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LANON 100 Count Latex Disposable Gloves, 5 mil, Food Contact Grade, Fully Textured, White, Small 6/S Pristine White

(8 customer reviews)

MULTIPURPOSE – LANON latex gloves are comfortable for use, an ideal solution for food preparation, dishwashing, laundry, painting, hair coloring, tattooing, pet grooming and more.
TEAR PROOF – Our premium latex disposable gloves are safe for such as house cleaning. Beaded cuffs prevent tearing during donning.
EXCELLENT GRIP – The fully textured surface design provide good grip and don’t slip easily.
ECO-FRIENDLY – The latex hand gloves can conform to the contour of your hand for a perfect fit-comfortable donning. Our gloves are made of environmental-friendly material, green and durable.
DESIGNED WITH SAFETY – LANON latex gloves have an Acceptable Quality Level, AQL, of 1.5. Each box comes with 100, and available in 4 different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.


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Size: 6/S. Reusability: Disposable. Special Feature: Food Grade. Recommended Uses For Product: Cleaning. Material: Rubber. Date First Available: November 21, 2018. Best Sellers Rank: #7,881 in Tools & Home Improvement. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,509 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B07N1D1WQX. Batteries Required?: ‎No. Batteries Included?: ‎No. Special Features: ‎Food Grade. Number Of Pieces: ‎100. Material: ‎Rubber. Style: ‎Food Contact Grade. Color: ‎Pristine White. Size: ‎6/S. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No. Item model number: ‎LD11-0. Country of Origin: ‎Malaysia. Product Dimensions: ‎9.45 x 4.72 x 2.76 inches. Item Weight: ‎1.15 pounds. Part Number: ‎LD11-0. Manufacturer: ‎LANON Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.

Specification: LANON 100 Count Latex Disposable Gloves, 5 mil, Food Contact Grade, Fully Textured, White, Small 6/S Pristine White

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 9.45 × 4.72 × 2.76 in

8 reviews for LANON 100 Count Latex Disposable Gloves, 5 mil, Food Contact Grade, Fully Textured, White, Small 6/S Pristine White

3.1 out of 5
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  1. Phil

    1. Ease of use, yes. I am typing this review wearing them. My computer touch pad recognizes one, two and three finger gestures. No problem touch typing. 2. I opened an eyeglass alcohol cleaning pad and cleaned my glasses wearing these. No problem with the alcohol bleeding through or damaging the glove. No problem opening up the folded pad. 3. They are durable, I have put them on and taken the same pair off 3 times. Easy on and off. 4. No problem turning pages in a book or flipping through loose papers or picking up one sheet of paper. 5. My hands are about 3 1/2 by 7 1/2 and these fit perfectly – they stretch and I would guess they would fit a hand that is smaller or larger in width or length by 1 inch or perhaps even more. They are skin tight but I can pull it away from my finger or pull it down for form fitting fingers. All while wearing both gloves. 6. The cuff can be pulled back at least 2 inches while wearing a glove on the hand pulling and the end is rolled. Very sturdy, pulled almost 3 times the size and no tear and snapped back to skin tight. Hope this helps, I will purchase these as often as I need gloves.Read more

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  2. Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with sketch)

    I’ve been wearing exam gloves to cook and do things like clean the litter box since long before the pandemic. Now I wear them on even more occasions. For the last several years, I’ve mostly been using nitrile gloves, and they’re pretty good. Those are hard to find right now, however, and vinyl gloves are just awful. The good news for me is that I’m not allergic to latex, and these actually cost less than the horrendous vinyl gloves I tried. Not only do they fit properly, they have special properties. They are super-smooth on the inside, which makes them easy to pull on and off, but on the outside the entire glove has a subtle texture that helps you grip things. They also hold up pretty well. For cooking, I’ll use the same pair of gloves more than once over the course of a day or two. The idea is to protect my skin from drying out when I wash my hands and my cooking implements. These gloves are sturdy and hold up to several uses. (If I wear them out of the house, I remove them and throw them out before I come back in.) I’ll be happy to keep using these even if the nitrile gloves become available again.Read more

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  3. Freddy The Frog

    Thanks to our current situation, I was unable to source my usual gloves for working with my honey bees. I read some of these reviews and was hesitant when some claimed these gloves tear when you’re putting them on! I took a gamble and purchased two boxes of these. GLAD I DID! These are actually proving to be more durable than the Curad Nitrile Gloves I normally get. I intentionally tested the limits – Pulled the cuffs way long… snapped back, no tears. Stretched the diameter of the wrist way out… snapped back, no tears. Tied the fingers into knots… no tears. They fit my hands very well and conform nicely, giving me a detailed sense of touch and excellent dexterity. I may add a video to this review later on. I would HIGHLY recommend these gloves for purposes such as tending honey bees in the apiary. I can only imagine that they will also hold up well to painting and staining activities. Get them! Side-NOTE, someone else said mine did so well because they are “new and fresh” and that older gloves are more brittle. I guess I’ll have to come back if they get old enough to become brittle… for now, Five StarsRead more

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  4. verizonstinks

    I use latex gloves ALL THE TIME, not just during this pandemic. I spend extra on the latex because I appreciate the way they fit and how they allow you to ‘feel better’ as far as performing tasks manually. So I guess because everyone has been ordering gloves, companies are either cranking out crap, or digging way back in their warehouses for overstock, because these gloves pretty much sucked. They were yellowish, dry, and every fifth glove (approximately) would rip at the wrist when I pulled it on. Though not bought for work (for home use) I do work in the medical field and I must say honestly that in 30+ years I have never come across such a crappy glove.Read more

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  5. SUSAN

    Cappuccino color is a nice color for a specialty coffee drink, not a latex glove claiming to be pristine white. Further, the material is substandard, perhaps not 5 mil, wrinkly, sticky, and way, way over-priced. The price for the quality of this glove should value at four or five dollars for fair market value comparison of other gloves available today. Thank goodness Amazon accepted my return and refunded my account. I am a physical therapist and I believe I know something about disposable gloves. Amazon, please bring back Medline and Halyard gloves! PLEASE.Read more

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  6. cookie

    These gloves don’t know what they are. The top of the box says nitrile and the side of the box says latex. They are definitely not food gradeRead more

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  7. Nat

    My box came with 47 gloves (yes, I counted—on vacation and obviously bored). It could be an isolated case, but if the company has decided to go short of a few gloves in each box, then I would imagine they might even get a good profit margin… Gloves are okay, though.Read more

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Great gloves, they’re my go-to whenever I venture outside during this pandemic. Great quality, they’re thick and durable and powder-free, which is a huge plus. I’ll definitely order more as soon as I get close to running out of them. Five stars!Read more

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    LANON 100 Count Latex Disposable Gloves, 5 mil, Food Contact Grade, Fully Textured, White, Small 6/S Pristine White
    LANON 100 Count Latex Disposable Gloves, 5 mil, Food Contact Grade, Fully Textured, White, Small 6/S Pristine White


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