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Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Adults, No Contact Forehead Thermometer with Fever Alarm, Accurate Reading and Memory Function for Adults, Children-NO Battery Include

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Note: All products delivered by CARTGET are brand new products. Due to logistics issues, batteries cannot be transported at present, so no batteries are included in all products.
Non-contact: According to the infrared technology, you can measure body temperature without touching the ear or the forehead, prevent cross-infection between multiple people. Measurement Distance: 2-3.15 inch
Accurate: This thermometer equipped with the advanced infrared technology and high precision sensor, reads fast, which only takes 1 second to read the temperature. The accuracy of temperature measurement is within 0.1℃
Intelligent: The large LCD backlight has 3 different colors according to temperature, and abnormal temperature is accompanied by warning sound. It also has an auto shutdown feature for power saving
Multifunction: The temporal thermometer can easily switched °F /℃, it is designed for all ages, adults, babies and elders. In addition to measuring forehead, it can also measure room, object, and liquids temperature. Great choice for families, nursery, hotels, school.


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Lower Temperature Rating: 93.2 Degrees Fahrenheit. Upper Temperature Rating: 109.4 Degrees Fahrenheit. Minimum Storage Temperature: 131 Degrees Fahrenheit. Immersion Depth: 100 Centimeters. Resolution: 0.1F. Number of Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. Specification Met: CE. Power Source: Battery Powered. Color: Purple. Brand: HALIDODO. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Industrial & Scientific. Country of Origin: China. ASIN: B08C7DJNP9. Manufacturer: HALIDODO. Date First Available: July 2, 2020. Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. Item model number: HW-7. Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 x 2.01 inches; 3.99 Ounces.

8 reviews for Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Adults, No Contact Forehead Thermometer with Fever Alarm, Accurate Reading and Memory Function for Adults, Children-NO Battery Include

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  1. SirFrankoman

    In a nutshell, NOT ACCURATE. Those saying they are do not have the access I do to calibrated thermometers. I am a healthcare worker in a hospital emergency room. Our thermometers are all calibrated in a lab with precision equipment. I took this thermometer with me to work in the ER and tested various thermometers we use. We use oral, infrared, and temporal. I took the temperature of myself and several coworkers with the hospital thermometers and this amazon thermometer. The amazon thermometer was off at least 1 degree to 2 degrees. When you are talking about human temperature that is a lot. Big difference if the hospital thermometer reads 101.9 and this unit reads 99.9. I will package this guy up and send back for a refund. To get a good thermometer for home use, you have to spend some money and I don’t mean 30 bucks. Plan on spending at least $75 or more to get some quality. Take these other reviews with a grain of salt. This review I gave is the real deal. Oh, the other features, easy to use. I do like the unit. Just not accurate. In covid age, a thermometers accuracy is very important.Read more

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  2. Jeremy Esguerra Chin

    During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, these touchless thermometers are a practical necessity. I purchased 2 units and BOTH of them did not work straight out of the box. They’re much smaller than I anticipated and made from cheap, plastic, light-weight material. It’s obvious this is a generic, mass-produced, Made in China product with just the sticker label changed according to the various brands. A quick search on Amazon shows identical products with just a different label. That should have been a warning sign for me. Installed FRESH AAA batteries into one unit and it wouldn’t turn on after several attempts. So I tried it in the other unit – thinking the odds of both failing are less – but BOTH wouldn’t turn on. Tested the batteries in a different device and they’re fine so not the batteries. The battery door on the thermometers is a cheap, plastic slide-and-lock type that doesn’t give a good seal. Pressed and held it tightly closed with my thumb thinking the battery contacts weren’t properly seating but still nothing. These units are so poorly constructed and feels toy-like. The plastic molding is not sealed completely as if the parts were just snapped-together. I’m more angry with myself for being duped into ordering such a rubbish product. After trying a few more fresh batteries to no avail, I had to pack BOTH units up and return them for a complete refund. At least the Amazon return-refund process was quick and smooth and free – but such a waste of time and resources to begin with. Searching for a better thermometer now in local shops so I can test and “feel” the quality first. Stay away from these units! (I suspect several of the good reviews of this product are not legitimate as this is one of worst quality devices I have ever seen). Caveat emptor! (Buyer beware!). This review made 29 Aug. 2020 deep in the heart of the pandemic.Read more

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  3. Debra Hugh

    Bought this hoping I could get rid of the oral thermometers due to COVID-19 but took oral temp and then used this thermometer and the reading was 2 whole degrees off! Checked against another thermometer and was also 2 degrees off. Totally worthless!Read more

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  4. Ronny Acosta

    Where I work, we’ve been told we have to bring our own thermometer to show that we do not have a fever. While I have to take my own temperature before I can enter my work, this thermometer is accurate. I didn’t think it would be so accurate because I hold this a few inches away from my forehead, but it really is. I do clean this as soon as I get home but no matter if I use it at home or at work, I get an accurate temperature reading. I have this and one that goes in my ear. To test the accuracy of this one, I held it the way I would at work and then had my wife take my temperature with the one that goes in my ear at the same time. While this one was off by .2, I still got an accurate reading that I was happy with. Not sure if it was because I had a fan pointing at me and my skin was a little cooler, but with that small difference, I’m still happy with this thermometer.Read more

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  5. Jenn

    I don’t understand all the people who said this was an extremely accurate thermometer. I used an oral thermometer and then used the infrared and the readings were 3° different. I have used the infrared thermometer about 10 times in the last three minutes and gotten a different reading every time … between 96.6 and 99.1.Read more

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  6. AJ

    Worked well at first and now only reads high temps. Tried to measure a surface temp of a table in a cool room and it says “high” only. Very disappointed.Read more

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  7. dbt

    I purchased this product based on other reviews, and this was a total mistake. Mine arrived an opened box, and it was a used or returned item. Very cheaply made. Not worth the price, as I wound not pay a nickel for this product. I am surprised Amazon would sell this product. I took my temperature three this and each time it was the same. I compared my temperature with my old thermometer and my old one was more accurate. Very disappointed with the product and returned it immediately. This product is cheap, inaccurate, and not worth the money. Be smart and buy a brand name and not a POC like this. Again, way over priced and cheaply made.Read more

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  8. Ty

    This is an excellent digital thermometer. It will give you a very accurate reading in just seconds. I actually tried and compared with other thermometers to see if the reading was accurate, and it was on point. It’s very light and the best past is that, it is absolutely touchless, just hold it in front of your forehead without touching, and it will show you your body’s temperature in seconds. Batteries are very easy to install . During this pandemic, this is a very nice thermometer to have handy and make sure anyone entering your house of coming into close contact with you doesn’t have a fever (major symptom of the COVID-19) and Check my family temperature everyday be safety during COVID 19 I Will definitely recommend buying this item to friends and family.Read more

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    Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Adults, No Contact Forehead Thermometer with Fever Alarm, Accurate Reading and Memory Function for Adults, Children-NO Battery Include
    Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Adults, No Contact Forehead Thermometer with Fever Alarm, Accurate Reading and Memory Function for Adults, Children-NO Battery Include


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