doesn’t work as described in it’s write up.Read more

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  3. enigma-2

    We tried many products, including Dawn soap, etc. This product actually works better than anything we’ve tried. But we believe that we may have discovered why so many people are having problems with the bees not leaving. We have several feeders out. Usually need to refill them daily (if not sooner). (We have lots of hummers). On the feeders which were not infested with bees, this product works well to repell them when get close. However,… on the feeders where the bees are landing and feeding, they return like clockwork. We’ve come to the conclusion that the bees are returning out of habit (or a path to food they charted). As I stated, we clean and refill our feeders daily, so we are respraying daily. On the feeders where to bees were used to landing, once sprayed they will still come, but they now have a hard time landing and if they do land, find it difficult to stay. (There are exceptions for a very few hardy subjects). But overall it does have an effect. However even if they can’t land, they continue to hang around and buzz the hummers, driving them off. To fix this, we’ve began relocating the feeders, those bothered by bees, to other parts of the yard. (Seems to be working so far.) The hummers found them quickly enough, but the bees are still returning to the (empty) spot where the feeder used to hang. Our recommendations are; (1) the product does work. (2) Before spraying, take your feeders apart and throughly clean every crevice with soap and water. (Be sure to rinse thoroughly). We are guessing that the bee leave behind a scent that still attracts them. A good cleaning will remove this. (3) On these feeders where bees were landing, relocate the feeders away from this area. (We’ve found that once cleaned, sprayed and relocated, the bees leave the feeder alone. … But they still return to the area where the feeder used to be). Hopefully, they will give up and move on. But they still continue to return to the empty spot even after several days. When spraying the feeders, we spray them when their disassembled. It allows the spray to get into the inner areas not accessible when assembled. We do NOT spray inside the glass bottle, nor inside the little yellow, plastic bee guards. We’ve found taking these steps works better that anything else we have ever tried and will continue to buy the product. One additional unrelated note. As a man, you want to wash the product off after spraying. My neighbor gave me a funny look and asked if I switched “after shave”. (Told him it was insect spray and he bought it). With all the oils, it does smell a little girly.Read more

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  4. kim burke

    This worked like a charm!! My feeder was overrun with bees and my hummers couldn’t even eat. This got rid of them all within a few hours. It smells bad LOL but it keeps the bees away!Read more

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  5. Tiffany Petri

    Completely ineffective. You’d think they actually liked the stuff! They were only bothered when I sprayed. The moment I step away they are right back on it.Read more

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  6. trisha

    This did not work at all!!! Bees and wasp just flew while I sprayed and went right back to the feeders!!!Read more

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  7. Richard T

    Had tweny too fifty bees hovering and splashing in my garden fountain. Seemed to intimidate birds and dquirrels. Used the repellant and bees have stayed away!Read more

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  8. Darlak1023

    We were seeing a LOT of honey bees at our humming bird feeder, and seldom a humming bird. Since we started using this product, no honey bees and hummingbirds continually

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    Hummingbird Bee Repellent – Made from All Natural Ingredients – Made in USA
    Hummingbird Bee Repellent – Made from All Natural Ingredients – Made in USA


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