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Kuyal Clear Chair Mat, Hard Floor Use, 48″ X 59″ Transparent Office Home Floor Protector mat Chairmats (48″ X 59″ Rectangle)

(11 customer reviews)

Designed for HARD FLOOR surfaces only. No gripper. Transparent surface, anti-slide coating on the underside which is designed to keep them firmly in place while in use. Please put the smooth side facing down, the rough side is up.
No Phthalate, No Toxins, No Cadmium, No Tin and No Lead. keep a healthy indoor environment while give your floor and furniture the best protection.
This PVC chair mat is ergonomically designed to provide added ease of movement, it’s very flexible, which proven to reduce leg fatigue by taking the strain off your legs. you can choose the Rectangle one or the one with lip as you like
Effectively helps to prevent damage to hard flooring caused by your office chair casters or wheels. Under standard use will not crack, curl, break, scratch or discolor
Multipurpose Use: ChairMat, Wood Floor protector,Computer/Office Mat. Suitable for hard floors including vinyl, stone, tile, wood, laminate and concrete. Not recommended for carpet, please see our carpet mat if you need.


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Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor. Shape: Rectangular. Color: Transparent. Size: 48″ X 59″ Rectangle. Brand: Kuyal. Material: Polyvinyl Chloride. Date First Available: September 1, 2017. Best Sellers Rank: #1,616 in Office Products. Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 4,870 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B079HRKHC3. Manufacturer Part Number: ‎KL-A-101. Size: ‎48″ X 59″ Rectangle. Material Type: ‎Polyvinyl Chloride. Shape: ‎Rectangular. Color: ‎Transparent. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No. Package Dimensions: ‎48.84 x 3.78 x 2.9 inches. Item Weight: ‎3.97 pounds. Brand: ‎Kuyal. Manufacturer: ‎Kuyal.

Specification: Kuyal Clear Chair Mat, Hard Floor Use, 48″ X 59″ Transparent Office Home Floor Protector mat Chairmats (48″ X 59″ Rectangle)

Weight 3.97 lbs

11 reviews for Kuyal Clear Chair Mat, Hard Floor Use, 48″ X 59″ Transparent Office Home Floor Protector mat Chairmats (48″ X 59″ Rectangle)

2.4 out of 5
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  1. Josh H.

    These mats are pretty thick. They come rolled up and it’s basically a two-person job to unroll them. I had to kneel on one end while laying 10lb weights along the edges. I bought two of them. I have only returned a few items to Amazon in the past DECADE and these may soon be going back. Pic #1 – – After finally getting them to roll out, I had to put every heavy object I could find on top of them. I left them overnight for ~24 hours. Pic #2 – – After 24 hours, they were still rolled at the edges. I tried re-rolling them in the OPPOSITE direction from how I received them, and left overnight. Pic #3 – – After the “reverse roll” attempt, the mats are now wavy. Awesome. Pic #4 – – Current effort. I put the mats underneath my rug, and placed weights, a bench, and a stool on top. If these things are not 100% flat by the morning, they’re going back. Based on reading the reviews on here, it seems that people are getting two different products. Some folks are saying “easy to roll out, lays flat quick” and some folks are saying “literally impossible to roll out and does not lay flat.” Usually products from Amazon are not variable like this, I’m really surprised. So, you have about a 50/50 shot of getting a usable product for this item. Good luck! UPDATE (5/5/19): The mats are FINALLY flat, well flat enough. The answer? HEAT GUN. To start, put a glove on your left hand. Now, starting in the middle of the mat and working your way out to the edges, run the heat gun a few inches from the surface. At first, the mat will bubble UP .. but once the heat “soaks” through, it will lay flat. Do this for about a square-foot at a time. Once that area lays flat, and while still heated up, use your left hand with the glove to smooth it out, again smoothing it in the direction of the edge/corner. You can do this right on your hardwood floor, it won’t hurt it unless you are really frying the mat. I did this on both mats and they are finally flat, and I can roll the chair across both mats without moving them or hitting a speed bump. I’m raising this to TWO stars from ONE star because of all the effort involved in getting a workable product.Read more

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  2. Jamie Bernard

    This was shipped in a tight roll sealed with packing tape. If you can get it to unroll and clean the dirt off, it will not flatten out. I tried rolling it inside out, laying it flat and piling weights, boxes, books on top of it and it still will not flatten. I put in between 2 pieces of plywood outside and let it bake for 3 days in 90 degree heat hoping the heat would cook it flat. No luck. It is wavy, will not flatten out and slides all over the floor. Don’t waste your money on this. Spend the extra few buck and go to Office Max and buy the flat ones they sell with the sticky back and save yourself the headache of this crappy thing.Read more

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  3. Shop S-Mart

    Mat seems pretty thick, yet ever so slightly soft, so I’m hoping it’s durable. Doesn’t have a weird plastic smell and, after rolling in quickly in the other direction, went down flat. Fat guy chair rolls over it smoothly and the size is perfect. As you can see from the photo, it’s also quite clear which allows the floor to shine through. After looking at dozens of other mats I was concerned this one might not be up to snuff because it was slightly cheaper, but I can’t imagine it needing to be any better. Great purchase!Read more

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  4. Wagon

    I took it out the box and then layed it flat under my living room rug. Left it there for several days to get it as flat as possible. Placed it in my computer room rough side down first. Set down in my chair in the center of the mat and attempted to roll across it. I weight 210lbs, this mat is so soft that it would give, flex, and start to build up around the rollers of the chair. Its even scratched up from my chair rollers which are perfectly smooth. I have been using my chiar on hard wood floor for years and don’t even have marks on my floor, and in one use of less than 5 mins its is scuffed up. I flipped it over and tried the other side to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong and experienced the same results. I doubt I order another mat from Amazon again just because I cannot verify the thickness and durability. It is pretty clear.Read more

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  5. Ionia Froment

    We bought this to put under and office chair over brand new laminate flooring. It is a good size and once it gets over the funny shape from being rolled up, it evens out pretty nicely on the floor and keeps a low profile so you don’t trip over it all the time. It does get dirty, as one would expect, but as long as you make sure to clean the floor you are going to set it on first, it is easy enough to mop over it or take a rag to it when it begins to build up dirt. As far as floor protection goes, it is definitely thick enough to keep the wheels of the office chair from scratching the floor and yet not so thick that it makes much difference walking over it in any negative way. The chair rolls smoothly on it and once you get used to the slightly different feel under the chair, it isn’t bad at all. It is easy to remove and replace when you want to. For the price we paid for this item, I think it is of good quality and does the job it was intended for. I’d recommend it to others.Read more

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  6. Bernard

    I think that’s what most people are concerned about, based on the reviews I’ve read. I, too, was concerned. Except for the very end of the roll, which originated from the very center of the roll, it laid down instantaneously flat. For the very, very minor curl at the end, I just put a weight on it and it was flat in an hour. My biggest concern so far is durability. It’s of the soft vinyl kind, instead of a hard plastic. I sit on it using a drum throne — tripod legs. The ends of these legs rub and put pressure on the mat. It’s already scratched up, rubbed up, and marred. I don’t expect the areas of wear to “bounce back.” The mat is ruined indefinitely in those areas. Just keep that in mind when you go to purchase. Am I upset about it? Perhaps. But I suspected as much when I saw a review that the material was soft, rather than the harder vinyl. Lower your expectations and it’ll suit your needs just fine.Read more

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  7. Miss Barraclough

    This mat will send you absolutely cuckoo! It arrives rolled up, cool no problem. We laid it out under our rug for a day to flatten it out. Then we put it under the desk and it was weighted down in the corners by boxes that are stored under my desk. No amount of weight stops this mat from getting waves or rising. Several times a day I have to get up, move my chair off of it and straighten it back out. It’s never completely flat no matter how hard I try and it’s doing my head in. When it first arrived I was very optimistic and convinced it would sort itself out given time. I wish I’d just returned it straight away, now it’s most likely going in the bin the first chance I get to go to IKEA to buy their one which we have for my partners desk and never rises. ONLY BUY IF YOU NEED AN ADDITIONAL REASON TO BE STRESSED AT A COMPUTER!Read more

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  8. michaeljtbrooks

    This is not an anti-static mat. It generates static discharges when rolling a chair over it. The static discharges are so bad that they cause my mouse to de-register and re-register, meaning the cursor freezes for a few seconds. So while this might be ok in the average home office, this isn’t suitable for use in media studios / electronics labs etc.Read more

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  9. Fifitrix

    I didn’t realise just how bad this item was until I got a replacement item from IKEA. Despite carefully following the instructions on how to roll it out and keep it rolled out, the mat would roll up at any opportunity. It’s flimsy plastic so my desk chair didn’t move across it easily but got stuck all the time. Honestly it was SO stressful. The IKEA one is firm and the chair moves across it easily. I would NOT recommend this product.Read more

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  10. kathy t

    This is a good size and is quite thick so should be durable. The issue is that it was delivered tightly rolled, and even though I have now had this nearly a month the edges still will not lay flat. We did as it said on the instructions but the edges are still curled up. an are a trip hazard. We have tried to hold it down where we can by tucking under the desk legs and at weekends we put piles of books on the corners but still they are curled. I am hoping that eventually it will flatten outRead more

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  11. naildus

    I bought two of these for our new office. One of the desks is small, and so that desk legs are on the mat and it’s fine. But the other large desk is too big. The mat fits neatly between the legs. However, no matter which side up the mat is placed, the mat moves when the chair is wheeled around. And now, it’s starting to curl up at the sides. After about a month of use, I’m scrapping it.Read more

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    Kuyal Clear Chair Mat, Hard Floor Use, 48″ X 59″ Transparent Office Home Floor Protector mat Chairmats (48″ X 59″ Rectangle)
    Kuyal Clear Chair Mat, Hard Floor Use, 48″ X 59″ Transparent Office Home Floor Protector mat Chairmats (48″ X 59″ Rectangle)


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