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LA Specials 5A Hickory Drumsticks, Oval Wood Tip, Three Pairs Classic 5a

(8 customer reviews)

BEST SELLING: LA Specials 5A hickory drumsticks are 16” long with a .551” diameter. They have wooden oval tips for excellent response and feel.
FOR STUDIO AND LIVE: LA Specials are perfect in the recording studio and for live performances. This set includes three pairs of affordable sticks, while still achieving great sound.
CRAFTED FROM HICKORY WOOD: Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to it’s classic feel and responsiveness.
VERSATILE STICKS: LA Specials 5A hickory drumsticks are ideal for a wide range of genres and playing styles, on either acoustic or electronic drums.
MADE IN THE USA: All LA Special drumsticks are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.


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3 Pair La5aw In Shipper Carton

Specification: LA Specials 5A Hickory Drumsticks, Oval Wood Tip, Three Pairs Classic 5a

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 0.55 × 0.5 in

8 reviews for LA Specials 5A Hickory Drumsticks, Oval Wood Tip, Three Pairs Classic 5a

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Els

    I am not a heavy drummer, but managed to break 4 of 6 within 30 minutes. NOTE: ProMark manufactures great drumsticks. You know these are not the same quality because they are 40% of the standard stick cost. I tried them because if they worked, the price point is fantastic. I did not have the desired result, but they may work for you and probably worth a try. I felt like these dimpled with every hit, so the hickory is not as hard, and I believe it was accents on the bell of my ride that destroyed them.Read more

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  2. remcentre

    They are made of wood. When you hit things with them, they make them make sounds. They don’t break unless you hit them really hard on something hard, so just hit drum skins with them. Great for practice, kids playing, and for backups. Not for caveman use.Read more

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  3. latejune

    You get what you pay for. These sticks are junk with a capital J. I’m not even sure why they have the Promark name in the title. After they arrived, I noticed there is nothing on them that says anything about them being a subsidiary of Promark so I did some research. LA Specials is supposed to be Promark’s “seconds” brand. But these sticks are more like fifths. Something that ends up in the sawdust pile. The wood is rough, not quite straight, feels like a feather in your hand (almost like balsa), and some of the tips have extra material so they’re scratchy & damaging to your kit! Haven’t been this disappointed by something in a long time. My son seems to go through sticks like crazy & I wanted to get him something more budget, since he’s practicing & attending band at home now bc of Covid. Well, I learned my lesson!Read more

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  4. Hammond Egger

    I’ve used ProMark sticks for years. Without exception, they’ve measured up to a high standard of craftsmanship, quality, and consistency. So since they carried the ProMark name, I decided to try a 3-pack of these L.A. Specials. I was disappointed. At first sight/touch, I found them to be impressive! Very nicely lathed and sanded, with a good looking wood grain. But when i sat down behind the kit and started to put them through their paces, negative issues started to present themselves. the very first thing I noticed: INCONSISTENT WEIGHT in the pairs of sticks. It was enough of a difference that I noticed it while playing; ordinarily, when I’m playing along with music and “In the zone”, such conscious thoughts or concerns would be far away and nonexistent. So I took a break and got out a scale, and discovered that the weights of the individual sticks ranged from 32 to 46 grams! Set 1 – 32/40g Set 2 – 36/45g Set 3 – 38/46g So I was only able to create one set that was pretty well matched (45/46g), and a second that was not as close (38/40g). The third set, at 32/36g, I found to be pretty much unusable bc of the weight difference. Also, I lost a nylon tip off of one of them after only a few hrs of intense use. These L.A. Specials are now buried in a gig bag, backups to my backup sticks, in case I run low. Final verdict: Skip these, the extra buckos are worth it for quality. you get what you pay for.Read more

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  5. Brett

    I read some of the reviews on here and wanted some practice sticks that had the nylon tips. I did not expect much but knowing I play on a EDrum they seemed more than ample for me.. I have had absolutely no issues with the sticks, they seem to play well, straight, and balanced well, and since I do play on an electric set, these do wonderful.. I would imagine you may have different outcomes if your banging hard on an acoustic set or doing hard rimshots but I have not had that issue at all……Read more

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  6. G1AC0M0

    I am not a professional drummer; I play in church on Sunday mornings. The last drummer’s sticks had been getting a little old, so I thought I’d go ahead and get some sticks of my own. I didn’t want to pay a whole bunch for something I’d only use a little bit, so I got these. The photo is from a single Sunday morning of playing. You should’ve seen my face when that one tip came flying off!! Maybe a more experienced drummer, or even one with any training at all, would know how to play without destroying sticks, but I’ve been playing for a couple of months with the other sticks and never lost a tip. CAVEAT EMPTORRead more

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  7. Duane Walters

    I exclusively use Pro-Mark. Always have, most likely always will. When you purchase these, be sure to note that they’re like floor sticks, they’re sticks that didn’t measure up to the standards Pro-Mark is known for, the wood is probably cheaper. These are just junk sticks. I use them on an electronic kit at a church I fill in for from time to time and they’re perfect for that. I certainly wouldn’t pay next to nothing for these and expect them to be of the same quality as the more expensive ones. Long story short, you just need some cheap practice sticks, or sticks for an electronic kit, check them out.Read more

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  8. P. Betts

    Great price and these sticks feel and sound fine. But I’ve already broken several, and I rarely break sticks. Two broke around the middle, one at the tip taper, and one right at the nylon tip. I play a vintage Gretsch jazz kit and a Roland electronic kit with mesh pads. Only broke one on the electronic kit. Again, I don’t hit hard and rarely break sticks. I broke more of these in a few weeks than I had years prior. Noticed a few other users had breakage issues, as well. Have relegated what I have left to electronic practice. And wife has nice supply of really nice painter stirrers now.Read more

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    LA Specials 5A Hickory Drumsticks, Oval Wood Tip, Three Pairs Classic 5a
    LA Specials 5A Hickory Drumsticks, Oval Wood Tip, Three Pairs Classic 5a


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