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Kinvoca Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch, L/R Switch Controller Replacement, Wired/Wireless Switch Remotes – Green and Yellow with Grip

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Designed for Nintendo Switch – ideal replacement for Switch Joycon; same set of original Joy-con buttons; used independently in each hand or attached to console for use in handheld mode; anti-scratch and anti-slip durable ABS material
Easy & Fast Pair – bluetooth wireless / wired connection, stable signal; automatically reconnect; rechargeable battery life around 10 hours, and 20 hours for non vibration gaming session; charged by console or mirco usb
High Precision Control – precise aiming and shooting; responsive analog stick; includes an accelerometer and gyro sensor in each controller; dual rumble supported; making independent left and right motion control possible
Ergo Fit – streamlined design helps to rest your palms and index fingers; similar weight to the original Joy Con; feels like an ergonomic comfort grip when attached to console
What You Get – left controller x 1, right controller x 1, handle grip x 1, micro usb cable x 1, strap x 2, user manuel x 1, lifetime technical support


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Looking for a set of Joy Con replacement?
This Joy Con pad is an affordable option.

Great alternative to original Joycon:
Compatible with Nintendo Switch – supports firmware above 12.0.0; separately used in each hand; plug and play when attached; charged via mirco usb / console (Notice: if console not charged via usb c, controllers will only be charged when its voltage<3.7V) Qucik pair and intellectual protection - same connection to Joycon; automatic reconnection; sleep mode for safety and power saving Precision control - accurate input with no delay; motion control Comfort to hold - streamlined design; similar weight to Joycon Please Note: 1. It is a 3rd party item. 2. No NFC (amiibo) or IR Motion. 3. Do not fit with case/grip. 4. When console updated by Nintendo, controllers need to be updated by connecting to PC. Specification: Joy-Con (L) Buttons Left Stick (pressable) Directional/L/ZL/SL/SR/− Buttons Capture Button Release button SYNC Button Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope Joy-Con (R): Buttons Right Stick (pressable) A/B/X/Y/R/ZR/SL/SR/+ Buttons HOME Button (wake up available) Release Button SYNC Button Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope Battery Type Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery Capacity 380 mAh Battery Life Non-vibration (approx.)20 hours; vibration (approx.)10 hours Recharge Time 2 hours Compatibility Nintendo Switch Weight 50g/pcs What You Get: left controller x 1, right controller x 1, 48inch micro usb charging cable x 1, wrist strap x 2, user manuel x 1 Still Need Help? Contact us through CARTGET

Specification: Kinvoca Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch, L/R Switch Controller Replacement, Wired/Wireless Switch Remotes – Green and Yellow with Grip

Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 1.38 × 0.98 in

5 reviews for Kinvoca Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch, L/R Switch Controller Replacement, Wired/Wireless Switch Remotes – Green and Yellow with Grip

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  1. Displaced Desert Rat

    07-26-2020 Update: I just installed the latest update following the instructions listed in the Q&A section. It seems everything worked, but the joy-cons ended up locked in update mode and wouldn’t turn off. A quick poke through the little reset-hole in the back with a paper-clip solved that and now they’re working perfectly. ——————————– These are almost indistinguishable from the original JoyCons. We have a few after-market “Pro” controllers that are not able to make certain moves or control certain aspects of Pokemon: Let’s Go. So I got these for the kids hoping that they would work on those moves and turn out to be less expensive that the brand-name ones. It turns out that these do in fact mimic the original controllers in every way during game play, so that’s already a win. Additionally, they paired up automatically by sliding them onto the sides of the console, and as a bonus, they’re a little larger, and have a more ergonomic shape which makes it easier when the adults join the fun. As an added bonus, they come with a micro-USB port, so they can be charged with a regular USB cable/charger combination. There is however, one little drawback to these. Because of their larger size, they cannot be connected to the comfort-grip that came with the console, nor any other ‘charging’ grip that requires the JoyCons to slide into a pre-sized opening. I guess it’s a small price to pay for the lower price and added features.Read more

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  2. bmccune

    My son loves his switch but we have had a few different issue with Nintendo controllers and their known issue of permanent drift in the joysticks of their controllers. They are expensive to replace and he has already gone through two sets (defects, not rough use). These are a great alternative at about half the price of Nintendo brand joy cons. If these also avoid the drift issue that the original controllers have than this would be a definite go to over the OEM. The Good: -They paired right away and functioned as they were supposed to -These are more contoured, slightly thicker and slightly wider than the original joy cons (see picture) and my son actually prefers the feel of these better than his originals -great value (about half the price) The Bad: -Since these are slightly wider and thicker, he has a slight issue fitting the unit into his travel case (this may or may not be an issue for you).Read more

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  3. Ryan

    These are a great value. Well built. The buttons and analog sticks respond with the appropriate stiffness. The shape is in my opinion a little better than the OEM joycons and the Micro USB ports for charging are much more convenient. We’ll see how the battery life holds up. The only complaint i have, which prevents this from becoming my primary controller is it cannot wake the switch from sleep mode. A minor but worth noting short comingRead more

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  4. Teresa O.

    These work fine, I have a little trouble if the Switch is off, hitting the home button on the controller doesn’t always wake up the Switch. The other thing is they are a different form factor than the standard joycons so they don’t fit in the controller cradles, which is understandable. I think it’s worth it for the price difference.Read more

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  5. Misty-Day Samples

    So, my original joycons started to experience the famous Joycon drift. I was completely heartbroken and with a nearly 4 month year old son, paying $80 for a set of new controllers seems like an expense that really isn’t needed. After some searching and trying to replace the joystick myself (it failed due to crappy screws), I decided on these controllers. I even paid a few bucks more so I would get them the next day because mama needs her relaxation time on Animal Crossing and Terraria. So here’s the good: The feel of these are fantastic. Sure, they’re a bit cheaper than the Nintendo ones, but I prefer that because they aren’t as slippery. That being said, they also fit in your hands way better and it’s much more comfortable for playing. They paired up immediately! There was no complicated stuff to go through, just short and simple and I am a huge fan of short and simple. Now the bad: 1. From the moment I got these (I got the green/pink colors) the green controller, which was the one I needed (go figure) didn’t really charge. The light kept flashing and I couldn’t figure it out, until it did finally charge somehow attached to the switch. Okay, little picky. I could deal. But then it changed. Sometimes the switch would charge the controller, sometimes the USB had to so the controller wasn’t either lit up like a Christmas tree or dead. 2. The controllers are now randomly disconnecting from my switch every 2-5 minutes and pops up with the “choose which controllers you’re using screen”. I’ve attached a picture. Considering I’ve had these for not even a week and I’m already having so many problems, I’m just considering sending them back and getting different controllers – maybe even shelling out the money for the Nintendo ones. I’m disappointed over all, I was really digging these but with the charging, the flashing lights AND now the random disconnects which are frustrating beyond belief and make me want to hurl my switch into the nearest wall, I’m just really not feeling them anymore. I’ll update if I decide to return and purchase another pair on the off chance I got duds, but I kind of doubt it.Read more

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    Kinvoca Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch, L/R Switch Controller Replacement, Wired/Wireless Switch Remotes – Green and Yellow with Grip
    Kinvoca Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch, L/R Switch Controller Replacement, Wired/Wireless Switch Remotes – Green and Yellow with Grip


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