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Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-string acoustic guitars, Sunburst, KG6SNB

(13 customer reviews)

Classic 3-color sunburst
Strong, lightweight aluminum with steel spring
Professional quality
Parks on the guitar’s headstock when not in use
Made in USA and guaranteed for life


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A Kyser Quick-Change capo is expertly engineered and built to last. It is reliable and does just what it is designed to do – clearly raise the pitch of the 6-string acoustic guitar so you can play in a different key without retuning or changing fingering. Seasoned professionals and beginning players alike appreciate how the Kyser Quick-Change capo helps them transpose their guitar in seconds, with only one hand. The beauty of the Kyser Quick-Change capo is in its simplicity. Kyser pioneered this design and although often imitated, a Kyser is never equaled. There is no substitute for a genuine Kyser Quick-Change capo. Made by hand in Texas, USA. Guaranteed for life. 3-color sunburst wood style finish – not real wood.

Specification: Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-string acoustic guitars, Sunburst, KG6SNB

Weight 2.8 lbs

13 reviews for Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-string acoustic guitars, Sunburst, KG6SNB

4.2 out of 5
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  1. ORO

    This does work, but its not a real Keyser capo. When it arrived i compared it to my other keyser of the same shape. 1. This label is Rights Reserved, like on the real one. 2. There are no grooves or textured handle like on the real Keyser. I dislike when being charged for something of a brand u rely on. Only to discover its a fake. It dishonest and uses the reputation that took the Keyser Co. time to build. Just aint right. I’ll buy mine at the guitar store now. Ive added a photo, the top is legit.Read more

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  2. Larry45

    Kyser makes a high-quality capo as we all know, but for me, this standard version has way too much tension. I’m 75, and it’s all I could do to just squeeze it open, let alone position it on my guitar. It seemed like tension overkill to me, so I returned it saying it just didn’t work for me. I was contacted by Max, a Kyser representative, who suggested I try the LT (Low Tension) version of this same capo. I did, and I love it. It comes in black only, but the tension is significantly less than the original and I’m easily able to squeeze it open with my slightly-arthritic left hand. The LT is so much easier to use, and it works perfectly on my Ibanez acoustic guitar. If you’re a senior, a child or a female with a weaker grip, I highly recommend you try the LT version before giving up on the Kyser brand of capo. You can find the LT here on Amazon for the same price as the original.Read more

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  3. Sandra Linebarier

    This capo is entirely too tight for a classical guitar. It only barely fits on the neck and for a woman with only average strength in her left hand, it is nearly impossible to position without bending the strings. I am very disappointed in it. The curl on top, though attractive, prevents getting a better grip to attempt to open it further. this forces my hand to try to open it with only palm pressure and 2 fingers.Read more

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  4. PDI190 Adrian

    I have had this for so long already, about 6 years, and now I got to review it. The capo is a gem, its design and functionality is very good. The thing is tough specially at first, and you want that so that it doesnt get loose as you use it. When I use this it presses on my strings very well and allows me to play with ease. The capo after 6 years is still tight and functions like new. I love it and it helps me enjoy playing my guitar. Pros – lasts forever – works on both Electric and Acoustic – design makes it easy to use and adjust Con – you dont have it yet. BUY IT now.Read more

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  5. Idlewild and Sage

    You may be asking yourself, “Self, why would I spend $20 on a capo when I can get a knockoff brand for half that price?” Well here’s your answer: Kyser capos are simply the best there is. Other brands that I’ve tried have their springs go bad, have their rubber pads wear out, or just don’t squeeze your strings down hard enough to get a good sound out of your beautiful sounding guitar. I’ve had several of mine since I first started playing guitars 15 years ago and although they look beat up, they function just as good as they day I brought them home from the music store. Spend the extra 10 bucks and don’t regret it later. I have to say as well, that their colors are beautiful. This says nothing about the quality, but it makes my heart happy.Read more

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  6. Tyler F

    I own more capos than I do guitars, and I own a LOT of guitars. I do have a few non-Kyser brand ones, and I try my best to avoid having to use those ones, because nothing beats the Kyser Quickchange. In fact, nothing even comes close. I know you’re thinking you can save 8 bucks and go for one of the cheaper ones on Amazon or somewhere else online. Word of advice: don’t do it. Anything from an another brand is liable to annoy you a bit, and sooner or later it’ll break. The Kyser ones are expertly engineered and they are absolutely bulletproof — I have at least 5, because I buy a new one every couple of years, except I also NEVER throw out my old ones, because they just freaking last forever. I think my oldest ones are from 10 years ago. They hardly even have any signs of wear, and the spring/joint mechanisms still work flawlessly. Just buy this capo. Buy two. You won’t regret it.Read more

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  7. Joe

    I have always used Shubb capos because … well, because. But I often had to retune when I used the capo over the third or higher fret. I worried that I needed to have the intonation looked after, but when I barred the higher frets, I had no problem. So I got the Kyser and my problem went away! I don’t understand. Perhaps it its because the capo requires that you tilt the guitar a bit to get a look at the fretboard and it’s VERY tight (really. Very tight. As I age, by hand strength is diminishing so it’s a problem) so it takes a few seconds more to put it on. Maybe I’m being more careful. But why would the Kyser work so well at keeping the guitar in tune when a fine brand like the Shubb seem not to, even if I am very careful?Read more

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  8. Brooks

    I’ve tried other capos…and they may seem appealing for some little pick holder or new kind of spring, but none of them are as easy to use, look better, LAST LONGER, and hold tune like Kyser. I’ve still got 2 solid black ones and a “drop d” capo from kyser. I bought one as a backup, which I will never probably need…these capos just last…the spring, the rubber…it’s all still holding up 12 years after i bought them. Now…why did I buy this one? BECAUSE IT’S BEAUTIFUL…..Same great quality, but this rosewood version is just great, pops on stage and matches on of my guitar’s finish perfectly. So, if you are in the market for a capo, grab a quality one from Kyser…if you want one that also makes your fellow musician friends jealous, grab the rosewood finish. Thanks to Kyser for the “if it ain’t broke” approach to the function, but continuing to create new products we desire!!Read more

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I only just received this a couple of hours ago so I can’t perhaps furnish this with great detail but so far this seems to be a really effective piece of kit. The cheap capo that came with my acoustic seemed fine to me until I put this on. The difference is stunning. The capo’d guitar, using the Kyser, sounds every bit as clear as uncapo’d and there’s little difference in sustain- at least not enough to stop those open note drones and flicks sounding wonderful. My first thought was it was very stiff when trying to open, which makes me wonder just how quick the quick change in the name actually is. But this means, of course, that it’s very good at its job. And it is. I don’t know how this compares to other named and expensive capos but it’s like a whole new world when compared to my cheapy capo. It’s bloody good. So far. And it goes with my guitar! I’d given up trying to get the right color of red and just plumped for the one nearest and it turns out that it’s actually spot on the same as the red of my guitar!Read more

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  10. MAC

    I recently gave in and bought a capo so that I could learn some Radiohead songs properly which also use one on their guitar. First and foremost this is an extremely compact capo – it will not take up much room in your guitar case. It is also light weight and does not unbalance the guitar (make it more neck-heavy). Mind you, it is powerfully sprung and you do have to really squeeze down on the handle to open it up. If you have a thick guitar neck it will make you work harder to get in on. The ‘bridge’ section of the capo is long enough for you NOT to have to force the capo on. If you force it on up to the hinge, you are overdoing it and on my USA Ovation, this pushes the low E out of line and of course out of tune. So don’t – use the full length of bridge (it is covered in rubber to protect the neck) to clamp down on the strings. I’ve tried this capo at the 12th fret it will still cover the neck. The opposite side of the capo (the ‘thumb’) is also covered in a rubber/plastic material to protect the neck material. In both cases the protective coverings are very well fitted – this is a well made capo. If your guitar has high frets, there is no doubt that you are going to have to retune the guitar because of that grip – but you should retune after putting a capo on anyway. This is a great capo for practicing or where it will need to stay on the guitar throughout a performance (it will be hard to knock it off!). But if you will be moving the capo around a lot by yourself during a set (with no roadie to help you) you might want to consider a model that is easier to handle – faster perhaps – unless you can spend enough time with this one and get used it before taking it on stage. The best way to handle it is to push down on the rear ‘thumb’ against the neck as you manoeuvre it over the strings and release the bridge bar gently onto it – the same with taking it off – this way you will tend not to drag on the strings and keep them in line. This is my first capo and all I can say is that it works and has got me doing what I intended to do. It seems built to last. Highly recommended. If anything changes I will let you know.Read more

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  11. Wesley

    I’ve been playing guitar for many years now, and bought my first capo early on (Oasis fan = Wonderwall as first song to learn, cliché? Maybe, but who cares), but I’ve started to notice that even on my 5th capo, they just don’t sound that great. I noticed the Kyser because it seems to be used my pros, and it’s quite distinguishable with the curly design, so when I saw them on here I decided to treat myself. I’m glad I did! The capo works fantastically well – there’s no string buzz when playing and it is very stable. My guitar sounded 100% better when playing with this capo. I’m sure there are better ones, but for me, the price of this and the transformation it has on playing the guitar is amazing and I would definitely buy another if needed.Read more

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  12. Mr. Alex Denney

    I thought this capo as a replacement for the ones that you have to tighten with the thumbscrew (those ones work really well but they’re not very convenient to pop on and off). I also had another spring-loaded capo but the neck of my Washburn steel acoustic guitar is too narrow and whenever I used it one or two strings buzzed. This is really well-made piece. I bought the orange version and it’s a nice shiny orange paint and appears to be quite durable. The shape of it makes it really easy to click on and off and it holds down the strings firmly so there’s no buzzing. Highly recommended!Read more

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  13. Thomas

    GREAT CAPO, WORK REALLY WELL. 🙂 Now there is a lot on Capo’s on the market these days, i’m going to list the good ones I personally own myself. Tiger (£7.00) Shubb (£12.00) Kyser (£16.00) G7th (£25.00) Yes I own all of the above and as much as I love and use them all for different guitars, THE KYSER is a GREAT capo, works well, looks very strong and robust, fits on strings perfect, no buzzing and clean sound when placed on guitar, stylist, looks like its going to last a long time too, VERY PLEASED WITH THIS CAPO 🙂 Great service, Fast Postage, Top Product, 5***** SELLER!!!! Ordered From (mymrmusic) highly recommended seller MANY THANKS NOWRead more

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    Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-string acoustic guitars, Sunburst, KG6SNB
    Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-string acoustic guitars, Sunburst, KG6SNB


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