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iskn The Slate 2+ Pencil & Paper Graphic Tablet

(12 customer reviews)

Draw with your own pencils and pens thanks to the removable ring that gives digital superpowers
Use any kind of paper to draw with the Slate, even a sketchpad (up to 0. 27 in. )
Use the Slate connected to your tablet, smartphone or computer to see your drawings instantly come to life, or in screenless mode to use the Slate while on the go
Enhance your creations with Repaper Studio app (pencils, felt-tip, airbrush. . . )
Enjoy the graphic tablet mode to use the Slate with all desktop drawing software such as the Adobe Suite, gimp, and many others
Share your creations on social media and export in several formats such as PNG, JPG, MP4, PSD and SVG


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The Slate lets you keep the natural and unique sensations of your pencil gliding over paper while benefiting from the endless possibilities of digital. Thanks to a simple ring placed on your pencil, your sketches instantly come to life on your tablet, smartphone or computer screen. Offering tools with unique rendering (brushes, pencils, felt-tips, marker…), the Imagink app allows you to embellish your creations and share them in an instant with your friends as an image or a timeless video.

Specification: iskn The Slate 2+ Pencil & Paper Graphic Tablet

Weight 13.4 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.3 × 0.3 in

12 reviews for iskn The Slate 2+ Pencil & Paper Graphic Tablet

3.7 out of 5
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  1. Etorki

    I’m actually very surprised with the one star comments. I’ve personally had a positive experience with the product since buying it on Amazon. If it can help, I bought the “slate 2+ version” in September 2018, I’m not very familiar with the software but I had to update the Slate when I used it for the first time. The device is definitely magic 🙂 Drawing with a real pencil and seeing the result on my screen is quite unique. I use the device for my “creative” drawings, usually starting with the pencil supplied in the box for doodling (I sometimes use color pencils) and then adding the final touches (colors) with the stylus (yes I also bought what they call “the Tip”…). Regarding the accuracy I’m getting better and better, I think I need to keep on practicing but my last drawings are quite accurate and the results on the iPad were very close to my paper version.Read more

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  2. Jessica L.

    Picture drawn doesn’t align with computer image. Attempted numerous calibrations and settings changes, still does not properly line up. Images are distorted in comparison to image on paper. We enjoy the option of using our own pencil and paper, but even with the pencil included the image doesn’t line up correctly. Hopefully this will he corrected for future products. This was purchased as a Christmas gift and my daughter was sadly disappointed.Read more

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  3. Sid Suicide

    I love this! I am a pad and pencil art type of girl who could never get a handle on the computer attachable drawing pallets due to finding where I’d left off on the pad, etc. this allows me to draw live. Which means no more scanning in my completed pieces and trying to tweak them! I can still use the other attachable pallet I have to edit photographs, but I much prefer this one. It also enables me to take notes in meetings and wirelessly save them on my computer, iPad, or iPhone, so if I’m out and don’t have my notebook with the hard copies, and something comes up, I can just pull up my notes and add to them if needed! I am a cofounder if a charity that is still in its infancy, so having this device has made sharing to-do lists and other important documents with my business partner extremely easy! I also design clothing, and this makes it so easy!Read more

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  4. HAM

    After using wacom tablets for many years this one was quite underwhelming. First of all, there’s absolutely no pressure (I knew this before buying) but I thought I could use it for sketches on the go. My paper versions kept turning out a lot better than anything coming up on screen. It worked a lot better on my phone than my laptop, surprisingly, but it still wasn’t as accurate as I hoped for, so at that point I’m better off just using regular pen and paper. It claims you can use it as a real graphics tablet but if you’re a beginner and you want to get into graphic art you’re better off buying a small wacom intuos tablet for half the price. I ended up returning it.Read more

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  5. Den

    I was pretty curious when I ordered the Slate because it’s been a long time I didn’t try a graphic tablet. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised: you can use your own pencil with the tablet using a metallic ring (included in the pack, a pen is also included) , and there is some cool features available (especially the replay of your drawing). Be careful to check and follow the tutorials (it will help you to understand how the tablet works and how to use it), especially the magnetic parts. But once you get it in mind, it’s mostly easy to use and really cool!Read more

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  6. LemonLimeBasil

    This is my first venture into digital art, I usually work in oil. It has been scary and fun, I am a beginner and the videos on the site are full of hints and tips. What drew me to the Slate, was the ability to draw anywhere and upload it when you get back home. It is everything it promised, except….it is more fun!Read more

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  7. Jenny_

    This tablet is great for the beginner who want to learn how to do digital drawing. I let my friends ten years old kid use it and she loves it immediately and after ten minutes she is already get used to it. I want something i can take out to coffee shop and work there. It’s perfect to take away, very light. Although there’s still some small issues like the pressure is a bit weird for me but it’s still a great product so far.Read more

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  8. Rebecca Behan

    I am a designer who is comfortable drawing with both wacom and paper, I thought the slate seemed like the perfect way to add my paper sketches to the computer seamlessly without constantly scanning in and re sizing. There are some companies in fashion design that only work with jpegs and need them on computer. After experimenting for an hour with it, I’ve found it’s compatible with the Mac and works ok with this. Occasionally disconnects . When finished making a mark / drawing you have to lift the pen very high away from the slate otherwise you’re left with a trail. There seems to be a lot of mention of tho magnetic interference on here which apparentlt causes this ….. but I don’t think that is the case when everything was the suggested 20cm away from the slate! However it Works intermittently with the Samsung 9, continually disconnects and the app crashes , as there is no auto save feature within the app as there is near versions of illustrator and Photoshop, you loose all your work. Even though the phone has been available for nearly a year it still is not ” officially compatible ” was the answer I got from iskn, this is not official as they haven’t tested it all over the world

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  9. Antoine D

    Really enjoy this tablet, it ticks all the right boxes for the price and performs quite well. I did some research in the japanese manga illustration community, and found that the slate is well recommended. I bought this and it’s really simple and natural to use.Read more

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  10. polly

    The tablet is sturdy but you can only use it on their app if you want to use it on the phone and it is absolutely terrible and totally useless to make any sort of decent drawing on.The tracking is slow and dodgy, the pen (on screen) sometimes doesn’t show up and you have to constantly recalibrate so you spend more time doing that then using the pad and the ‘offline’ usage is useless. It’s hard to draw anything that actually ends up looking ok digitally . I would not recommend spending this amount of money on this pad, save up a lil more and go for something decent.Read more

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  11. Melvyn Hawkins

    I looked around at quite a few different drawing tablets, but I was drawn to the Slate as I wanted something that was as close to pen & paper drawing as possible. ‘The Ring’ lets you use any pen or pencil you choose, while cleverly recording a digital version of your drawing. The tablet also has its own app which allows you to edit your digital drawings, add colours or erase any mistakes you may have made – which is great for trying out new drawing styles and ideas!Read more

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  12. Andifos

    This could be the most frustrating present ever. Won’t connect to Bluetooth. Had a look at the Repaper app and there’s nothing about The Slate. No instructions anywhere, except for turning on and off. It doesn’t seem to be storing the drawings I’ve done, so I can’t import them, even if I connect to my laptop by USB. Back to sketchbooks and pencils, then…..Read more

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    iskn The Slate 2+ Pencil & Paper Graphic Tablet
    iskn The Slate 2+ Pencil & Paper Graphic Tablet


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