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KES Shut Off Valve Brass Shower Head Valve with Handle Lever Water Flow Control Valve Regulator Brushed Brass, K1140B3-BZ

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BRASS BODY: One-piece brass body construction provides much higher performance (high heat-resistance and pressure-resistance) and durability than plastic ones. It can serve many years without leakage.
EASY-TO-OPERATE: Advanced ceramic disc cartridge provides light and smooth operations and long service life (over 200,000 operation cycles). Long lever handle is easily operated even with wet and slippery hand.
WATER FLOW CONTROLLER: Can be used as shut-off valve or water saver valve.
BRUSHED BRASS FINISH: Matte brushed brass finish, not mirror-like shining finish nor champagne gold finish, with a combination of clean, refined lines for a high-end style.
UNIVERSAL CONNECTIONS: 1 X G 1/2 female inlet, 1 X G 1/2 male outlet, standard straight thread connections, washer included.


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-Body Material:Brass
-Handle Material:Brass
-Valve Type:Ceramic Disc Valve
-Finish: Matte brushed brass finish, not mirror-like shining finish nor champagne gold finish
-Connections:Standard G 1/2 Straight Threads
-Installation: Easy installation no tools needed

Package Includes
1 x Flow rate regulator
1 x Rubber gasket
1 x Teflon tape

Specification: KES Shut Off Valve Brass Shower Head Valve with Handle Lever Water Flow Control Valve Regulator Brushed Brass, K1140B3-BZ

Weight 3.66 lbs

11 reviews for KES Shut Off Valve Brass Shower Head Valve with Handle Lever Water Flow Control Valve Regulator Brushed Brass, K1140B3-BZ

4.9 out of 5
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  1. H. Brown

    I got a new showerhead, and the flow limiter inside the showerhead didn’t play well with the water pressure in my house (the shower head was whining and sputtering), so I removed it. The resulting water pressure was very high, which was nice, but a waste of water and no good for kids or dogs. I ordered this which is great for adjusting the flow and I can shut it off for when I’m shampooing my dogs. Some of the negative reviews complain of leaking. For me, I found the key to be a moderate amount of teflon tape (not included) and not overtightening. If you overtighten, you will force the rubber washer into the male end of whatever you’re screwing in, which renders it useless. You don’t need a wrench, don’t need a grip of steel… just hand tighten until it’s snug up against the washer. The first time I installed it, I put it between the shower pipe and the hose for my shower head attachment. It worked fine, but the folks who plumbed my house must be giants, because the shower head pipe is awkward to reach for this average-height woman. Then I realized that I could put it between the hose and the actual showerhead, making it much more convenient to access.Read more

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  2. BillyDan

    This valve WORKS! And the slide mechanics works easier than the others with push buttons. It allows you to control flow anywhere from FULL ON to FULL OFF. WE PAID EXTRA AND GOT THE ONE WITH THE METAL SLIDE instead of the less expensive plastic slide. Before buying THIS REAL SHUTT-OFF valve we tried 3 @ $5 each, from Home Depot, thinking that they continued to dribble because they were defective. We tried one from Lowes @ $10 which also dribbled. So I researched this online. It seems they are now designed to dribble ON PURPOSE, as this is a way for the person showering to remember to turn the actual faucet off. Well, we are in a remote cabin with limited water supply and we don’t want to dribble! We want to be responsible for turning things on and off as WE want to! And when I say dribble I mean a LOT of dribble forming an actual small stream from the other valves. This valve is for people who want to shut it off all the way or decide for themselves if they want a little dribble!Read more

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  3. Mila

    Jan 2020: Installed in a bidet sprayer. Bidets are so poorly designed – the sprayers are never strong enough to withstand the water pressure so the manufacturers always say you need to use the shut off valve before and after every use. But the shut off valve for bidet sprayers is always under, behind the toilet! Who wants to be reaching down there before and after every use? I installed this shut off valve at the sprayer end – between the hose and the sprayer itself. It works great so far to stop the inevitable leak from the bidet that showed up a few weeks after installation because the shut off valve under the toilet wasn’t being used. The fact that it’s a flow reducing valve doesn’t matter since it’s a bidet application. It’s only been in for a day so will update if it starts leaking. It does ruin the clean look of the bidet sprayer, but it’s much better than having a bucket on the floor and better than reaching under the toilet! I wish it were designed with a more modern aesthetic. Before and after photos uploadedRead more

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  4. Robin

    Wish I had purchased this 20 years ago! This valve doesn’t restrict your water flow unless you want it to. Its purpose is to have an easy and quick way to reduce or completely shut off the water while in the shower so you can lather your hair, shave your legs, etc., without tons of unused water needlessly going down the drain. It’s so simple to install and it works like a charm. The lever on the valve is smooth and effortless. You can turn the water volume down a little, a lot (or anywhere in between) or shut the water off completely while using the shower. I love not wasting so much water. This will save me far more than the cost of this item in a very short period of time. I use mine with a shower wand/massager. This is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased.Read more

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  5. RiderofaRodeo

    This valve is a very high quality piece, especially for the price, but my only gripe is with the threads. Typically, plumbing fittings (in the US anyway) are of the NPT (tapered) type. The thread pitch of this shut-off matches standard 1/2″ NPT fittings, however, it is NOT tapered, but is instead a parallel or un-tapered “G” thread meant to be used with o-rings (as can be seen in one of the product photos). I was about to deduct a star for this, but after reading the description it clearly states that it is a “G 1/2” thread, so my mistake. If the pipe that you are connecting this to has a decent wall thickness for an o-ring to seat against the face of, you should have no trouble. But my application was a thin wall shower head neck, which caused the o-ring to get pushed up into the pipe rather than seating against the face. I virtually eliminated my leak by generous application of PTFE tape, but it would have much been better if it were a tapered thread.Read more

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  6. nosympathy

    What you may not think about, I didn’t, was the shower head that gets paired with this. I managed to make the one I got work after sitting and thinking about it for a bit, but most that pivot are hard to install. They usually have a piece that needs to be pushed onto the pipe, then a fitting threaded on, then the rest of the shower head gets attached. That is rather hard to do here with the giant tab lever in the way. Not really sure of a good solution, but more of a warning. We managed to be able to get mine to thread on with some of the automotive tools I have, but your regular person may find this to be a frustration they can’t solve with super basic tools. Otherwise the unit works great. So it’d be a 5 star with a cheap basic shower head, but a nicer shower head it becomes a 4 star with the pain of installing. Otherwise it works perfect.Read more

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  7. D Mathis

    If you dont own a Shower Head that allows you to Shut Off the Water Flow when you want … then you need this !!! PROS: – The Shut Off Value is Well Made & Very Easy to Fit. – Comes with Plumbers Tape for a Water Tight No Leak Seal – I didn’t use it & ive had no leaks

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  8. Joe

    Due to pandemic induced shortage of toilet paper, I decided to install a handheld bidet. I bought a kit from Amazon and installed it on the shower tap. It came with a switch valve, but it had two issues. It wouldn’t fully close the main shower head, which was running at the same time as the bidet and it also had small holes inside meaning the throughput was reduced. This led to water being wasted and low power on the bidet. I needed something that would fully close the one end and have maximum throughput. This was the valve that worked. It closed of the main showerhead and it had much bigger hole inside, so the bidet’s water pressure was nice and strong. Easy to install. Fit nicely into a new shower tap.Read more

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  9. m, a

    My shower is fitted with a Mira Element Thermostatic Mixer shower system and thus does not regulate water flow it is alas, fixed. Easily fitting this KES K1140B3 has now enabled one to adjust the water flow lower yet retain the mixer’s thermal control. The KES K1140B3 is well manufactured and I expect it to last for the lifetime of the shower. Although more expensive than others at a cost of £12.86 including postage this KES K1140B3 reduced my South West water bill from £264 p/yr (£22 p/m) to £96 p/yr (£8 p/m) thus saving £168 per year. Thus, this KES K1140B3 paid for itself in 28 days.Read more

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  10. Dan Moisa

    I used this on a shower which cannot adjust the water pressure ( yes, MIRA does manufacture this rubbish showers). Forget about the negative reviews with spilling , it is just a matter of properly applying the sealing silicone tape. It took me 5 minutes to install it and I saved a couple of hundred of pounds to replace the shower.Read more

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  11. Mr. I. Taylor

    The media could not be loaded. Our Bristan shower mixer has a scratch inside the unit. New seals didn’t fix our dripping water problem.I bought thisKES K1140B3 Shower Head Shut-Off Valve Brass with Metal Handle, Polished Chrome and it’s worked really well. So that my youngest could reach it, on the fixed shower head, I bought1/2″ BSP (15mm) Pipe Thread Extension Female x Male Chrome Brass – 60mm long to extend it within reach.Read more

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