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KLIM Pro – The Laptop Cooling Pad for Professionals + Light, Compact, Easy to Carry, Durable + 10” to 15,6” + Extra USB Port + Laptop Cooler with Fans + New 2021 Version – Black

(13 customer reviews)

✅ AN INVESTMENT. This cooler is an investment => no overheating components => maximises the lifespan of your PC and boosts its performance. ✔BONUS :Receive a free copy of the eBook: “7 tips to keep your computer alive longer and maximise its performance” by email after your purchase.
✅ FOR PROFESSIONNALS. KLIM is the number 1 in the PC cooler industry in Europe. We wanted to make this model perfect for professionals. And we’ve endeavoured to make a perfect model for professionals.
✅ POWERFUL + PRACTICAL. Boasting 2 120mm fans running at 1200RPM, the KLIM Pro is extremely powerful for its size. They’re also surprisingly silent at only 26dB. You won’t even hear them! It’s equipped with a second USB port to avoid losing one when you plug it in. It also comes with an anti-slippage system.
✅ EASY TO CARRY. The KLIM Pro weighs in at a mere 550g making it one of the most lightweight coolers for its size, it is completely flat making it ideal for transport in a backpack or a briefcase.
✅ DURABLE AND WARRANTY. The KLIM Pro is lightweight but robust. We are completely confident in our products and offer a 5 year warranty on this model. It’s a completely risk free purchase for you. Comes with English language customer service and a 1 working day response time.


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Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14.17 x 10.24 x 0.83 inches. Item Weight: 0.5 Kilograms. Brand: KLIM. Color: Black. Date First Available: January 12, 2018. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #1,361 in Computers & Accessories. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 3,928 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. Item model number: k654. ASIN: B06XDLYH8N. Manufacturer: KLIM. Item Weight: 1.1 pounds. Product Dimensions: 14.17 x 10.24 x 0.83 inches.

Specification: KLIM Pro – The Laptop Cooling Pad for Professionals + Light, Compact, Easy to Carry, Durable + 10” to 15,6” + Extra USB Port + Laptop Cooler with Fans + New 2021 Version – Black

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 14.17 × 10.24 × 0.83 in

13 reviews for KLIM Pro – The Laptop Cooling Pad for Professionals + Light, Compact, Easy to Carry, Durable + 10” to 15,6” + Extra USB Port + Laptop Cooler with Fans + New 2021 Version – Black

4.5 out of 5
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  1. reviewit

    Works great. I cannot even hear it and it cools wonderfully. Only issue that I have is the design of the USB connector. The outer edge is a very bad design as the part that extends out with the other connection has extremely sharp corners. I have sliced my arm at least twice. If they are to keep that design it should have a cap on it for safety to prevent that from happening. I have covered it with tape to guard it from happening again before I need stitches.Read more

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  2. K. Baumle

    I’ve had two different laptop cooling pads in the past and neither held up for very long. I did a ton of research and this one from KLIM kept popping up as one of the best. Right from the get-go, I could tell this one was designed with some thought and consideration for the user. It has two folding tabs on the top front that help keep your laptop from sliding forward, and there are two folding “legs” on the bottom at the back if you want to put it on a table and have it tilt toward you, making it more ergonomic. The two fans inside do a great job of cooling my HP laptop, which are great laptops but tend to run hot, in my experience. Another nice feature is with the power cord. The fans are powered by a USB cord that connects to your laptop, but it has a USB port on the other end of the USB plug so you don’t lose your laptop port. I’ve had it and used it for a couple of weeks now and so far, so good. I’m very pleased. UPDATE: About a year after I received this cooling pad, it stopped working. The blue lights still worked, but neither fan was rotating. With the 5-year warranty in effect, I emailed the company and I got unbelievably wonderful customer service. They wanted me to send a photo of the inspection sticker as well as a short video showing the cooling pad not working. (They had me upload that to a specific Dropbox link – very easy.) They got back to me immediately and said a connection was likely broken. They sent out a new one at no charge and within a week, I was back in business. They also followed up with me to see if I’d received it and if things were working fine. They are based in England, as is their customer service, and it simply could not have been better.Read more

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  3. Kindle Customer

    This thing looks like it got knocked back from the future! But, in all seriousness, it’s pretty great. 2 complaints. First, it is a little noisy. I mean, it IS a fan, so it’s not gonna be silent, but, still… second, if it’s not on your lad or a desk/table, it doesn’t work very well. I write (type) on my bed a lot, so the laptop sits on my mattress. With the fan underneath, they both just get warm. Essentially, ineffective on cloth. Other than those 2 things, this fan is pretty good.Read more

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  4. Benjamin

    My laptop is a big ol’ 15.4″ MSI gaming rig that overheats easily. My old laptop cooling pad from Walmart just didn’t cut it, so I ordered this one. The bigger the fans, generally speaking, the more airflow for less noise. This laptop pad does the trick! I see temps a full 30*C lower than before! (Yeah, a resting temp of 70*C was pretty bad, I know… But now it sits at a much safer 40*). The open space beneath the pad helps move air, and when I game it makes a big difference. I also got a small USB desk fan to help more and the two working together keep things nice and cool! Update: the left fan just died and now it makes an awful whining sound; I think the fan got off balance or something. Yikes.Read more

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  5. Chuck S

    Keeps laptop cool to touch. Have had many coolers and this is definitely on the slimmer side. Last cooler was a topmate tm-2 302 ultra slim and this model is thinner. Also seems to put out more air. I have a precision 5530 15.6 which is about the size of a standard 14” model and it hangs over on each side slightly. The pass through USB port is also in the opposite direction of how the topmate was laid out, which is what I wanted so the USB port next to it would not be blocked by the cable. Slightly louder than the topmate but not very noticeable. Not the best but very portable and hard to beat for the price which is why I’m giving it 5 stars.Read more

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  6. Bad Wolf

    Although this was meant for a laptop up to 15”, I’ve placed it beneath a NETGEAR Nighthawk X8 and it works GREAT. We have up to 20 devices connected simultaneously via CAT6 or wirelessly at any given time throughout the day and our wireless router typically ran hot. This cooling pad is affordable, takes up very little space, fits perfectly beneath our wireless router, and definitely keeps the operating temperatures down. I wish I’d thought of this sooner – I would most definitely recommend it!Read more

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  7. Amateur Geek

    I use a pretty high end ultralight laptop, Asus I7 Gen 8 for work and some gaming. I had previously had a 2 fan light weight cooler, and it died after 3 months. So far I am very impressed with this fan. It fits in my small brief case and is very light weight, which is important to me. I run an app showing me my core temps and in some test gaming it kept my cores below 70c, when they would get in to the 90s with no fan. So yes, I am a fan. The pass through USB works fine. I used it with an external SSD. It is also very comfortable in my lap, as I write this.Read more

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  8. Sanron87

    Bought this little cooling pad for my husband’s work laptop. He started needing to work from home more often, and every time, his laptop would get super hot underneath within 30 minutes. He used make-shift items from around the house to help lift it up and provide some air underneath it, but those things just weren’t “cutting it”. So I found this puppy here on Amazon and thought if it truly works as the other reviewers say, then this would be the perfect solution. And waalaaa! Yep! He loves it! No more hot laptop, and the height of this thing is perfect. Super quiet as well which was very important. So he’s a happy camper now and I’m glad he’s happy! Great little product which we would definitely recommend! A+Read more

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  9. Steve

    I had not heard or seen the KLIM brand before this purchase but it looked like a good product for my needs. I have a 13in laptop that gets pretty hot underneath and with the recent hot weather was becoming almost impossible to use on the lap without working up a sweat. It probably is not good for the laptop either as it struggled to keep cool. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with this product. Not only does the company make an effort to be quirky, but it supplies a quality product that puts a few other brands to shame. Pros: Seems durable Ergonomic Laptop was cool to the touch after 2 hours heavy use Thoughtful touches e.g. plug-through USB connector and pop-up retaining brackets at the front Looks cool with the blue glow Quality feel with metal top surface Compact when in-built USB cable is folded away Works straight out of the box Cons: The USB cable seems a little flimsy so I am not sure if this will fail before the cooler itself I really like this product and have already been watching for other products with the KLIM brand.Read more

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Neat little cooler, perfect size for 15″ Razer Blade. Surprisingly light and robust, impressively quiet which is something I overlooked – the 1200rpm is actually really slow compared to computer fans hence the near-silence, but these do a surprisingly excellent job. Previously I had the Razer resting on the sturdy box it came in, and the rubber bumpers underneath made for a terrible airflow situation. The Razer was getting hot just with desktop and web browsing purely for the fact it was powered on. This KLIM Pro cooler not only solved that seemingly effortlessly, but it makes a world of difference having your own lap cooled to boot. Like getting an upgrade from economy to business class for sure. I think particularly for this laptop the metal casing is part of the cooling system in a semi-passive way since it’s tightly packed with the vapour chambers. So my laptop fans don’t come on, but your mileage may vary. Haven’t tested for gaming but I kinda feel like I don’t need to since there’s a limit to how much a laptop cooler is going to save your laptop from overheating. Ambient air temp far more relevant. I’m expecting a comfortable gaming experience with the KLIM Pro anyway in any climate. Only thing it’s missing is a luxury braided USB/power cable, i’m low key concerned it feels kinda fragile but for 17.20gbp i’m not complaining!Read more

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  11. D Tweedie

    Got a new gaming laptop and after playing games on it the temps hover around 80c and fans are on full blast. I was a bit sceptical of this cooler as previous experience of laptop coolers was a bit of a damp squib, However the KLIM at the time of purchase (June 21) was £13! so I just took the plunge.. It is a very compact cooler that has a blue led glow (pretty pointless as the laptop is on top of the cooler so you cant see the light! This cooler worked very well.. my temps dropped to around 65c and the fan noise was dramatically reduced, so it does work! really pleased with the purchase and I would recommend it for noisy laptops.. just be aware it will not suit all laptops as the cooler is quite small. The cooler has some feet at the rear so you can angle the laptop.. This does mean you have to rest your wrists on the laptop and not the desk due to the elevated position of the front of the laptop. Not an issue for me but some will not like the higher typing position. There is some slight noise from the cooler (26db) but it is not noticeable when playing games anyway There are a assortment of PC case KILM stickers for those who like that sort of thing Pros • Excellent Value • Small Size • Superb Performance Cons • None I would definitely purchase this item again and would recommend itRead more

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  12. Zeija

    Fan works fine. My laptop is extremly overheating and needs to be repareat, in the mean time this fan is helping. It wont help with my laptop for long but for a computer that is slitly hotter than normal is excellent. What I did not like was the small message that came with it regarding buying the product. I like creativeity and new spirit in companies but the message comes across sarcastically and has no real point. Imagen all the paper and printing for that nonsense which harms the envronment, I do not like it. If you want to add a message maybe add it to the Warranty card, which needs to be printed anyway and please get a better writter, who writes something actully funny or witty. ;-)Read more

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  13. The Comptons

    It’s got a good design, lightweight with quiet fans, but sadly these fans don’t do a half decent job. Within 2 months this thing broke despite minimal usage. The fans now spin very faintly but my laptop still heats up if being used extensively; if anything it seems the cooling pad itself just strains the laptop further, making it heat up more and more. Very disappointed. I know it’s not costly but still claims to be a lot better than it really is.Read more

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    KLIM Pro – The Laptop Cooling Pad for Professionals + Light, Compact, Easy to Carry, Durable + 10” to 15,6” + Extra USB Port + Laptop Cooler with Fans + New 2021 Version – Black
    KLIM Pro – The Laptop Cooling Pad for Professionals + Light, Compact, Easy to Carry, Durable + 10” to 15,6” + Extra USB Port + Laptop Cooler with Fans + New 2021 Version – Black


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