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Joy Con Charging Grip, Likorlove LED Indicator Charger 2000mAh Battery Design Overcharger Protection Dual Controller Dock Holder for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

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🍄【Built-in Battery Joycon Grip Charger】:This grip has 2000mAh power bank inside, Charging Grip specially designed for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. fully charge only need 3.5H. it allows you to play while recharging your Joy-Con controllers so you don’t waste a minute of your best games
🍄【2-in-1 Joy-con Comfort Grip】: The grip combines the left and right Joycons into one full-size controller. The Likorlove Joycon charging handle is more ergonomic and can make the grip point wider and more comfortable to hold. The size of the handle is suitable for both children and adults
🍄【LED indicators for charging status】: When the handle is correctly mounted on the handle, the two rows of indicators in the middle of the handle will light up and the handle status will be displayed. The blue LED light indicates the remaining battery power of the Joy-Con
🍄【Easy to Slide IN/OUT】: It has plastic rails and is easy to slide the controllers in and out of the grip without shaking or scratching.No worry about Joycon stuck and damage issue, So it won’t scratch or leave any kind of marks on your Joycons
🍄【Speed Type-C charging】: If the battery and Joycons are depleted, simply plug the USB C cord into the front of the handle. It will charge the Joycons and the handle at the same time.It also provides protection for overcharge voltage, overload current, short circuit and over temperature


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Item Weight: 195 Grams. Total USB Ports: 1. Brand: Likorlove. Connector Type: USB. Connectivity Technology: USB. Compatible Devices: Game Consoles. Manufacturer: Likorlove. Date First Available: January 29, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #33,571 in Video Games. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 329 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08P1VL7H4. Item Weight: 6.9 ounces. Package Dimensions: 6.18 x 5.94 x 2.24 inches.

Specification: Joy Con Charging Grip, Likorlove LED Indicator Charger 2000mAh Battery Design Overcharger Protection Dual Controller Dock Holder for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Weight 6.9 lbs

9 reviews for Joy Con Charging Grip, Likorlove LED Indicator Charger 2000mAh Battery Design Overcharger Protection Dual Controller Dock Holder for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

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  1. Rec

    Overall: an improvement over the official grip, and does what it’s supposed to do, with the notable exceptions being that joy-cons don’t lock into the grip’s rails (they are just held in place by friction) and there is no indicator of the joy-cons’ own detailed battery levels as advertised (only “charging” and “charged”). There’s room for improvement in a couple areas, but provided the battery lasts at least several years, this was worth the $15. BATTERY: Came charged out of the box, and seems to charge joy-cons and itself without issue. Time will tell about the battery quality and the effectiveness of the onboard charging circuit, as constant trickle-charging tends to be very bad for these sorts of batteries – but so far it lasts about as long as it should given its capacity. For optimal battery life, keep in mind that you should discharge it almost entirely (i.e. to below 20%) before charging back to 100%, then (when in use) disconnect it from the charging cable if it’s fully charged. It appears to have semi-intelligent sleep states built-in, so assuming those continue to work, it shouldn’t hurt the battery life to leave it plugged in when not in use. (I expect a bare minimum of 5 years out of any rechargeable battery even when abused, so if it ends up dying before then I’ll be sure to update this review accordingly). CHARGING LIGHTS: Note that the left and right vertical banks of LEDs just pass the corresponding lights from the joy-cons straight through (these lights simply indicate the player-number status on the joy-cons, so while playing a single-player game with one of these, you should only see 1 light on in each vertical bank); they don’t actually indicate charge/charging status, as erroneously indicated in the product information and photos. This is a bummer, as I was specifically looking for this feature. The joy-con battery level can definitely be accessed through their rail contacts, so it’s definitely possible to hook into that information with a grip. The single LEDs on the top of the grip (on either side of the charging port) will be red when the joy-cons are charging, or green once they’re fully charged. The centered horizontal row of LEDs illustrate the current battery level of the grip (25% per light), and will run through a marquee pattern when plugged in and charging (e.g. at 50-74% charge, 2 lights will be solid on, the other 2 will alternate flashes to indicate that it’s charging). CHARGING PORT: The included USB cable connects securely and locks normally (as do my own cables); I’m not worried about it falling out on its own. It’s a bit short, but it’s free – for that price, I can’t complain about length. One possible improvement here would be a recessed port, which would provide some additional stability to the controller-side plug and reduce the risk of damage to the port over time… but that’s hardly a standard USB-C feature (even most phones don’t have it). Standard USB cable rule applies: as long as you’re careful and don’t pull or push on the plug at extreme oblique angles, I wouldn’t expect it to ever be a problem on this unit. JOY-CON DOCKING: The controller docking rails, on the other hand, leave something to be desired. This is the reason for the 4-star rating. The joy-cons don’t lock (click) into place like they do on the console or most other charging grips; they are held in place only by friction against the rails. Weirdly, there is a small single notch in each rail that appears to be *intended* to provide a latching surface for the joy-cons’ built-in locking mechanism, but those notches aren’t the correct size or shape to securely mate to the joy-cons. The result is that the joy-cons can occasionally slip upward out of position during particularly-heavy use. On mine, there is a good amount of friction holding them in place, and I usually have to try or else get very physical with the controller before they start to move, so it doesn’t effect the functionality overall in my case – but how securely they are retained will depend entirely on quality control for those rail dimensions, so results may vary from unit to unit. I wouldn’t let this keep you from ordering, by the way; just be sure you check that your joy-cons fit snugly upon receipt, and you should be good to go. (If this becomes a problem over time, e.g. the rails loosen up, the controllers start slipping out during normal use, etc., I will update this review accordingly). FIT/SHAPE: The palm grips are slightly beefier than the official docking grip and have small inset curved lines underneath each handle about in the middle, which provide better finger-purchase for the middle and ring fingers (for average-sized hands like mine). The overall grip angle is slightly wider than the official one, which definitely helps alleviate wrist strain in long sessions – but it’s not quite as wide as some (non charging) grips or standalone controllers, and I’d personally prefer it to open up about 10 degrees wider relative to the top. An inverted-V-shaped center dock for the joy-cons would be even better, but this is still much better than the official grip as-is. OTHER: It’s not clearly mentioned in the product details or information, so I’ll put it here: the round button on the upper-underside of the grip turns the onboard battery on and off, and you can do so even when joy-cons are docked and when the grip is plugged in – so all use-cases are covered.Read more

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  2. K.S.

    The electronic parts of this device work perfectly, but that’s as far as it goes. For starters, it’s difficult to get the joycons to snap into place. Seems like just a shoddy design on the locking device, and I suspect that it would eventually fail if I needed to regularly remove the joycons. Looking at the ad photos, I thought this grip would be an exact replacement for the original Nintendo plastic grip, except maybe heavier due to having a battery inside. I used it for a couple hours and noticed that it felt a bit odd. I assumed it was just the small weight difference, and maybe because I had a USB charger cord attached at the time. But when my 10yo kid used it, he said the buttons were different. So I compared it closely to the original Nintendo grip, and I realized that the handles attach to the JoyCons about an inch *lower* on this one than on the original. And while I (an adult) can still use it well enough, that one inch is a *huge* difference for someone with smaller hands. I don’t know why the manufacturer made this change; maybe they were trying to make it more ergonomic for adults…? Whatever the reason, they should *tell* prospective buyers that the shape is not the same. I told my kid to keep trying to use it for a couple more hours, but I don’t think it will fly. When I switch back and forth between this grip and the original, even *I* like the original grip shape better. If you have very large hands, then maybe this product is actually a better shape for you than the original is. But not for us.Read more

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  3. Jayson

    I would rather leave a review that takes points from my experience, and also the current reviews here. The very first thing that I noticed when I placed my joycons inside is that they actually locked into the rails. Since writing this review I probably must have spent a good 8-9 hours playing with the joycons inside this product and not once have I had an issue that they have come off the rails. If anything I would point out that I have the animal crossing joycons so they are of a newer built barely used. When the joycons don’t lock in a lot of times it isn’t necessarily the switch or an accessory issue but the joycons themselves. In terms of charging, I haven’t had to pause at any time to bother charging my joycons to the switch. In fact when I am done using them I simply get into a habit of pressing the button on the back so that the joycons can charge. I haven’t tested how long the joycon grip battery lasts but what I have tested is charging the joycons along with the grib straight to the usb port with the provided usb cable. And it works flawlessly, as I bought a switch again and remember the horrors of having to play the rest of the game on the unit when I didn’t wanted to. This should have been a function from the get go, and I agree with that sentiment from the reviewers here. Overall I give this product 5 starts because it has not disappointed me so far. I don’t have any issues with the rails, but I do feel that ergonomically speaking this product is more prefect for someone that has adult hands. Reaching to the top might give smaller children a hard time but what I would recommend for the developer of this product is to create another version of the same but for smaller hands. At first I had to get around that but it was more of a conscious issue of me remembering holding a traditional style gaming pad such as a playstation controller.Read more

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  4. Sarah Thompson

    Not as reliable for gameplay as the nintendo licensed version. Love that it has charging ability so we do use it still to charge our joycons but we swap out for the nintendo version for gameplay. We noticed lag and connection issues for our joycons while using. Would not recommend unfortunately

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  5. sssss

    Der Halter ist von hoher Qualität und die Joy-Cons rasten sauber ein. Sie erhalten ein einigermaßen brauchbares Gamepad. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Halter, er liegt bequem in der Hand und es ist einfach, mit dem Joy-Con zu spielen, ohne den Pro Controller zu benötigen. Optisch gut wie beim Kunststoff-Controller von Nintendo ist nur die Funktion interessant. Mit dem eingebauten Akku wird die Spielzeit erheblich verlängert! Wie lange kann ich dir noch nicht sagen. Bisher konnte ich 12 länger als normal spielen! Mit nur 16,99 Euro ist es sehr günstig, ich werde es meinen Freunden empfehlen.Read more

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  6. Willyhops

    Contando con que el “grip” original de nintendo no era mas que “una pieza de plastico” a la que acoplar los Joy-cons, éste producto aporta precisamente el aliciente que le faltaba al “grip” original. En material y acabados, es prácticamente un calco del de nintendo, salvo por la ausencia de logotipos, pero a cambio cuenta con una buena bateria interna de 2000mha, un indicador de porcentaje de bateria restante, asi como unos indicadores superiores que nos dicen si los Joy-cons están bien encajados o no. Respecto a este tema, habia leido comentarios que decian que se salian con facilidad, o que no quedaban bien agarrados. Precisamente al contrario, tienes que encajarlos hasta que oigas un ligero “click” y la lucecita pase de verde a roja, lo cual nos indica que han quedado bien fijados. En ergonomia, diría que me resulta hasta ligeramente mas comodo que el original gracias a una pequeña diferencia en el diseño de la parte trasera y en cuanto a peso no me ha parecido muchisimo mas pesado. El plus de la bateria hace que me despreocupe mas de estar sacando y metiendo todo el dia los joy-cons de la consola para cargarlos lo cual ahora tampoco es ya necesario porque lo puedes cargar con el cable usb tipo C que viene incluido. Compra mas que recomendada.Read more

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  7. Mago

    Heute angekommen und direkt getestet. -Handhabung ist für Menschen mit kleinen Händen und für Kinder eher schwierig da die position der Joycons recht weit oben ist was bewirkt das die Finger entsprechend lang sein müssen bzw. die Hände entsprechend Groß sein sollten. -Verarbeitung ist ganz gut gelungen und hat so gut wie keine scharfen Kanten. -Direkt aus der Verpackung sammt Ladekabel, geschätzt 75cm, ist kein übler geruch aufgefallen -Für unterwegs ist denke ich selbst redent das man nur selten anwendung findet wenn man nicht grad bei Freunden im Wohnzimmer sitzt, daher nur 3 Sterne weil ich meine Cons unterwegs eh an der Konsole habe. – Betriebsdauer sollte bei einer durchschnittlichen nutzung von 4 Stunden ca 7 Tage sein (28 Stunden) sollte das nicht so sein mache ich gern einen nachtrag.Read more

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  8. Danila

    Ich brauchte wirklich ein Ladegerät für Joy con und traf die richtige Wahl. Es hat einen eingebauten Akku, der sehr nützlich ist, wenn die Joycons beim Spielen zur Neige gehen. Ich bin wirklich glücklich, es war ein großartiger Kauf. Im Lieferumfang ist auch ein Ladekabel enthaltenRead more

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  9. Meyer

    Was soll man viel schreiben

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    Joy Con Charging Grip, Likorlove LED Indicator Charger 2000mAh Battery Design Overcharger Protection Dual Controller Dock Holder for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons
    Joy Con Charging Grip, Likorlove LED Indicator Charger 2000mAh Battery Design Overcharger Protection Dual Controller Dock Holder for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons


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