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Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

(4 customer reviews)

Key of BB with a Boehm 17 key system
Beautiful ebonite Body material
Nickel-plated keys for a clear and focused tone
Robust contoured carrying case for quick and easy transportation
Included accessories: Carrying Case, one Rico reed 2.5, cleaning Cloth, and cork grease


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Combining an elegant ebonite body with nickel keys, The Jean Paul USA CL-300 clarinet boasts beautiful design and sound while maintaining a low price point. That makes it the perfect choice for Band students and others learning to play the Clarinet. Student musicians will find that the CL-300 clarinet is a reliable, easy to play instrument that is very well centered and durable. Featuring the boehm 17 Key system, The Jean Paul clarinet provides band students with excellent response and smooth playability. The cylindrical bore also produces strong projection and a wide range of tones. It’s perfect for anyone learning The Clarinet!.

Specification: Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

Weight 3.95 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 15 × 9.5 in

4 reviews for Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Tracy

    Good student Clarinet. Mine arrived quickly and with the case shown. I played Clarinet all through elementary, junior high & high school, so was fairly advanced. Now 30 years later I missed playing so I looked for an affordable instrument I could play for my own enjoyment and this clarinet is perfect. I was able to start playing right away with ease. It has nice tone and a nice key action. It is not for the professional, but good for a student or for personal use. The mouthpiece is ok, but I may upgrade once I am playing proficiently again. It came with an adjustment screw driver, a pair of polishing gloves, cork grease and one 2.5 Rico reed. It also has two barrels of different lengths, a shoulder strap for the case and information booklet. The finish is “wood”, but this is a plastic instrument. UPDATE: I have been playing this clarinet everyday for almost a month and discovered a few things. I upgraded the mouthpiece, which is common with new instruments. I was having trouble with my middle Bb & it sounded like a pad problem. My local music store technician looked at it & confirmed that the keys are “bendy”, meaning they are easily bent and thus out of alignment. This is a problem with the metalwork on less expensive instruments. He adjusted it for me & showed me how to be as gentle as possible when taking it apart & putting it together. The adjustment lasted about a week. This can be frustrating for kids learning as they tend to not be gentle & bump their instruments around. It does effect the tone and playability. In hind site I would have spent a little more on a higher quality instrument, but I’ll keep this one for now & upgrade if I can’t relax & enjoy this one.Read more

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  2. Kodack

    Worth every penny and then some. I never played a reed instrument before buying this, and I was dubious whether I’d get an instrument, or a clarinet shaped object. When I pulled it out of the case, I didn’t even know how to put it together. I’d never touched a reed before let alone assembled a ligature. I couldn’t even get a note to come out at first. That’s how new I was to this. It’s been 2 months now with near daily practice. I have no teacher. I can play several songs, circular breath, play across the break in intermediate songs like The Pink Panther theme, and I can hold a note for 55 seconds without circular breathing. I am not some kind of wood wind prodigy. I credit having a GREAT instrument with my progress. Out of the case I was shocked at how heavy this clarinet is. It’s heavier than my flute, which is all metal. The key material is also solid and did not require any adjustment in several weeks of playing now. The tenons are tight, but soon get to a comfortable resistance with frequent cork greasings at cleaning time. I ditched the stock mouth piece after a month and a half and got a Vandoren 5JB 88 with a Vandoren 1.5 reed. Just do it. You won’t look back. I now have an instrument that is going to last me a long time before I need to upgrade, and to me that is what makes a good starter instrument. One that you don’t need to immediately toss because it’s holding you back or breaks. I also replaced the ligature with a single screw leather one which makes reed cleaning easier. The pads are still in good shape, no leaky keys, and it plays from bottom of the cleff up to the 3rd octave without any off or slow notes. I have a few minor nit picks though. As it came out of the box, it was 1/2 a semitone flat with either barrel in use. Changing the mouth piece solved that problem. You can compensate with your embouchure but as a new player I found it hard to do that AND concentrate on my scales at the same time. Mine did not come with a replacement reed either so be sure to buy a box of reeds. The stock mouth piece played best for me with a 3.0 reed strength. 2.0 was too easy to over blow and squeak in the lower register. I also recommend you get a stand that stores in the bell. I rarely disassemble my instrument now, and instead keep it next to my favorite chair, ready to grab and practice at any time. I’ve bought a few inexpensive instruments before on Amazon like a trumpet and a flute, which were around the same price as this clarinet, but far inferior in terms of quality, weight, and build. I feel like I got a really good deal on this clarinet at $180. With the new mouth piece I’m about $270 in, and feel like I have a $800 instrument.Read more

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  3. Edward

    Great Clarinet for my Jr. High Student! I bought this for my daughter for her 6th grade Band. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t last or her band teacher wouldn’t let you use it. She took it to class and showed her band teacher and he put it together. Then tested it and told her it was a nice clarinet. She is now going in the 7th grade and has had no problems. I am so glade I made this purchase. I would recommend this Clarinet to any one looking for a great clarinet for a reasonable price. I would def buy again. I have also talked to Jean Paul customer service a couple times and they have always been super fast and easy to talk to. and have always helped answer my questions.Read more

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  4. Indigo

    I purchased this clarinet after having to leave my old one in Ireland when we moved back to USA. I have played for 30 years, and teach, so I wanted a good quality instrument but we don’t have a lot of extra funding right now, so cannot afford the best quality. I had never heard of this brand before, but after reading online reviews about the different brands and which are good for students (which my children now are), this is the one I decided to try. I was very pleased to hear the nice tone and am happy with the quality for this price point. The swab that came with it was defective, and it was supposed to come with a set of reeds, but only arrived with one, so the company sent another set and a new swab straight away, and offered any further help, should we need it. I would definitely recommend both this brand and this company! Very happy with purchase and will be purchasing another in the new year for my son as he starts beginning band.Read more

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    Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet
    Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet


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