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Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design – 58″ x 13″

(12 customer reviews)

58″ x 13″
Constructed from durable vinyl
Kids can beat the heat in the Sunset Glow inflatable pool
The 12″ walls of this pool are formed by three colorful rings


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Your little swimmers will want to swim until the sun goes down in this Intex Sunset Glow Kids Pool. With fun, vibrant colors and a soft inflatable floor, there’s no way your kiddos won’t have a blast swimming in this pool. It’s the perfect backyard pool to cool off in on those hot summer days. It allows for 9.5 inches of water and is constructed of durable vinyl for long-term use. This pool features a cushioned, inflatable floor that keeps your little backyard swimming bums comfortable and safe. It’s perfect for kids ages 3 and up and provides hours of fun in the sun. You and your kids can swim until twilight and watch the sun go down as they spash around in the Sunset Glow Kids Pool.

Specification: Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design – 58″ x 13″

Weight 3.52 lbs
Dimensions 57.87 × 57.87 × 12.99 in

12 reviews for Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design – 58″ x 13″

4.1 out of 5
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  1. P. B.

    So, this review has been several years in the making. It will remain SFW, however it will describe a use case that is definitely memorable. Last year, I was looking for something to hold and display a large number (60+) of . . . marital aids . . . at my camp at Burning Man. I jokingly though of a kiddie pool, and when I saw this rainbow one, I thought I’d try it out. My expectations were low. It was an inexpensive and meant for kids. I wasn’t sure if it would last in the desert for a week but thought it would be worth trying it. And has it been! I have just returned from Burning Man – the second time for the kiddie pool (or what we lovingly refer to as the cockpit). And it’s still doing great. Now, this pool isn’t brought home, year to year. It stays in storage in a shipping container left out in the high Nevada desert. It literally bakes in an oven and then freezes in a freezer all year long. In addition to holding our collection of . . . marital aids . . . , it also has received more than it’s fair share of roughhousing by adults. And yet, it’s still in great shape. Under very unusual conditions (Do you know how much 60 . . . marital aids . . . weigh? – More than you might expect), heat, dryness, general tomfoolery, etc. it’s still a solid product. I’d recommend this for anyone who needed a kiddie pool . . . for whatever reason.Read more

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  2. KND

    Overall I am satisfied with this product. It was pretty inexpensive compared to the other small pools so I didn’t expect much. It’s small enough to fit on our deck but big enough for a few kids to play in. Took maybe 5 minutes to blow up. If you have a bicycle pump it will take no time at all. Each ring is inflated separately and the bottom inflates as well. Would make for a great ball pit after the summer! Few things to consider… 1. The bottom does inflate which is great for those with toddlers. It will stay inflated if the water line stays below the first ring. If the water goes above that you will not get that nice squishy inflated bottom. The water smashes it down. It wasn’t a big issue for us since we keep it pretty shallow to begin with but something to keep in mind if your kids like their pools to be on the deeper side. 2. It does not have a drain (I have yet to find an inflatable pool that does). 3. After blowing up the rings and pushing in the plastic closers they started opening back up on their own. I found that they stay put if you leave those plastic closures sticking out rather than pushing them in. 4. The pool is very soft and doesn’t seem very durable. I was worried how many times we would be able to use it before it popped but so far no issues! My son is the typical rough toddler and this past weekend we had some older kids playing in it. After each use I unplug the closures to let a little air out and then step on side to let the water flow out so it can dry out. So far no holes to report. If you plan on using this directly on grass it might be a good idea to put down a tarp first. I could see small sticks being an issue for the bottom. 5. Having a lot of people over for a cook out? Don’t inflate the bottom – just the three rings. Throw in a bunch of ice and store the drinks in there. Makes for a great outdoor cooler.Read more

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  3. KD

    Decent for a kiddie pool, fit probably two to three two year old or under to splash around during hot summer days. The inflatable bottom is nice for concrete patio. After inflated, I turned the pool inside out, that way all the warning signs written in the middle layer get hidden. I would give it 5 stars if it’s $10 which that is how much I feel it is worth.Read more

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  4. Shiloh Ranck

    This pool is just what I was looking for to use as a play area for my now 6 month old. He loves being in here and can fall over and won’t get hurt. I always stay near the pool as of now because he is still learning how to crawl and sit up for long periods of time but he definitely will play in here with no problem. I blew it up the first time when it was delivered and allowed the material to expand then only had to put air in it once more to make it nice and tight. My favorite part about it is the cushioned floor, it definitely helps with impact if he ever topples over while sitting. I would definitely recommend this pool!Read more

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  5. Elizabeth Chavez

    This pool was great! I use it at the beach to provide a safer swim environment for my young daughter. It is easy to blow up yourself. It is also a great size for a young toddler. I was still able to sit inside with her (5ft 8inch) and she had plenty of play room. Side note: Don’t waste your money buying the battery operated air pump! It was useless, and not needed.Read more

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  6. 2 whales

    We LOVE our pool! It’s perfect for my deck and it’s just right for someone who wants to cool off without all the upkeep of a big pool. I’m 5’7” and I fit great with my son. So easy to inflate and easy to wipe down / fill up with a few large buckets. It does the trick to keep us cool in the summer months! Love the colors and the size.Read more

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    I was worried about whether the item would come with holes when I read other reviews but so far it came in good condition. The only problem I had was that the two lower rings were somehow a lot more difficult to inflate compared to the first ring. I’m not sure if there was some design flaw or something. Otherwise, the pool is a perfect size for my one year old with some room to move around. I also like that it has a padded bottom. I use it as a ball pit. I wish it came in cuter colors. I really liked the lazy fish design but too bad its too small compared to this pool. Update 4/16/2018: Finally broke 2 months ago with my son’s heavy bouncy on top of the pool. There was a small tear between the rings and the pool could no longer hold air for long. But for the price, I think he still had quite a bit of fun. I might get another one in the future.Read more

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  8. Iva95

    Very happy with the pool. Big enough for my 10 months old baby and me together. Very soft padded. I dont mind the middle ring being full with warning signs, I think in fact its very useful and helpful. It took me about 10 min to inflate it with a foot pump.Read more

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  9. Sean Michaels

    We bought this for our granddaughter and whilst it seemed a little expensive we liked the idea of the bottom being padded. we set it up, no problems as we used an electric pump. Once set up the granddaughter seemed okay with it although we thought the bottom could have been padded more The problem came when we went empty it, THERE IS NO DRAINAGE PLUG which for the price I found astounding. I contacted the buyer whom simply said we do not advertise that there is is, trouble is they do not say on their blurb that there is not one either. Having bought plenty of paddling pools this is the first one without a drainage plug, so be prepared to have to empty it by handRead more

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  10. Hannah McDermott

    My dog loves it! Great size for anyone though! Very sturdy and not too high so can’t get too deep so great for kids as well!Read more

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Good size but the bottom padded bit has a hole and wouldnt blow up. But im still using as a ball pool for my kittle one.Read more

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  12. Daniel

    Good size used as a ball pit. Sizes are sturdy once blown upRead more

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    Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design – 58″ x 13″
    Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design – 58″ x 13″


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