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ISMARTEN Pet Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toys Plastic Coil Spiral Springs for Cat Kitten Pets 60 Pack (Random Color)

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60 in a-pack,Non-Toxic Materials — Made of safe, strong and flexible plastic, This cat spring toy have smoothness outside and super springy! No hurt to kittens! And Springs Cat Toy will not be broken by pets.
Size approx:4.5cm/1.77 * 2.5cm/0.98 in when you receive the package. The cat springs could be stretched longer
Multicolor and bright colors add to the fun.entertain your cat with random bouncing movements
Cats love a good game of “bouncy springs” and have fun chasing the colorful springs cat toys around while their unpredictable bounce will drive them nuts
The toys encourage activity and exercise for better overall cat health. the erratic movements will keep your cat on it’s toes as it bats, kicks, tosses and pounces, keeping your cats amused


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Material: Plastic. Brand: ISMARTEN. Target Species: Cat. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. ASIN: B086TYHFK1. Manufacturer: ISMARTEN. Date First Available: April 7, 2020. Package Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3 inches; 2.4 Ounces.

10 reviews for ISMARTEN Pet Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toys Plastic Coil Spiral Springs for Cat Kitten Pets 60 Pack (Random Color)

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  1. NoNotNana

    My three kittens go absolutely NUTS over these spring toys! I thought they might get tired of them like they did with their other toys (balls, stuffed things), but they continue to chase these springs all over the house. They play with each other and they play alone, batting a spring around and racing after it. The springs are quite thick and sturdy, too. I have stepped on them and they haven’t broken, and I am NOT a dainty thing. I thought the kitties would be able to chew through the plastic because they enjoy biting stuff HARD, but they haven’t damaged any at all. The only issue we have had with destroying one was when my husband tried to wash one in the dishwasher. It flattened/distorted the spring. Oops! In addition to batting the springs all over (I suspect several are under the fridge and under the bathroom vanity), the kitties seem to especially like that they can pick up and carry the springs in their mouths—a great feature for those without opposable thumbs.

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  2. Jewelcat

    My cat loves these. I think they’re probably his favorite toy of all time lol. I bought some of these a while ago from a different brand but he’s since lost almost all of them since then so I thought I’d give these a try. They’re just as good quality as the other ones I bought and I think the value for the price is unbeatable! My cat isn’t able to chew through them and break them and even though he likes to stretch them out they still haven’t broken or lost their shape. They also make a nice sound that he likes and bounce really nicely. I highly recommend!Read more

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  3. Gina

    My two sibling kittens love these!! It’s their favorite toy. At 4 months they were like crack for them lol I made the mistake of leaving a bunch out one night and they were up all night running all over the place. After that they were put up at bedtime. A couple months later, and one of the kittens plays fetch with them. One day she brought the spiral toy up on my bed while I was watching tv. I threw the toy off my bed and she went running after it and brought it right back and started playing with it on my bed again. I threw it again and she did the same thing, only now she was dropping it next to me lol I realized I’d taught her to play fetch! She will even growl with it in her mouth. I’m not sure if she’s warning her brother to stay away from her or if she thinks she has a mouse lol The boy doesn’t play fetch but he loves playing with them.Read more

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  4. Brian

    My cats just can’t get enough of these silly plastic springs! Buy only this brand because it’s the only one I could find that don’t have metal inside and don’t have sharp edges! That is very important for sensitive kitty faces and mouths! They have just the right bounce and my cats play with these things all day and my cats are super picky about cat toys! Currently they’re favored toys are a catnip filled squirrel, a little mouse with a feather tail, a plastic strip from their cat food bag and these silly plastic springs! For whatever reason my cats don’t ever play with new toys or sleep in new beds for 3 months and out of nowhere they start loving a particular toy that I thought they hated! These springs they played with the moment I got them in the mail and gave them to them! They love them so much! TLDR: If your cats are picky about toys try these out they are safe for them! They are cheap enough that if they still don’t play with them you don’t lose too much money. No sharp edges and no metal!Read more

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  5. K Espinosa

    My two (9 month old) cats have been playing with these for about 6 months. They absolutely love them and play with them more than any other toy. Besides batting them around, the cats can pick them up in their mouths and carry them around (one of my cats has “invented” a catch game, bringing them back to me again and again after I throw them). They skitter across hard floors in an enticing way. It’s also fun to toss them into the bathtub or somewhere in a pile of boxes and watch them find them and pull them out (we always have stacks of differently-sized Amazon boxes out for them. Every morning I go around the house to find any laying around, and look under or behind things where they tend to collect. When I have several, I put them together and wear them as a large ring on my fingers, so that I have them ready to go. I HIGHLY recommend these. I bought a different brand/style, but I love these colors.Read more

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  6. Marilyn Williams

    My babies “kitten’s” so love these simple toy’s ordered them the first time as an “also buy with” but thought they won’t like them How wrong I was they choose those over all the other toy’s that make noise..eyes light up etc. Bought another type last time because these had went up in price quite a bit but they were a lot skinnier and had like a medal inside…My babies hated them…so lucky these came available for a great price and they came today and my boy & girl’s are having a ball.Read more

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  7. SayGoodnightRaquel

    If you have a cat who likes to bat and chase things around, your cat will love these. He swats at them, and due to their light weight, they go flying. We play catch and he catches toys in the air with his paws. These are easy for him to grasp mid-air. He grabs them with his paws and rolls on his back, chewing on them. He loses them under furniture, and my fiancé stepped on one and it broke easily, so I ordered a pack of 60. I don’t want him to ever be without these as they’re his new favorite toy.Read more

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  8. Mom of 3

    Our cats love these springs. If only they’d stop losing them. They’re ba must have for kittens and all cats. Great deal, and fun toy!Read more

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  9. Brigitte & David

    My daugther love’s itRead more

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  10. Valérie Farrant

    Mes chats adorentRead more

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    ISMARTEN Pet Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toys Plastic Coil Spiral Springs for Cat Kitten Pets 60 Pack (Random Color)
    ISMARTEN Pet Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toys Plastic Coil Spiral Springs for Cat Kitten Pets 60 Pack (Random Color)


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