Kanu Dog Toys Plush Toys Puppy Toys Lion Design

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JUST THE RIGHT SIZE Kanu’s stuffed lion offers 23 inches (60 cm) of fun to improve your dog’s active lifestyle, a toy long enough for dogs of all breeds and also enhance your connection with your adorable pet
Pets security warranty: Kanu Pet cat collars offers safety buckle, that have a quickly released system, you will be sure that your kitten does not suffocates while having fun playing, enjoying outdoors or indoor games.
Safe and looks stylish: Kanu Pet cat collar sets are colorful it comes with a tiny metal bell, with a melodious sound, which allow you to find your kitten at all times, and helps you monitor your kitten’s whereabouts easily.
Versatile size: Kanu Pet cat collars has a one-size-fits-all cat bell that are adjustable for small cats, also with small dogs or any other pet that you like to embellish, it also has lightweight that will comfortably fits to your fluffy friends of all sizes.
Trend-setter: Kanu Pet cat collar set has available the most colorful and funny designs your cat will enjoy using our collars and will feel lucky and fashionable. Our set includes hearts, points, lines and actual designs.

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