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Ideaworks JB6368 Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads, 1-pack, Black, 4 Count

(12 customer reviews)

NOISE & MOVEMENT REDUCTION: The anti-vibrations pads are designed to reduce noisy, vibrating, pulsating, and walking washing machines
MONEY SAVER: The pad may help reduce maintenance costs
UNIVERSAL USE: The pads can be used for all washers and dryers
EASY INSTALLATION: Simply slide the pads under each corner for maximum performance
items measures DIAMETER 2.50 X 0.80”


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No More Noisy, Walking Washers. -Inch Reduce noise, vibration and pulsating washing machines and also keep them from walking. Reduce maintenance costs for use on washers and dryers.

No More Noisy, Walking Washers.-Inch Reduce noise, vibration and pulsating washing machines and also keep them from walking. Reduce maintenance costs for use on washers and dryers.

Specification: Ideaworks JB6368 Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads, 1-pack, Black, 4 Count

Weight 6.7 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 0.8 × 1 in

12 reviews for Ideaworks JB6368 Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads, 1-pack, Black, 4 Count

3.5 out of 5
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  1. Mark B.

    I gave this a 2-star instead of a “1” only because it may work for some folks, but not for us with a unitized washer-dryer that weighs about 275 lbs. The rubber is soft and easily compresses, especially since the underside is mostly hollow (as shown in their product photo). We were also trying to elevate the w-d enough to ensure the base wasn’t riding on the ribs in the sturdy plastic pan, which are perhaps 1/2″ high. What worked were feet that were significantly larger, dense and solid (see my 3 photos above). Yes, they cost $22 but once again, you get what you pay for. We ordered “STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Washer and Dryer Pads” but there are other suppliers. I would term these by Ideaworks as “light duty” and imagine that they would be fine for unstacked dryers and maybe top-loading washers, but nothing stacked or heavy such as large front-loading washers.Read more

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  2. Charles W

    For less than $7 you can protect your tile floor, reduce noise, and keep the washing machine from “walking”. Life Hack: if you don’t have easy access to the back of the washer, you will at first wonder how to put these in position below the rear “feet” of the washer. Take duct tape, make a loop back on itself, so it basically is now double sided tap. Stick inside the cup of the vibration pad. Have one person tile the washer forward, and stick the pad on the rear “feet”. Set the washer back down, tilt back, slide the other 2 under the front feet, and you are ready to rock and roll. Product is very effective.Read more

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  3. BD

    Just purchased over this weekend for our Kenmore Front Loading Washer machine. The washing machine sounded like a jet engine and could be heard throughout the house during the spin cycle. The machine would like move and shake violently at times. The washer is the 2nd floor with a drain pan and on tile underneath. It only took a few minutes to install and worked like a charm. It greatly reduced the vibration and saved us to returning the washing machine altogether. Thank you!Read more

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  4. Jackson

    I have an LG front load washer and dryer. I wasn’t spending $300 to buy pedestals so I’m pretty handy and built my own. Well I’ve always owned a top loader and didn’t realize how fast these things spin. These vibration pods are wonderful I can’t even hear the washer going and I’m looking at adding another set to the dryer just because!Read more

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  5. Fleoschk

    These rubber isolators did not work for me. The washer is leveled and I thought that the isolators will work when you put just a few pieces of laundry in the washer and, when because of that, if the laundry is not evenly distributed in the washer then the washer becomes unbalanced and starts moving. To my surprise, with a good size balanced load and a leveled machine, the washer started behaving as it was totally unbalanced, tilting and oscillating. I removed the rubbers and everything was fine. My opinion is that the rubbers are of good quality but they do not do the job I bought them for. I would not recommend them for the purpose stated above.Read more

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  6. toybiz

    We have our Maytag Neptune front load washer/dryer on the second floor of our home. This means they sit on a plywood/joist floor base. This also means there is some give when compared to resting on a ground floor concrete slab. With that said, almost everyone I know has experience of vibration noise with their washer/dryers when on the second floor as well. Our washer would tend to walk quite a bit when washing jeans or towels. Sometimes moving as much as 6 inches! Recommendation – make sure your appliances are leveled! You came here to read about these pads not where my appliances are right? These pads felt sturdy in my hand but when you flip them over, the underside is semi hollow. There are criss-cross rubber channels the serve the provide support to the upper cup and keep the sides from crushing. There appears to be other pads that are fully solid in construction but these being hollow didn’t appear to crush much under the weight of the washer. Being hollow may actually aid in the vibration reduction as it allows some flexing whereas a solid one will may just transfer the shakes to the floor. I guess that also depends on what is made of. The round washer/dryer foot fit perfectly inside the cup and only raised the height about half an inch. It did a good job of reducing the felt vibration during the washer use. Whereas prior to installing these pads, the whole house would sing in concert with the spin cycle, worse when it full of jeans or towels. The washer still did tend to walk when I washed a comforter and sheets as a test. I will be looking for a different washer solution. PROS: cost, this is one of the least expensive anti-vibration pads available here on Amazon. Fitment was spot on and did not raise the appliance too much. Did reduce the vibration, if I had to put a number on it, I would estimate it to be 75% reduction in perceived vibration. We should have looked into these years ago! CONS: the rubber did compress a bit after installation. Understandable as it is hollow underneath but my concerns is over time the rubber will take a set and become less flexible thus negating its ability to absorb vibrations. Because the bottom has cut outs, there is less surface to floor contact area, this is why my washer still walked around on the spin cycle. OVERALL: I would recommend these pads especially if your goal is to reduce vibration and washer walking isn’t the main problem. If trying to solve washer walking I would keep looking for other answers.Read more

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  7. Von

    This one Star means zero. I was expecting these to dampen the vibration from my washing machine while in spin cycle. I was very disappointed they actually made it worse and I mean really bad. These pads or not solid they are actually kind of hollow with an X across the bottom my machine actually crushed them. They made my machine act like it was on a trampoline, They should not be call anti vibration pad, there are more like spring from my old caddy very soft and squishy and make the washing machine jump around more than ever. I cannot express how bad these are. I should’ve videoed a before and after it would make a good laugh but I remove them immediately. I cannot recommend these pads to anyone absolute waste of moneyRead more

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  8. Johnny S.

    EDIT: I removed these as they were useless and my washing was still walking. I replaced them with the silent feet brand. I took them out and as I thought, the plastic gave up since it is hollow. I have uploaded some pics to show you how they failed. DO NOT BUY for heavy washing machines. ORIGINAL: I used Silent Feet anti-vibration pads before when they used to cost about 20$. So when I moved I wanted to get them again, but since the cost increased I decided to buy something cheaper. The reviews seemed decent and for the price I wanted to try them. Initially they seemed to work well, but I had concerns because the quality seemed flimsy. The center of these pads are hollow and there is not enough support/padding for a washing machine. My current washing machine is heavier than my previous ones, and after about a month or so, I noticed that my washing machine sunked which means the rubber support most likely broke. I bought this in August 2018 and now it’s January 19, and the washing machine is now “walking” during spin cycles. Spend your money on the silent feet or wait until it is on sale.Read more

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  9. ashleigh

    Work greatRead more

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  10. KWP

    works well – better than rubber mat…..Read more

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  11. Lindsey Dowding

    they work wellRead more

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  12. Stephanie

    My washer and dryer is on the second floor of my house which is awesome but sometimes the dryer vibrates a bit (it’s 4 years old and it was always like this) so I finally got fed up and bought these. They definitely help with the vibration. Before you could feel the vibration in the floor in front of the laundry room and you could hear it rattle. Once these were put on it definitely helped a bit but not enough in my eyes for the costs. I originally was looking at something like a foam tile to put under the dryer but found these and they seemed easier to use. Also installation is a bit of a pain, it would be nice if these was some double sided tape inside the cups, I had to slide the dryer back into position once these were installed and it took a few tries because I have tile and it would get caught up on the grout lines and come off the back. You can’t even wobble/walk the dryer back because once you lift the corner the cup stays on the ground. I’m glad I bought these, they definitely help but they aren’t as effective as the description makes it seem and if you need to slide the unit back on tile it’s not as easy as it should be, again a little 2 sided tape would be nice in the cups.Read more

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    Ideaworks JB6368 Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads, 1-pack, Black, 4 Count
    Ideaworks JB6368 Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads, 1-pack, Black, 4 Count


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