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IRIS USA Airtight Food Container for Dog, Cat, Bird, and Other Pet Food Storage Bin, BPA Free, Black, 33 Quart (500088) 33 QT Black

(13 customer reviews)

FOOD FOR ALL: For your cats, dogs, birds, and more. Store your cute family member’s dry foods into our sealable and portable pet food container. Our 33 quart size food storage container are great for storing 25lbs of dry food.
AIRTIGHT CONTAINER: Don’t let unwanted pests and rodents eat your pet food. The airtight seals with snap-lock latches make them rodent proof storage containers. Lock in the freshness of the dry food and delicious treats by sealing away moisture and humidity. Slim plastic container design is space saving, and keep your food storage area neat and organized.
ROLL IT AROUND: The storage bins come with attachable casters so you have the option to have them off or on. Store it on a shelf or attatch the wheel to roll it from the storage area to your dog or cat bowl.
CLEAR CONTAINER BODY: The translucent body allows you to check the food level in just one glance. Quickly check the remaining amount before you head to the pet store.
DIFFERENT SIZES: Check out the different size containers to store your cute friend’s kibbles, pellets, seeds, and treats. Made in USA and BPA free.


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Meet the airtight container designed with your pet in mind. This 33 quart plastic airtight container is perfect for storing dog food, cat food, or any other pet food you wish to store. The sealed storage container features a foam seal and snap lock latches to keep contents fresh and keep pests out. Designed as pet food bins, these BPA free rolling storage bins offer many other uses as well such as leash and toy storage, pellet storage, grain storage, birdseed storage, cat litter storage, or even as a charcoal container. This IRIS airtight pet food container is versatile and functional, and the casters allow for easy mobility in any area of the house. Made in the USA.

Specification: IRIS USA Airtight Food Container for Dog, Cat, Bird, and Other Pet Food Storage Bin, BPA Free, Black, 33 Quart (500088) 33 QT Black

Dimensions 16.5 × 10.83 × 18.632 in

13 reviews for IRIS USA Airtight Food Container for Dog, Cat, Bird, and Other Pet Food Storage Bin, BPA Free, Black, 33 Quart (500088) 33 QT Black

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  1. Cupcake

    I’m using this for storing a 50lb bag of bread flour and it’s perfect. I store the flour in the bag for easy removal at the end of the bag, and so I don’t end up with stale flour at the bottom. Slightly flatten the unopened bag before lowering it into the bin (so it doesn’t bulge too much at the bottom). The bag will extend past the top but the flour will settle so that you can trim the top of the bag so it’s flush with the top of the bin (picture shows the untrimmed bag inside the bin, but the flour is settled enough to trim down flush with the bin). It’s a close fit but works. I wouldn’t expect it to be truly air tight, but it’s pretty close, and much, much cheaper (and for my space, much better proportioned) than any commercial flour bin.Read more

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  2. Maria-Cristina Chaviano

    I’ve had this for about four months now and it’s not airtight anymore. It’s not a make it or break it deal for me, it still serves it’s purpose as a container with a lid and I like the wheels but it is no longer airtight…thought that might matter to someone. The reason being they use a soft foam material as the seal and it is smaller than the crease it molds into so the foam gets pushed into the crease and no longer sticks out enough to create the seal with the bottom edge of container, maybe if rubber would’ve been used instead then that wouldn’t happen?… Hard to explain in text, hope that makes sense.Read more

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  3. J. Bass

    I was looking for an airtight container that could hold the 28lb bag of kibble still in the bag. The whole dog journal recommended not to pour kibble out of the original bag because it would expose the kibble to more oxygen than necessary, which causes the food to go stale and lose nutrients faster. This did the trick!Read more

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  4. Em

    Wheels broke off in about two months. Very disappointed because initially, it seemed great and was easy to maneuver. The plastic around the wheel insert just snapped with little stress. UPDATE!!!!!! So annoyed! Contacted by a rep about my negative review shortly after the original post. I responded and was so impressed that someone from the company responded. NO FOLLOW THROUGH. Insult to injury! Just threw the container out yesterday after looking at my mend job with duct tape. The rep stated in the email that I probably got a faulty product, and apparently I did but to email me and not follow up on my response is poor customer service. I drew the short straw on this one because everyone else pretty much raves about the product.Read more

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  5. laura

    We use these for organizing toys for my kids!! We had one bucket that was getting dusty and gross, that sat behind the couch when they weren’t in use. The toys at the bottom we’re getting very funky, dusty & covered in pet hair. I bought six containers and organize their toys by type. The kids can roll them around the house very easy, pick them up very easy, and open them up very easy. It’s been over six months now, and the toys are all perfectly clean, and the kids can put them back so easy so they don’t get all mixed up in a big bucket. I’ve never use them for food storage, but for toy storage, they’re the best thing ever!!Read more

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  6. Katie K

    There are numerous articles about the best way to store your pup’s food, and this is the way we chose. By keeping the dog food in the bag it comes in (which is specifically made to tolerate & keep the ingredients) and also sealing it up in an airtight container, the food will last longer, not leave the container messy, and keep bugs/pests out. The food we feed our lab is pretty rich (compared to the old dog food we fed our dogs 20 years ago!) and has lots of fats from the fish that were leaving a brown oily gunk behind in the container. We felt it was unsanitary to ignore it, but also didn’t want to deal with washing out the container in the bathtub every 4 weeks. This container is the PERFECT solution for us. It is narrow enough to fit in our pantry space, and the perfect fit for the 25lb bag of food we buy. (Pictured: Partially eaten bag of food, container without the wheels)Read more

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  7. darbisonlewis

    Due to a mouse problem this winter, our house suddenly looks like we bought stock in plastics. I was looking for somewhere to store our dog food, as that seems to be the first thing they go for. We have 3 dogs, so we buy our dog food in large bags, and finding storage for it that is both large enough and still easy to handle can be a challenge. The wheels roll easily, even when loaded down with dog food, and the lid seals and latches. I can’t vouch for it being airtight, but it’s certainly tight enough that a mouse can’t get in. My only criticism is that I would take the weights given with a grain of salt. The label lists that it will hold 54+ pounds of dog food. We buy 25.3# bags 2 at a time. This picture is of the container with one full bag — looks more than half full to me. I didn’t risk opening the second bag and attempting to pour it in for fear that it wouldn’t fit and I’d wind up with a partially full, open bag of dog food — mouse paradise! I’m sure this just has to do with food density, so how could they really know exactly how much it would hold. No worries… I’ll leave the 2nd bag in my car until these dogs eat a few meals and leave me enough room to add it to the top. Still, this product was exactly what we needed.Read more

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  8. Al Zee

    Airtight?!?!….Not even close! I am thoroughly disappointed in this product. We had bugs easily get into this container and contaminate our dry goods inside. The seal seemed tight and it was free from all contaminates and obstructions. The food beetles easily crawled right through the “airtight” seal. This product ruined $60 worth of product inside. If I could give this a zero star rating, I would.Read more

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  9. Geordie604

    This 35 pound container fits my 20kg bag of flour absolutely perfectly. The lid doesn’t seem as tight as I would have liked but maybe it is airtight under the lid I just can’t see it ? I bought 2 containers so I know it’s not defective . Anyways I’m happy with it and I’m not concerned as it’s stored in the house . Seems sturdy and glides along nicely . A full 20kg flour bag fits inside and I just cut the top of bag to scoop out flour rather then dumping it in loose. Because the lid isn’t super snug and so I’m wondering if it is actually airtight then I’m giving it a 4 star rating .Read more

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  10. Elysayle YT

    Primero hice mi compra por uno de 47 Quart, leí en una reseña que le cabían 20-25 kg,pero me decepcionó el ver que no es así, ya que me sobraban muchas croquetas pedí el de 33 Quart para meterlas. Si quieres guardar 20 kg te recomiendo comprar 2 de 33 Quart, si son más compra 3, ya que el de 47 Quart comparándolo con el de 33 Quart es caro. Yo gaste $1048 MXN por los dos (33 y 47 Quart), pero pude ahorrar y comprar sólo 2 de 33 Quart, hubiese gastado $678 MXN por ambos y habrían cabido perfecto 20 kg (Si compras 3 gastas $1017, menos de lo que yo gasté sólo por dos) No recomiendo llenarlos hasta el tope porque la manija ya no cierra bien, eso lo note cuando llegó el segundo contenedor.Read more

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  11. Alexis Torres

    Seguí la recomendación de un usuario que comentó que sería mejor adquirir DOS de 33 Quart, en lugar de los más grandes. En efecto, son MÁS BARATOS y cabe perfectamente un costal del 20 KG de croquetas (incluso queda un poco más de espacio, para 5 kg más aproximadamente). – La comida se mantiene en perfectas condiciones, tal y como si fuera la primera vez que se abre el empaque. – Las ruedas facilitan mucho su trasporte, pero no aconsejaría que se le encimé algo más, puesto que se llegarían a romper fácilmente. – Económico y duradero, gracias a sus buenos materiales. Envío rápido y seguro, tal y como acostumbra AmazonRead more

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  12. dksrottie

    I have 2 of these, one was a gift, and I love them. I use them for dog food. I have 2 dogs with different food requirements. They actually take up less space in my kitchen and the 30lb bags fit perfectly. The only one unhappy with them is the dog that was constantly getting into the food bags

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  13. Eduardo Castillo

    Muy buen material yo compre el mediano y le caben como 20-25kg de corquetas para perro. Es muy práctico y la tapa sella bien, almacene comida y lleva casi dos meses y sigue fresca y crocante. Leí por los comentarios que incluía una pala para el alimento, lástima, desilusión que me lleve por qué esperaba una, pero no la trajo.. pero recibes lo que pagas y vale cada centavo. Además viene con ruedas que lo hacen super practico a la hora de moverlo, sobre todo si lo tienes lleno a topeRead more

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    IRIS USA Airtight Food Container for Dog, Cat, Bird, and Other Pet Food Storage Bin, BPA Free, Black, 33 Quart (500088) 33 QT Black
    IRIS USA Airtight Food Container for Dog, Cat, Bird, and Other Pet Food Storage Bin, BPA Free, Black, 33 Quart (500088) 33 QT Black


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